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Accession list of MHSS Archives
Section III: Personal papers [Detailed View]

Volumes 3.1 to 3.17 - John D. Friesen Collection
Volume 3.1 - Church records of the Rudnerweide Mennonite Church, 1944-2002
Volume 3.2 - Correspondence of Isbrand Friesen (1867-1945), 1899-1944
Volume 3.3 - Personal mementos and writings by John D. Friesen, 1895-2003
Volume 3.4 - Sermon notes
Volume 3.5 - Sermon notes
Volume 3.6 - Sermon notes
Volume 3.7 - Sermon notes
Volume 3.8 - Sermon notes
Volume 3.9 - Photographic slides
Volume 3.10 - Photographic slides
Volume 3.11 - Photographic slides
Volume 3.12 - Photographic slides, sound recordings
Volume 3.13 - Family History, small run publications
Volume 3.14 - Obituaries - 30 cm.
Volume 3.15 - Published books - German
Volume 3.16 - Published books - English
Volume 3.17 - Published Books - English, oversize

Volumes 3.18 to 3.25 - Isaac Loewen Collection
Volume 3.18 - Correspondence and records, 1888-1905
Volume 3.19 - Correspondence and records, 1906-1908
Volume 3.20 - Correspondence and records, 1909-1910
Volume 3.21 - Correspondence and records, 1910-1911
Volume 3.22 - Correspondence and records, 1912-1914
Volume 3.23 - Correspondence and records, 1914-1916
Volume 3.24 - Log books and receipt books, 1917-1918, 1928
Volume 3.25 - Letters and cancelled cheques, 1903-1916

Volume 3.223 Margaret Fehr Collection (Deed #963)
Die Bibel nach der deutschen Uebersetzung D. Martin Luthers, Stuttgart: Privileg. Wuertt, Bibelanstalt, 1949
Die Bibel nach der deutschen Uebersetzung D. Martin Luthers, New York: American Bible Society
A Catechism, General Conference of the Mennonite Church of North America, Berne, Indiana: Mennonite Book Concern, revised 1937
Rauschenbusch, Walter und Sankey, Ira D., Editors, Evangeliums Lieder 1 und 2 (Gospel Hymns) Chicago: The Biglow & Main Co. ; Philadelphia, PA: Theodore Presser Co., 1807
Gesangbuch mit Noten
Deutsche Kinderlieder, Allgemeinen Konferenz der Mennoniten Nordamerikas, c1946
Verloren und wiedergefunden - story book
McIntyre, W.A. and John C. Saul, The Alexandra Readers, Primer, Toronto: The MacMillan Company of Canada, Limited, 1919
McIntyre, W.A. and John C. Saul, The Alexandra Readers, First Reader, Toronto: The MacMillan Company of Canada, Limited, 1921
Weick, W.H. and C. Grebner, Deutsches Zweites Lesebuch, New York: American Book Company, c1886
Schreib, Lese, Fibel
Lektion Bible picture cards with scripture verses.

Volume 3.28, 3.29, 3.30, 3.154, 3.185 - Small Archival Collections (See linked page for full details)

Volume 3.27 - Isaak Zacharias Collection
-Isaak Zacharias correspondence and other papers, 1923-1945
      -in sheet protectors in binders

Volume 3.228 Ed Schmidt Collection
Three binders from Ed Schmidt containing:
a) correspondence among Mennonite historians from Canadian universities, historical committees, and Mennonite Historical Societies in Canada, 1972-1977,
b) minutes of meetings of the Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan and Alberta, 1978-1983,
c) reports and minutes of Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan, 1992-1998
d) Henry Schapansky presentation January 30, 1998

Vol. 3.30 Personal Papers - Baergen, Ernie & Irene
- Copies of Jacob Fast letters written to children and grandchildren in Carrot  River in the 1940s. English translation by Esther Patkau. Cover letter by Irene Baergen explains the central story in the letters. The original letters are with Herman Enns' family photographs and memorabilia.

Volumes 3.31 - 3.36 - John J. Neudorf Collection
Volume 3.31 - Letters, c.1920-1960
Volume 3.32 - Letters, books, photographs, cassette tape, maps
Volume 3.33 - Books, maps, clippings
Volume 3.34 - Poetry and story collections, booklets
Volume 3.35 - Binders of letters, books, documents, letters
Volume 3.36 - Assorted materials gathered into binders

Volumes 3.37 - 3.38 - John G. Rempel Collection
Volume 3.37 - Personal journals, books, bound volumes of serials
Volume 3.38 - Personal journals, Bibles, books
- Rempel, J.G., Evangelium Matthaeus, Notizen ueber Kapitel 1-7, Rosthern, Sask: Druck von D.H. Epp

