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Section II: Miscellaneous Collection

Photographs [now on photos shelf]

Volume 2.2.1 Essays and study papers
"Peace, War and Military Service: A Statement of the Position of the Mennonite Church" Resolutions adopted by the Mennonite General Conference at Turner, Oregon, August, 1937.
-Clubb, Sally. "No more 'The quiet in the land.'" Arbos: Journal of the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation 2, no.2 (November-December, 1965): 13-20
-untitled paper, "The church library, we believe, can play a significant role in revitalizing a church to meet today's challenges."
-"Ukranians" N. Kaminsky - typescript
-Christian Education Conference, CMBC, 1964 - conference papers
-Toews, W. J., ed. "Brosamen aus Erfahrungen der Mennoniten in und um Mountain Lake, Minnesota," c. 1938
-Gingerich, Orland. "The Farmer and our Mennonite / Christian Heritage."
-"A Tour of Batoche National Historic Site" Roland Roy, 1974
-"The Mennonite Union Waisenamt of Saskatchewan" Ken Funk, 1976
-"David Toews: A brief history and characterization" Rod Janzen, 1974
-"A Summary Report of Home Mission Work in Canada," edited by John R. Baergen and John H. Neufeld, 1956.
-"Mennonites in Saskatchewan" Elma Harder, 1977.
-"A Brief submitted to the Government of the Province of Manitoba by the Mennonite Churches of Manitoba," - on education; response to the Royal Commission Report, n.d.
-Dolden, Elsie (Paetkau) "Ethnic Origin: The Circumstances of the Mennonite Emergence"
-King, Martin Luther, "Letter from Birmingham Jail," 1963
-Sawatzky, Peter G. "The Minister, God's Servant in Today's World"
-Schroeder, David, "Women in Biblical Perspective," Report to the Mennonite Central Committee (Canada), Special Meeting, September 11, 1987, Winnipeg, MB.
-Funk Wiebe, Katie, "Response to David Schroeder's Paper, 'Women in Biblical Perspective,' at MCC (Canada), September 11, 1987."
-"A Brief History of the Zion Mennonite Church" Peter R. Derksen, 1999
-"First Mennonites Come to Glenbush - 1926" Julius Klassen, 1966
-"A History of the Hoffunungsfelder Mennonite Church" Geraldine Balzer, 1974 (2 copies)
-"History of the Hoffnungsfelder Church in Rabbit Lake" A. A. Friesen
-"A Congregational History of the Rabbit Lake Mennonite Church" Karen Bergen (2 copies)
-"Russian Mennonite Exodus to Canada, 1924" J. J. Thiessen, from Der Bote, 14 July 1964. (2 copies)
-"Here We Are, Lord!" Palmer Becker
-Wiens, Delbert. "New Wineskins for Old Wine: A study of the Mennonite Brethren Church"
-Russian Mennonite Immigrants from Harbin China to the United States
-Register of those massacred in Eichenfeld, Yazykovo Colony - Oct. 26/27, 1919
- Essays and Study Papers, "Epp, Frank H., The Canadian Mennonite taken from The Canadian Encyclopedia, Vol. II, pages 1117-1118"

Volume 2.2.2 Essays and Study Papers
- Adrian, Victor, "The Inspiration of Scripture," n.d.
- "An Understanding of Evangelism: Background Statement," n.d.
- Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, "Next Generation: AMBS Fund for Church Leadership." Laid in: Invitation to AMBS Alumni and Friends Supper Meeting, Winkler, MB, 10 Jul. 2004; list of proposed projects.
- Bechtel, Ken, "Does it Have to be This Way?" Healthy Options for Various Stages of the Congregational Life Cycle, Feb. 26, 2003
- Boschman, P. W., "Assets and Hindrances in Sharing our Faith," Sask. Conference Sessions, 23-24 February 1973
- Buhler, Maria, "Some Stories," trans. By Jake Buhler, August 1997.
- Calhoun, John B., Editor, translated by H.K. Neerskov, A Russian Martyr, Ivan Vasilyevich Moiseyev , Toronto, ON: Peter Popoff
- Chamberlain, Rae W. "Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Members' Interests 1992," Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Inc., 1992.
- Constitution of local churches belonging to the Bergthaler Mennonite Church of Manitoba, n.d.
- Cummings, Mary Lou. "What Mennonites Believe about Sex." Scottdale, PA: Mennonite Publishing House, 1979, 8pp.
- Dangelmaier, Margaret, "Twixt One and Ten: Childhood Memories of Osler," out of Western Producer.