Volumes 3.39 - 3.43, 3.117 - Margaret Epp Collection
Volume 3.117 - Published books - English, German, Finnish
Volume 3.39 - Correspondence, genealogy, monographs
Volume 3.39 - Pencil drawings by V. Friesen of Mennonite settlers and buildings
Volume 3.39 - Diary in German, handwritten Gothic script, 1933
Volume 3.39 - What's in a Name? A play about the coming of the Mennonites to Manitoba in the early 1980s.
Volume 3.40 - Manuscripts - non-fiction
Volume 3.41 - Manuscripts - adult fiction
Volume 3.42 - Manuscripts - juvenile fiction
Volume 3.43 - Manuscripts - juvenile fiction

Volume 3.44 - Louise Wiens
-manuscript song book - long, 1934
-manuscript song book, 1934
-manuscript song book, 1936
-manuscript song book, 1936
-manuscript song book, 1941
-manuscript song book, 1945
-manuscript Bible commentary, "Von Brief Pauli an die Philipper" followed by commentary on Apostelgeschichte, chapters 13-16.
-2 boxes of clippings - poetry
-photocopied music

Volume 3.45, 3.115 - 3.116 - Abram A. Martens Collection
Volume 3.115 - Sermons, music books
Volume 3.116 - Diaries
Sermon notes, some dated 1926, 1929, 1962, 1968
Letter from Oliver, Prestholdt, The Prestholdt Lumber Co., Minneapolis, Minn., August 25, 1933
- Village maps:
- Einlage 1900-1914, eine deutsche Siedlung des Gebietes Chortitza
- Plan von Alt-Einlage 1910-1927
- Papa's Rusland vom 10 August 1971
- Oma for Prime Minister - 90th birthday celebration for Anna Martens, January 5, 1992 by Dick Epp
- "Freuden" un. "Leiden" auf "Scheldon" in den Jahren 1927-1933 von Abram A. Martens, Saskatoon
- Meine Zwei Wochen in Bethania von Tina Berg, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Januar 2001
- Fuers Kinderherz, Heft 34, Konstanz, Baden: Christliche Verlagsanstalt

Volumes 3.46 to 3.52 - John J. Janzen Collection
Volume 3.46 - Sermon notes, 1954-2000
Volume 3.47 - Church Records, 1937-2002
Volume 3.48 - Sermon notes, 1945-2004
Volume 3.49 - Sermon notes, 1956-1997
Volume 3.50 - Sermons, History, and Genealogy
Volume 3.51 - Sermon notes, 1955-2004
Volume 3.52 - Published Books/Obituaries
    -Index of Funerals
    -Obituaries and Funerals, 1956-2002

- Park Valley, Big River photo album

Volume 3.53 - Henry D. Jantzen Collection

Volume 3.54 -3.55 - Eric and Lenora Schroeder Collection
Volume 3.54 - Personal Papers
Volume 3.55 - Personal Papers

Volume 3.56 - A. J. Regier Collection

Volumn 3.57 - Ernest H. Baergen Collection
Volume 3.57 - Letters of Jakob Kornelius Fast to his Children and Grandchildren - with translation
CDs: Montau 1781 to1874,  Prussia (Montau and Danzig), Danzig Flemish records

Volumes 3.58 to 3.73 - Helen Dyck Collection
Volume 3.58 - Personal Papers
Volume 3.59 - Teaching Career and Retirement
Volume 3.60 - Dyck Family Papers
Volume 3.61 - Unrau and Martens Genealogy
Volume 3.62 - Family albums and Neufeld Genealogy
Volume 3.63 - Photographs and funeral announcements
Volume 3.64 - Phonograph records and general collection
Volume 3.65 - Scrapbook collection
Volume 3.66 - Postcard albums
Volume 3.72 - Albums and Guest Books
Volume 3.73 - Photos and books

Volume 3.67 - Rudi and Lee Fast Collection

Volume 3.68 - John G. Rempel Collection
Volume 3.68 - Family papers, sermons, articles, music book

Volume 3.69 - Gerhard B. Wiens Collection
- Biography - 2 pages
- Certificates of Registration, 1930-1963 - authorization to solemnize marriages
- Box of sermons - manuscripts, undated
- Bartel, Henry P. - Bartel family history copied from Bible, translated; Peter Block (1797-1878) and Marie Bartel (1799-1862) Genealogical chart
-Cox, Chris - Interviews with Mennonites from the Hague-Osler area, 1974-77, from the Collection of Dr. Rolf W. Brednich, 3 DVDs from Canadian Museum of Civilization.
- Dueck, Wayne and Carry - opening of the McNally Robinson Booksellers, Saskatoon
- Neufeld, Victoria - manuscript copies of German poetry, prayers and other readings from her parents, Fred and Emily Neufeld
- Penner, Peter A. (1852-1918) - diaries of his father Peter Penner (1829-1883) and his own, with translation
- Peters, Esther (nee Andres) - family history, photos
- Siemens, Tina (nee Neufeld) - Rosthern Bible School notebooks, 1939-1941
-Toews, Theodore - DVD recording of "Magnificat" performed by Schola Contorum at Moutain View Center for the Performing Arts, 1997

Volume 3.70 - Small Archival Collections
- Dyck, Barry, Thanksgiving, Village News (October 17, 2013)

Volume 3.71 - Mary Schroeder Collection
Volume 3.71 - Songs - elegy for Peter Schroeder (d. 10 July 1917)
- 5 notebooks with poetry clipped and pasted from various publications

Volume 3.72 - Helen Dyck Collection
Johann and Justina Neufeld family - genealogical material
-Heinrich A. Dyck (1877-1953) Family album - photos, clippings, letters
-Justina Dyck Waldheim album - photos
-Jacob Jacob Dück (1848-1900) and Maria (Janzen) Dück (1840-1915) album - genealogical material, photos
-album - family and farm photos
-Emigration from Russia to Canada album - clippings
-Guest books - 1959-1966, 1978-2004.
-Memories Scrapbook - greeting cards

Volume 3.73 - Helen Dyck Collection
Photos and Books:
"Mother's Song Book" - handwritten and printed
Card from Lt.-Governor, Jack Wiebe
Easter cards, 1909, 1910, 1942,
The Light: Provincial Normal School Saskatoon, 1940 - yearbook
Hanson, G., J. Andres, and H. R. Neuman, eds. A Historical Review of Rosthern Superintendency. n.p. 1967.
Family photos in frames and envelopes

Volume 3.74 - Gerhard Zacharias Collection
- Sermons,1955-1967 - 2 binders, one file, one notebook - typed, handwritten

Volume 3.75 - Nick Schroeder Collection
Volume 3.75 - Sermons - 5 files

Volumes 3.76 to 3.78 -John P. Nickel Collection
Volume 3.76 - Genealogical material
Volume 3.77 - Historical societies
Volume 3.78 - Photographs"

Volumes 3.79 to 3.82 - George Zacharias Collection
Volume 3.79 - Zacharias Family History
Volume 3.80 - Marriage and Funeral records - family
Volume 3.81 - Marriage and Funeral notices - local churches
Volume 3.82 - Marriage and Funeral notices - local churches

Volumes 3.83 to 3.113- Jacob G. Guenter Collection
Volumes 3.83 to 3.113
- Cronicles for Old Times Sake by Farmer Jake (Jake Guenter), April 4, 2003

Volume 3.114 - Johann Driedger Collection
Volume 3.114

Volume 3.115 to 3.116 Abram A. Martens Collection

Volume 3.117, 3.212 Margaret Epp Collection

Volumes 3.118 to 3.121- Frank B. Guenter Collection
Volumes 3.118 to 3.121

Volume 3.122 - Peter Regier Collection
Volume 3.122 - Printed books.

Volumes 3.123 - 3.124 - John N. and Susie (Abrams) Dyck Collection
Volume 3.123 - Correspondence, diaries, and photos
Volume 3.124 - Genealogical records, published materials

Volume 3.125 Elmer Dahl
Gossner, Johannes, Schatzkaestchen enhaltend biblische Betrachtungen, Reutlingen: Ensslin & Laiblin
Das Neue Testament nach der deutchen uebersetzung D.Martin Luthers, Konstanz: Carl Hirsch A-G
Roy, Kristina, Saul von Tarsus, Striegau: Von Theodor Urban, 1928
Steiger's Deutsch-amerikanisches Kochbuch fuer kleinere familien, E. Steiger & Co., c1897
Stark, Johann Friedrich, Taegliches Hand Buch, Aufmunterungen, Gebete und Gesaenge, Sprueche und Seutzer, Reutlingen: Druck und Verlag von Ensslin und Laiblin
Das Neue Testament - D. Martin Luthers, Berlin: Britische und Auslaendische Bibelgesellschaft, 1907
Das Neue Testament - D. Martin Luthers, Berlin: Britische und Auslaendische Bibelgesellschaft, 1912
Das Neue Testament - D. Martin Luthers Coeln: Die Britische und Auslaendische Bibelgesellschaft, 1885
Gesangbuch zum gebrauch in den Mennoniten Gemeinden Russlands, Chortitza: David Epp, 1896
Gesangbuch zum gebrauch in den Mennoniten Gemeinden Russlands, Odessa: Druck von A. Schultze, 1896
Die Reden Hitlers am Parteitag der Freiheit 1935, Muenchen: Zentralverlag der USDAP, Franz Eher Nachf., 1935
Kroeker, Abr. und Jak., Christlisches Jahrbuch zur Belehrung und Anterhaltung, 1902
Die Heilige Passion gefeiert in Liedern, Betrachtungen und Gebeten von dem christlichen Vereine im Nordlichen Deutschland, Zehne Auflage, Leipzig: G.E. Schulze, 1864
Wise, Daniel, Der Weg des Lebens, Zuerich: Tractathauses
Evangelium des Matthaeus - D. Martin Luthers, Berlin: Britische und Auslaendische Bibelgesellschaft, 1925
Evangelium des Markus - D. Martin Luthers, Berlin: Britische und Auslaendische Bibelgesellschaft, 1925, 2c
Evangelium des Johannes - D. Martin Luthers, Berlin: Britische und Auslaendische Bibelgesellschaft, 1915
Two booklets in the Russian language and two in Polish (perhaps).