Dick, Jerry - Vo.2.2.2.
- Dick, Jerry, "The Russian Mennonite House-Barn of Manitoba: A Study in Cultural Transformations," 1984
- "Dunelm Sommerfeld Mennonite Church - 1906-1953" by Jacob M. Fehr
- Epp, Menno H., "A Proposal for Pastoral/Church Assessment," Draft #4, May 1982.
- Ewert, David, "Should the Mennonite Brethren Church agree to use the same Version of the Bible"? Printed in The Voice, May-June 1965, and used with permission.
- "Fast, Jacob, Die Himmlische Heimmat, 1932"
- Abram and Elizabeth Fehr family - Paul Grescoe, "The Long Road Back: How the Fehr Family Overcame Ten Lost Years," The Canadian (March 6, 1976): 4-8.

Fehr, John - Vol. 2.2.2.
- Fehr, John, "What is Truth?"
- Fretz, J. Winfield, "Strengthening the Family Foundations," The General Conference Sessions, Bluffton, Ohio, 28 July to 3 August, 1977
-"Government of the Rosthern Junior College and the Swift Current Bible Institute," A position paper for discussion, 1 June 1973.

Harder, Gary - Vol. 2.2.2
- Harder, Gary, "Identity and Vision: Twin Paths into the Nineties," 1990
- Harder, Harry, "Response," [to paper by Walter Klaassen, "Are We Still Anabaptists?" n.d.

Harder, Helmut - Vol. 2.2.2
- Harder, Helmut, "Education in the Anabaptist-Mennonite Context"
- Hein, Marvin, "The Church, its Regulations, and the Individual Member," A paper presented to the Conference on Issues Concerning Church & Home, Reedley, CA, 23-24 November 1967.
- Huebner, Harry, "Faithfulness in the '90s," 1990
- Hunsicker, Ron, "What Mennonites Believe about Dating, Marriage, and Singleness," Scottdale, PA: Mennonite Publishing House, 1980, 8pp.
- Hunsicker, Ronald J., and John H. Neufeld, "A Guide to Marriage Preparation," For use by ministers and counselors, Jan. 1973.

Janzen, Scott Steven - Vol. 2.2.2
- Janzen, Scott Steven, "A Church Divided: Fundamentalism and Bethesda Mennonite Church, Henderson, Nebraska, 1934-1950," 2006
- Kehler, Larry, compiler and editor, Focus on Faith: Materials for Membership Class Instruction, for General Conference congregations, n.d.
- Klassen, Mrs. Harvey, and Wm. Neudorf, "River Park School District No. 843: Brief History Notes, 1912-1961," Compiled for the River Park School Reunion, 7-8 July 1984, Aberdeen SK.
- Klaassen, Walter, "Are We Still Anabaptists?" n.d.

Kliewer, Victor D. - Vol. 2.2.2
- Longacre, Doris, "What Mennonites Believe about Food," Scottdale, PA: Mennonite Publishing House, 1979, 8pp.
- "Manitoba Mennonite Furniture Builders"
- Martin, Laurence, "Pilgrimage of Faith: A Resource Guide to Help Congregational Leaders Instruct New Believers," edited by Donald Graber, prepared by Congregational Literature Division, Mennonite Publishing House, Scottdale, PA.
- Mennonite Board of Missions, "Evangelism and Church Development Seminars" cover containing: "Friendship Evangelism: An Introduction."
- "Missing Persons: A Guide to Genealogical Resources in the Saskatoon Public Library," revised August 1995, Information Services Department, Saskatoon Public Library, 18 August, 1995.
- Neufeld, Elmer, "The Lordship of Christ in a Desperate World," reprinted from the October 1959 issue of Mennonite Life. First presented to the General Conference, 1959 Centennial Session, Bluffton, Ohio, under the auspices of the Board of Christian Service.