Peter P. Schultz Collection

Volumes 3.126 to 3.131 - Rosemary Slater Collection
Volumes 3.126 to 3.130
- Sermon books of John A. Pauls. Sermons preached from 1947 to Dec. 20,1989.
Volume 3.131 - Church Directories, Journals, Photographs, Video tapes, CDs

Volumes 3.132 to 3.142, 3.153, 3.175 -Reuben Epp Collection
Volumes 3.132 to 3.141, 3.153

Volume 3.132 - Correspondence
Volume 3.133 - Correspondence and articles
Volume 3.134 - Manuscripts of Reuben Epp's Books about Low German
Volume 3.135 - Manuscripts. Dissertations, Maps, Articles from Various Sources
Volume 3.136 Reuben Epp's Library
Volume 3.137 Reuben Epp's Library
Volume 3.138 Reuben Epp's Library
Volume 3.139 Reuben Epp's Library
Volume 3.140 Reuben Epp's Library
Volume 3.141 Reuben Epp's Library
Volume 3.142 Reuben Epp's Library
Volume 3.153 Reuben Epp's Library
Volume 3.175 - Correspondence

Volumes 3.143 - 3.146 - Cornelius Boldt Collection
Volume 3.143 - Diaries, Personal Papers and Published Volumes
Volume 3.143 - Happy the Home, 1988
   - List of Titles of Classes
   - Alt Testamentliche Exegese
   - Verzeichnis (zum Israelit. Volksleben), 2 copies
   - Biblische Psychologie
Volume 3.144 Sermon and Meditation Notes, Scripture Selections
Volume 3.145 Sermons, Meditations, Bible Studies
Volume 3.146 Correspondence, Sermons, Mediations

Volume 3.147 - 3.152 - Dick Epp Collection
Volume 3.147 Editor of Saskatchewan Mennonite Historian
Volume 3.148 Dick Epp Collection
Volume 3.149 Mennonite Churches, Institutions, and Farms
Volume 3.150 Mennonite Papers, Churches, Personal Diaries
Volume 3.151 Slides, Cassette Tapes, CDs, Microfilms
Volume 3.152 Slides, Photographs, Maps
Volume 3.176

Volume 3.154 - Penner, George (1921-2009)

Volume 3.154 - Fehr, Anne, nee Krahn

Volume 3.154 - Small Archival Collections
- Samuel Baerg Collection
- Baerg, Frank J. "A Teacher's Short Life Story during the Pioneer Years of Saskatchewan, from January 2, 1903 - June 30, 1940," Life Story of Frank J. Baerg.
- Baerg, F. J. "Record of the Family of Johan and Anna (Duerksen) Baerg," Compiled 1962 by F. J. Baerg, 1237 Ave., C, North, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
The Voice of Praise No. 2: A Complete Collection of Scriptural, Gospel, Sunday-School and Praise Service Songs. Edited and compiled by Lincoln Hall, C. Austin Miles, C. Harold Lowden. New York: Hall-Mack Company, 1908.
- box of war memorabilia - Royal Canadian Air Force discharge certificate, 15 January 1943; Canadian Voluntary Service Medal; War Medal 1939-1945; crest of R.C.A.F. No. 7 Operational Training Unit of Debert, N.S., 1945, with chevrons.

- Enns, Luella Marie
- Enns, L Marie. Preacher's Kids on the Homestead. Belleville, ON: Guardian Books, 2005. [signed by the author] - On the family of Pastor Peter B. and Susan Friesen, homesteading near Meadow Lake, SK in 1929

Fehr, Anne (nee Krahn) section
-Photograph of Threshing crew - original mounted on cardboard, plus one copy
-Oilskin record book in Suetterlin (Old German) script
- Oehlschlager, J.C., The Ready Reckoner or The Business Man's Companion, for Buying and Selling in Dollars and Cents, Philadelphia: Schaefer & Koradi, Publishers

- Friesen, Peter J.
- "Peter J. Friesen, Halbstadt," 1905 - notebook with genealogical material and land locations - handwritten, 14 pages
- Photo of Mike Friesen, brother to Peter, with family

- Froese, Peter S.
- Peter Froese Funeral DVD - July 5, 2011

- Giesbrecht, Mary
- Waldheim Golden Jubilee. 1905-1955 Saskatchewan Golden Jubilee. Rosthern, SK: Sask. Valley News, 1955.

Letkeman, Abe and Mary
- Geschichte von den Sieben Reichs-Grafen von Johann Rempel, Dec. 3, 1912

- Lyding, Jim
- clippings of Saskatchewan churches - Pella Church, Dunelm Sommerfeld Church, Flowing Well Mennonite Brethren Church, Gnadenau Mennonite Church.

- Neufeld, Anne (1928- )
- Christmas notebooks by her parents, Gerhard Zacharias (1885-1976) and Elisabeth Lepp (1884-1965) - dated 1896/7, with Russian printed cover

- Paetkau, Eric J.
- Dolden, Elsie (Paetkau). "A Sociological Study of the Canadian Mennonites who Migrated from Russia During the Two Time-Periods of 1873-1884 and 1922 to 1930." Paper written for Sociology #401 Canadian Ethnic Minorities. Instructor, Frans Lamers. N.p., n.d.

- Peters, Fred and Toni
- Fast, Isaak Peter. Züge aus meinem Leben von Isaak Peter Fast, Gnadenfeld, Taurien, Süd-Russland. Mit einem Vorwort von Rev. Hermann Fast, Perdue, Sask.; einem Vorwort des Herausgebers A. J. Fast, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, und der Leichenrede von Aelt. Heinrich Dirks, Gnadenfeld. Winnipeg, MB: n.p., 1932.
- Detweiler, Lowell. The Hammer Rings Hope: Photos and Stories from Fifty Years of Mennonite Disaster Service. Scottdale, PA: Herald Press, 2000. With signed card by author. Annotated by Fred and Toni Peters.
- Friesen, J. John. An Outline of Mennonite History. Newton, KS: Herald Publishing, 1944.
- Introducing The Great Chronicle of the Hutterian Brethren. Rifton, NY: Plough Publishing House of the Woodcrest Service Committee, Inc., Hutterian Brethren, 1986. Taped in: "The Bruderhof: A Christian Community." Plough Publishing House, 1985.
- Sammlung Deutscher Volkslieder für Deutsch-Canadier. Courier-Hausfreund Liederbuch. Regina, SK: Western Printers Ass'n, n.d.
- Krahn, Cornelius. Menno Simons' Lebenswerk. Amsterdam: Wetenschappelijke Boekhandel J. Gleijsteen, 1937.
- Mueller, H. A. Die Sieben Tage der Weltwoche. Winnipeg, MB: Rundschau Publishing House, [1924].
- Van der Smissen, H. Mennostein und Mennolinde zu Fresenburg, Zur Eriunnerung an den 16. September 1922. Altona-Ottensen, Gr. Rainstrasse 30: Steffen Carstens Buchdruckerei, [1922]. Tipped in: Photo of the Mennolinde with inscription.
- Diary of Anna Baerg, 1916-1924. Translated and edited by Gerald Peters. Winnipeg, MB: CMBC Publications, 1985. Taped in: Program of "Of Pilgrimage and Poverty: A dramatic presentation based on the book, A Diary of Anna Baerg" Forest Grove Community Church, 22 June 1988.
- Poster "Remember, Praise, Renew, 100." Centennial Convention of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches, July 8-11, Winkler, Manitoba.
- Peters, Victor
- Who's who classified business directory, 1939 : containing the names, addresses and phone numbers of the manufacturing, business and professional interests, organizations and institutions of Saskatoon, Sask. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Saskatoon StarPhoenix, 1939; 64 pp.
- Saskatoon. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Board of Trade, January 1912; 40 pp.

- Schmidt, Ed
"General Conference of Mennonite of North America, Formed an influence along the North Saskatchewan River."

- Spafford, Duff
- Friesen, Jacob A. - notebook of correspondence and financial accounts - 1907 - 1920
- Friesen, Eva - notebook of art work - 1910
- Four school type scribblers, the majority of all leaves have manuscript practice writing and some drawings.
- Notebook, lined, red paper covers, 18.5 X 25.1 cm. Saddle stapled. Inside fornt cover in manuscript: "Eva Friesen Hage S.D. April 1 at 1912." 16 ll.
- Notebook, lined, front cover flags and picture of Sir John French in uniform. 16.5 X 20.6 cm. Saddle stapled. ON frong cover in manuscript: "Grammar;" "Jake Friesen 1920" over written with "J.EF 1920." 14 ll.
- Notebook, lined, brown paper covers with crossed pens, 18.7 X 24.8 cm. Saddle stapled. Inside fron cover in manuscript: "Eva Friesen, January 19th, 1912 Hague School." Tipped in: black and white photo of a teacher? In old fashion clothing. 40 ll.
- Notebook, lined, brown paper covers illustrated with a family of dogs with the word "DOGGIES." 18.6 X 24.8 cm. Saddle stapled, 4 ll. Four leaves cut out and missing. In manuscript on front cover: "1915" "Jake Friesen, Writing."

- Wiebe, Irene and Jake
- Schonschrift Valentine - photocopy - from Johann Bartel (1764-1813) to his bride Aganetha Quiring on their wedding day, 1794