Neufeld, John H. - Vol. 2.2.2
- Neufeld, John H., "A Study Paper on the Meaning of Conversion," October, 1970.
- Neufeld, John H., "A Study Paper on the Meaning of Conversion," October, 1970; basis of presentation to Conference of Mennonites of Saskatchewan, 23, February 1973.
- Neufeld, John H. and Victor D. Kliewer, "Seven Sermons on the Book of Revelation," January 3 - February 14, 1982
- Peters, F. C., "Consensus and Change in our Brotherhood," A paper presented to the Conference on Issues Concerning Church & Home, Reedley, CA, 23-24 November 1967.
- Peters, G. W. "Remarriage of the Divorced in the Light of Scripture," Two papers presented to the Conference on Discipleship and Evangelism, Winnipeg, MB, May 1968.

Peters, Jake - Vol. 2.2.2
- Peters, Jake, "Furniture Research Report at Mennonite Heritage Village," 1986
- Quiring, J. H. "Dealing Redemptively with the Divorced and Remarried," A paper presented to the Conference on Issues Concerning Church & Home, Reedley, CA, 23-24 November 1967.
- Ratzlaff, Vern, According to VR, sermons on the Seven Last Words from the Cross, 2008-2011
- Roth, Willard E., ed., A Time for Teaching, Scottdale, PA: Herald Press, 1968. This booklet contains a series of articles selected from various issues of Builder, a leadership magazine for Christian education workers.
- "Saskatoon Branch Library Book List," May 1989.
- "Saskatoon Branch Library Book List," December 1994.
- Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, "A Basic Guide for Saskatchewan Researchers," n.d.
- Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, Saskatoon Branch, "Saskatoon Genealogy Sources," Saskatoon Sources for Genealogy: What is available in Saskatoon to further your research, Here, There, and Everywhere, October 1989.
- Sider, Ronald J., Living the Kingdom in the late Twentieth Century, Schowalter Memorial Lecture 1986, Newton, Kansas: Faith and Life Press
- Steiner, Sue, "What Mennonites Believe about Clothes," Scottdale, PA: Mennonite Publishing House, 1979, 8pp.
- Suderman, R. J., "Meditation for Corporation Day," 25 October 1975.
- Unger, John, Children in the Church: Conversion, Nurture, Membership - An Anabaptist Understanding of the Biblical Teaching, A research submitted to the Canadian Council of Mennonite and Brethren in Christ Moderators, January 21, 1988
- Unruh, Fred, "Working out our Faith in our Modern World," for presentation to the Saskatchewan Conference, 23-24 February 1973.
- Voth, A. B., "Christian Responsibility in Relation to Planned Parenthood," A paper presented to the Conference on Issues Concerning Church & Home, Reedley, CA, 23-24 November 1967.
- Wenger, J. C. "How We Understand and Use the Bible," Elkhart, IN, 15 June 1974.
- Wiebe, Arno, "Principles of Discipleship for Mennonite Brethren Churches," Two papers presented to the Conference on Discipleship and Evangelism, Winnipeg, MB, May 1968.

Wiebe, Bernie - Vol. 2.2.2
- Wiebe, Bernie, "The Mennonite Family in Dispersion," Conference of Mennonites in Canada, Toronto, ON, 26 July 1977.
- Wiebe, Bernie, "The Mennonite Family in Dispersion," 1977
- "Why is the Family in Deep Trouble? Loosening Family Bond" n.d.
- Wiebe, Stanley, "The Longest Journey: A Study of Jakob and Maria Wiebe, One of Canada's Remarkable Immigrant Families," for Professor Michael Bourdreau, History 329, 24 June 1999.
- "Thoughts that go through my mind in the sleepless nights." Written in German by the father of Miriam Kroeker, Box 1753, Swan River, Manitoba, (204-734-3053) Translated into English by Amanda Anderson.
- "Dave Reimer Interview," August 1985

Volume 2.2.3 - Low German Works
- "Sackmann, Jobst, Weiland Pastor to Limmer bi Hanover 1680-1718, Plattduetsche Predigten, Leipzig: Insel Verlag"
-Low German play - "Beem Be-Freehi"

Volume 2.2.4 Essays and Study Papers
- Bailes, Kendall, The Mennonites Come to Kansas, 1959
- Driedger, Leo, Changes in Types of Boundary Maintenance in a Canadian Ethnic Minority, 1967
- Driedger, Otto H., Mennonite Family Stresses in the City, 1968
- Friesen, David, Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage, 1987
- Friesen, Richard, J., Saskatchewan Mennonite Settlements: The Modification of an Old World Settlement Pattern
- Klippenstein, Lawrence, Wehrlosigkeit: The Ups and Downs of Russian Mennonite Nonresistance
- Neufeld, John H. And Victor D. Kliewer, Seven Sermons on the Book of Revelation presented in Winnipeg, January & February, 1982
- Peters, G.W., Remarriage of the Divorced in the Light of Scripture, presented in Winnipeg, MB, May 1968
- McPhee, Arthur G., The Friendship Evangelism Handbook, Friendship Evangelism Seminars, c1980
- Prairie Mennonite History
- Narrative of the Experience of Thomas Reesor, published by Pennsylvania German Folklore Society of Ontario
- Friesen, Ted, The Many Faces of the Mennonite Church, 1987
- Frohe Botschaft Radioansprachen, 1977
- Christian Faith in a Nuclear Age, Consultation with Moderators and Secretaries, Tofield, AB, January 18, 1984
- Case Study II: "Saying No, and Being Heard" re Eldorado Nuclear Ltd. plan to build a nuclear refinery at Warman, Saskatchewan.
- Towards a Policy of Calling and Ordination of Ministers in the Congregation and Conference, the Committee on the Ministry to the Ministers and Deacons Conference, Calgary, AB, July 7, 1979
- Friesen, Edwin, Unity Within the Conference
- Konrad, Abram G., Unity Amidst Diversity in the Local Congregation, January19, 1989
- Janzen, Waldemar, Maintaining a Spirit of Unity in the Face of Current Diversities, no date
- Klippenstein, Lawrence, The Mennonites of Siberia (2,3,4)
- Bartsch, Franz, Lysanderhoeh, Saratow, 1906, Unser Auszug Nach Mittle Asian, 1880 (Our Exodus to Central Asia, 1880). Translated into English by Agnes Ketler, Steinbach, MB, 1983
- Polle, Sig, Mennonite Worship and Spiritual Formation, 1992
- Inherited Diseases in Old Colony Mennonites
   - Jaworski, M.A. et al, Focus on Old Colony (Chortitza) Mennonites
   - Jaworski, M.A. et al, Unusual clustering of diseases in a Canadian Old Colony(Chortitza) Mennonite kindred and community, 1998
   - Jaworski, M.A., et al, Editors, Familial Aggregation of Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus: Roots in Europe, Branches in North, Central and South America
   - Jaworski, M.A., et al, Genetic Conditions Among Canadian Mennonites
   - Bulletin of the Hereditary Diseases Program of Alberta, Vol. 6 No. 2, (1987)

Volume 2.2.5 Essays and Study Papers
-Resolution from Pleasant Hill Mennonite Church regarding Membership in Mennonite Church
-Schapansky, Henry, Mennonite Beliefs and Culture, January 30, 1998
- Neufeldt, Aldred H. Chair, Commission on Aging, Saskatoon, SK: MCC, 1974
- Klassen, D.D., The Speaking of Tongues and the Holy Spirit and The Charismatic Renewal Movement
- Metzler, Edgar, Report: A New Look at the Church & State Issue, Akron, PA: MCC, 1966
- Gerbrandt, H. J., "Introductory Comments towards a Discussion on Marital Counselling," n.d.
- Wiebe, Bernie, "Preparation for Marriage," prepared for Canadian Conference Ministers, Deacons and Laymen, July 5, 1969
- Baergen, E.H., How to Conduct Effective Meetings, 1981
- Harder, Helmut, Church Membership Reader

- Die biblische Begruendung des Diakonendienstes (Biblical Basis for the Ministry of the Deacon) n.d., author unknown. This document was found with Bernhard W. Buhler's things. Bernhard Buhler (1907-1977) was deacon of Osler Mennonite Church from 1944 to 1977.