- Toews, David
   - Letter to Isaac Loewen, Rosthern, 1898
   :- "A Moses of our Day" by David Toews
    - Memorial Festival of Sacred Music, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, June 29 - August 1, 1976
- Original black & white photo
- David Toews, Vorsitzender der Kolonisationsbehoerde der Mennoniten in Canada, Biographische Skizze herausgegeben von Jakob H. Janzen, Waterloo, 1939
- David Toews, a brief sketch of his life and work, 1870-1947 by Helene Sarah Friesen
-Toews, David (1870-1947)
-transcript and translation of 1898 letter to Isaac Loewen
-Copies of correspondence, 1937-38
-short published biography by Jakob H. Janzen, 1939
-photograph in folder
-cancelled cheque from Isaac Bergen
-newspaper clippings, 1937, 1998
- Photocopy of letter from Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization, 1928
- “Remembering David Toews, 1870-1847” presented by Verner Friesen at Heritage Night, sponsored by Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan, January 30, 1998, 2 copies
- Janzen, Jakob H., David Toews, vorsitzender der Kolonisationsbehörde der Mennoniten in Canada, Biographische Stizze, aus P.M. Friesen’s Mennonitengeschichte, dem Mennonitischen Lexikon, Mai 1939
- Der Mennonitische Immigranten Bote, 1 Jahrg., N. 1., (1924)
- Itinerary - David Toews Historical Tour, July 5, 2002
- David Toews Homestead Records (and some details about his early years in Tiefengrund)
- Response by Verner Friesen at the book launch of David Toews Was Here by Helmut Harder, July 5, 2002
- "In Erinnerung an David Toews," Der Bote, nr. 16 & 17, (1998) German translation of Remembering David Toews1 in two instalments
- “David Toews - Memories of my Grandfather” by Don Sawatzky
- “Grandfather, a Patriarch” by David Riesen
- Engagement sermon for David Toews and Margaretha Friesen, 9 August, 1900 by P. Regier. Translated into German and English by Esther Patkau.

Anna Funk Collection
-Hardcover notebook
-A bibliographic description of the notebook
-A typed transcription (16 pages) and translation (15 pages) into English, both by Margaret Ewert
-Note from Verner Friesen on the donation

Volume 3.155 - David 'Dave' Boldt
- Daily Journal, 1964 -1971
- Dave Boldt Profile
- Star Phoenix Clippings, 1964-66, 1969-71
- Saskatchewan Provincial Election, Oct.. 11, 1967
- Valley News & Leader Post Articles, 1967-71
- Correspondence, 1964-72
- Correspondence with the Minister of Highways, 1970
- Saskatchewan Provincial Election Report, June 23, 1971
- Speeches to the Legislature, 1967-72
- Pamphlets regarding Policies of the Liberal Party
- Certificates, Photo
- Large-sized Personal Certificates, baptismal certificate - 1939, photos of Members of the Saskatchewan Legislature - stored in large black portolio, 13 items

Volume 3.156 - Isaac and Ella Block
- Ella Derksen Block Journals, 1964-1997

Volume 3.157 - Isaac and Ella Block
Photographs: Herbert Bible School, 1929; Seventh Mennonite World Conference, August, 1962, Kitchener, Ontario; large group of delegates in a gymnasium; family photo outside a building(?)

Family Histories:
   - Derksen History
   - Schroeder, William, The Family of Abram and Maria Friesen, Great Deer, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 2005
   - Stobbe, Helena, Martens Maria, Rempel, Esther, Derksen, Henry G., The Gerhard G. Derksen Family Book, Altona, Man.: Friesen Yearbooks (printers).
   - Isaac & Ella Block 1930-1995
   - John Warkentin and his Descendants 1820-1990,Winnipeg, Manitoba: I.H. Warkentin, c1990

   - Hamm, Oscar H., Memoirs of Ignatyevo, Saskatoon, Sask.: Ruth F. Hamm, 1984     - Rahn, Peter, Mennoniten in der Umgebung von Omsk, Winnipeg, Canada: Christian Press Ltd. (printers)
   - Epp, Peter, Die Mennoniten in Russland, published by Justina D. Epp, Columbus Ohio, printed by Derksen Printers, Steinbach, Manitoba
   - Deiel-Rappard, Emmy, Mutter - Bilder aus dem Leben von Dora Rappard-Gobat, Basel: Brunnen Verlag
   - Penner, Gerhard, Mennoniten dienen in der Roten Armee, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Gerhard Penner, 1975
   - Block, Rev. Isaac H., Baptism as a Rite of the Christian Church and Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Dalmeny, Saskatchewan
   - Gott, Christus, Heiland, Chöpfer, Erlöeser, Vorbild
   - Rempel, J.G., Fünzsig Jahre Konferenzbestrebungen 1902-1952, Steinbach, Man., Derksen Printers Ltd.
   -Jubilüums Ausgabe Jahrbuch der Konferenz der Mennoniten in Canada 1902-1952, Gretna, Man.