Volume 2.3.1 Clippings and Other Ephemera
- Epp, Margaret, Holy Land Tour Journal, completed Nov. 14, 1970
- Friesen, Peter Jay, Memories of Fifty Countries, 1983-1990

Volume 2.3.2 Clippings and other ephemera
-Newspaper clippings - Goossen family
-Becker, Ella, The Last Sermon in Jalantusch - Anna Mierau (1858-1944)
-Calendar - Mennonite Women
-German calendar - 1947
-Library Resources Lib Box 2 - "Saskatchewan Valley Pioneers" Leonard Doell
-Clippings (General)
-Clippings (General) - wedding, death announcements, news items, etc.
-Music - miscellaneous sheet music
-Helen Funk (Laird)
-Plays - "Eltern und Kinder," "Der Lebensweg"
-Cards - Greeting
-Printing Ephemera - Remembering our leaders
-Printing Ephemera - Menno Simons: Places, Portraits and Progeny
-"Mennoniten" - poem - manuscript; photocopy
-Miscellaneous file - ACC #34 - Index of Prussian Locations; maps: Saskatoon, 1989; Moscow; German settlements in Polish province of Stalino, 1958; Register containing Mennonite names - unknown origin
-Arkadak village maps - from Helen Fast
-In Celebration of 125th Anniversary of Mennonites in Manitoba! Special supplement - Winnipeg Free Press, July 24, 1999
-Mennonite Young Men Escaping from Russia via Constantinople 1920
-Victor G. Wiebe, Librarian Emeritus, University of Saskatchewan, University Library newsletter, 2009
- Weick, W.H. and C. Grebner, Deutsche Fibel, New York: American Book Company, c1886
- De Zaansche Molen, Oilmill "De Zoeker"
- Pingjum and Witmarzum - history and photos
- Photos: 1) Classmates in Russia 2) Prediger Kurse in Rosthern, Sask., Nov. 1949
3) Prediger und Diakon Konferenz in Carrot River Oct. 1950
- Conscientous Objectors
- Station Arts Centre
- Kroeger Clocks
- Capasin, Saskatchewan (Isaac Unger)
- Women Doing Theology
- Mennonite History articles
- Waldo Lepp - German School at East Reinfeld School, 1960
- Fourth Tindale Centennial Diploma from South Saskatchewan Bible Society Auxiliary of The Canadian Bible Society certifying that Elim Branch of The South Saskatchewan Bible Society reached the Honour Standard of contributions in 1925, signed May 1st, 1926.
- Diamond Jubilee of Confederation Diploma from South Saskatchewan Bible Society Auxiliary of The Canadian Bible Society and The British and Foreign Bible Society certifying that Elim Branch of the South Saskatchewan Bible Society reached the Honour Standard of contributions in 1928, signed Aug. 1, 1929.
- Agreement for Sale (Land and Chattels)/ Kaufvertrag - Land und bewegliche Gueter, vierten April, 1928, zwischen Thomas Henry McConica Jr. und John Banker McConica, Luseland, Saskatchewan (Verkaeufer) und Paul Poetker, Colonsay, Saskatchewan (Kaeufer).
- Letter to Hon. J.M. Uhrich, Minister of Public Health, Regina, September, 1928 regarding health issues of the Gartside Farm, Glidden, Sask.

Volume 2.4.1 - Rosthern Junior College
-11 vinyl albums of vocal selections Victoria Neufeldt Collection
- Religious Music sung by Don Cossack Chorus, Serge Jaroff, conductor, Columbia Masterworks
- Bethlehem to Calvary by Leamington United Mennonite Male Chorus; Director: George B. Konrad, Accompanist: Martha Janzen

Volume 2.4.2 - Conference of Mennonites of Saskatchewan
- Audio cassettes from CoMoS conferences - 1989, 1993-1997

Volume 2.5.1 Video Cassettes
- Remember, Story by Peter Dyck, produced by Otto Klassen, 2001

Volume - Rueben Dirks - Video Tapes
-Tobias D. Schmidt Reunion, Waldheim, SK, 1-3 July 1985 - 3 tapes
-Benjamin H. Dirks Reunion, Waldheim, SK, 5-7 August 1995 - 1 tape
- This is Jubilee! 1994

Volume - Peter Dyck, Storyteller, Vol. 1, 2, 3

Volume - General Conference Mennonite Church
-Filmstrips: "Seek Ye First: A Sound Filmstrip for training in Church Membership"; "Poverty fund at Work"; "Looking for New Solutions";
-Filmstrip - "Your Wills Emphasis Materials Kit"

Volume 2.6.1 - Microfilm
-Odessa Region - 4 reels
-St. Petersburg Archive - 16 reels
-Ulrich Dueck Collection - 1 reel

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