   -Peters C.C., Editor, Notizen ueber die Offenbarung, Kapitel 1 bis Kapitel 4, Winnipeg, Manitoba
   - Biblical Family Life
   - Servanthood and Power

Writings by Rev. Isaac H. Block
   - Isaac & Ella's Family
   - Mennoniten Brüdergemeinde
   - Gelegenheits Gedichte
   - My Dear Grandchildren
   - Christus Erlöser & Vorbild
   - Glaubens Lehre
   - Der Verlorene Sohn

Other Writings:
   - Three notebooks in German Script by Derksen
   - Gramma Derksen 1910
   - Notebook written in German script dated 1950
   - Three notebooks with German and English  poetry
   - Der Peet, Geschichten vom Peet und Seinen Kameraden
   - Record of financial transactions/purchases

Binder of clippings concerning Rosthern, Saskatchewan history.
Die Mennonitische Rundschau, 10 Juni, 1936
   - Der Bote, 21 Juni, 1939; 23 April, 1958

Volume 3.158 - Bernhard Harold (Ben) Fast Collection
- Sermon notes, 1945-1990

Volume 3.159 - Bernhard Harold (Ben) Fast Collection
- [Bachelor of Arts (19?) and Bachelor of Education (1960) diplomas are in the portfolio]
- Personal correspondence of Mr. Jacob Fast, 1930s
- Jacob Fast Sermon
- Mary Fast notebook
- Women's Missionary Society, Nutana Park, 1966-1982
- The Voice, Vol. 16 (2008)
- Golden Anniversary, July 1984
- "The Life and Memories of Dora Fast"
- Child Dedication
- Fast Reunion August 1978
- Souvenir
- Tribute to Harvey Fast, 1971
- Biblical Literature
- Radio messages
- Bernhard Fast speeches
- Papers completed for Bachelor of Theology degree, 1957
- Biblical literature - Rev. B.H. Fast personal file
- Minister certificates
- Agreements - teaching
- Certificates: Grade 8 Diploma, 1923; B. Theology Diploma, 1957
- "Organization, Staff Placement and Departmentalization in the Elementary School", 1966
- School Reunions
- Graduation Banquet
- Pamphlets and booklets about Non-resistance
- Mennonite History
- Bible - How we got it
- Photocopied of maps
- Dora Fast (1921-2011) Baptismal Certificate (Deed of Gift #421)

Volume 3.160 Sylvia Regier Collection
- Gesangbuch, Mennoniten Gemeinden, Russlands
   -1892 - Engraved on cover - "Johann Sawatzky, Rosenthal, 1894" - John Sawatzky (1863-1941)
   -1896 - Engraved on cover - "Justina Sawatzky, Rosenthal, 1910" - Justina nee Redekop (1868-1931; on flyleaf - "Chortitza, Sacramento St. California, U. H[?]ofer, Abram Sawatzky"
- Eby, Benjamin, Editor, Kirchen Geschichte und Glaubenslehre, Elkhard, Ind.: John F. Funk printer, 1868
- Lieder und Bilder fuer jung und alt, Duesseldorf: Fischer & Franke
- Wothe, Anny, Das Tor des Lebens, Reutlingen: Ensslin & Laiblins Verlagsbuchhandlung, c1919
-Klassen, J.P., Meine Garbe
- Evangelisches Gesangbuch, "Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied!", Danzig: Verlag und Druck von A. W. Kafemann, 1913
- Russian dictionary, Moscow, 1916

Volume 3.161 - 3.162 - Raymond G. Fast Collection
Volume 3.161 Reports and Papers
Volume 3.162 Papers and Publications
- Photographs from village of Neuenberg, Chortitza area, Russia; from collection of Jacob I. Lehn - GRANDMA ID 452361

Volume 3.163 - Walter Klaassen
[Vol. 3.163 Family Histories and Memoirs]
[Vol. 3.194 Sermons, Lectures]
-H.T. Klaassen - Sermon Text Register, 1920-1977
-H.T. Klaassen Sermons, 1962-1977
-H.T. Klaassen Account Book, 1955-1962
-Diary: Martin Klaassen, Koeppental, Trakt Colony, Russia, 1852-1870, 1880-1881, German script, photocopy [separate carton]
- Book launch - Klaassen, Martin (1820-1881) History of the Defenceless Anabaptist Churches from the Times of the Apostles to the Present
-Klaassen, H. T., Bericht ueber das Studium des Verhaeltnisses von Konferenz und Schulen

Volumes 3.164 and 3.165 - Maria Bartel

Volume 3.166 - 3.168 - Helen Kornelsen (1920-2012)

Volume 3.169 - 3.174 - Reuben and Irmgard Epp

Volume 3.176 - Dick Epp Collection
Volume 3.177 - Vernon Lobe Collection
- Collection of photos - Johann Lobe family, Albert Lobe, Ann Born, Speedwell School, chauffer licence tag; 1933-1977.
- Financial records of Lobe Enterprises and various family members - 1984-1992, portraits drawn by Brett Epp, great grandson of Albert Lobe.
- Lobe Enterprises - Certificate, By-laws - 1977-1979
- Lobe Enterprises - Minutes of Annual Meetings - 1963-1986
- Lobe Enterprises - Annual Returns - 12966-1986
- Photocopies of newspaper clippings - Rosthern Valley News and Saskatoon StarPhoenix - 1936

Volume 3.178 - Erna Schroeder Collection
Consisting primarily of the books and papers of Arnold M. Schroeder (1926-2000)
-Manuscript and annotated typescript - "Prussian and Russian Mennonites"
-Agenda and reports - Mennonite Historical Society of Canada, 3 December 1983.
-Roster, reports and other enclosures - American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, 19-26 June 1994.
-Roster - American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, 1-7 August 1988.
-Newsletters - American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, 1980-1993.
-"Geneology of Daniel Unger" - photocopied materials including "A Guide to the Mennonite Library and Archives" by David A. Haury (North Newton, KS: Bethel College, 1981).
-Report 1976-1980, Saskatchewan Archives Board (Regina: Saskatchewan Archives Board, 1982)
-Krzysztof M. Gebhard, ed., The Saskatchewan Oral History Conference Proceedings, 1981 (Regina: Saskatchewan Archives Board, 1981)
-H. R. Clark and A. A. Stilborn, Historical Review and Register of Graduates of the Saskatchewan Agricultural Graduates' Association, November 1980

Volume 3.179 - Maria Rempel Collection
-Photographs - "Estate" picture; "Die Journalisten," German-English Academy, Rosthern, March 1935; German-English Academy, Rosthern, 1939; Participants at reunion of former Kronsgartner, Wiesenfelder, and Prijuter, Canadian Mennonite Bible College, Winnipeg, June 30-July 1, 1973, with identification key.
-Photograph - Teachers and Students, German-English Academy, Rosthern, 1928-29 - mounted on cardboard
-Photograph - Public School, 1908, Kondratyevka, Ukraine. Teachers: Frank Epp and Peter Rempel - mounted on cardboard
-Photograph - Polovitza (Kronsgarten), Home of the Peter Rempels in the Ukraine, 1926 - in cardboard frame.
-Photograph - portraits of Maria's parents - Peter Rempel (1874-1928) and Maria (nee Grunau) Rempel (1877-1960) - 8 X 10 inches, 1 set framed and 1 set unframed
-Photograph - Maria's grandparents - Henrich P. Rempel (1837-1909) and Justina (Klassen) Rempel (1837-1927); other family photos.
-Notebook - handwritten Russian to English word book, Peter Rempel, 1946
-Typed manuscripts and newspaper clippings of articles published under the name "H. P. Rempel"
-Family tree and other genealogical material for Maria Rempel.
- Die Bibel oder die ganze Heilige Schrift des Alten und Neuen Testaments, Dr. Martin Luthers, Ausgabe des Haupt-Comites de Evang. Bibelgesellschaft in Russland, Buchdrukerei August Mickwitz, Reval, 1896

Volume 3.179 - Rempel, Heinrich P. (1837-1909) and Justina (Klassen) Rempel (1837-1927)

Volume 3.179 - Rempel, Peter (1874-1928) and Maria (nee Grunau) Rempel (1877-1960)

Volume 3.180 - Wilfrid and Hannah Plett Collection
-Ancestors and Descendants of Frank F. Jantzen (1857-1932) - copy of book with photographs [one copy is in genealogy shelves]
-Ancestors and Descendants of Frank F. Jantzen - records and notes
-Franz Jantzen Reunion, August 1-3, 1986, Tabor College, Kansas
-Diary of Gerhard Epp (1864-1919), covering August 31, 1891 to April 2, 1919
-Autobiographical family history by Jacob G. Dyck (1912-2004) and Esther E. Dyck, nee Plett (1919-2004)
-Family Tree of Michael Plett (1761-1826)
-Letters by Eva Jantzen regarding Luella Jantzen (1909-1995), 1994-1995.
-Diary of David Harms (1861-1931) - on the start of the Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren Church, Kansas in 1881
-Family History of Eva (Unruh) and David Harms, with original photographs - 2 copies
-Family history of David and Eva (Unruh) Harms - revised edition [one copy is in genealogy shelves]
-Photo album - old family photos
- Family Register of Gerhard and Katharina Epp compiled by Paul & Lillian Epp
- A History of the Franz F. and Elizabeth Jantzen Family in North America, 1879-2001 compiled and edited by Norman W. Jantzen
- Remembrances: The Gerhard & Katharina (Janzen) Epp Family Reunion, July, 1998, Rosthern, Sask. Carl A. Krause, Editor, Pupil Profiles, Saskatoon, SK, Publisher

Volume 3.180 - Dyck, Esther E., nee Plett (1919-2004)

Volume 3.180 - Dyck, Jacob G. (1912-2004)

Volume 3.180 - Epp, Gerhard (1864-1919)

Volume 3.180 - Harms, David (1861-1931) and Eva, nee Unruh (1862-1936)

Volume 3.180 - Janzen, Frank F. (1857-1932)

Volume 3.180 - Jantzen, Luella (1909-1995)

Volume 3.181 - John J. Neudorf Collection

Volume 3.182 to 3.184 - Ed & Wally Schmidt Collection
- Schmidt Global Trip in 1988

Volume 3.185 - Small Archival Collection
- Baergen, Ernest H. - How to Conduct Effective Meetings, 1981
- Buhler, Jake, An Overview of the Mennonite Fabric of the Valley Area, Feb. 1980
- Epp, Menno, "Notes to Our Russia/Ukraine Report"
- Friesen, Sarah
    - Jahrbuch der Mennonitischen Lehranstalt, Gretna, Manitoba, 1957
    - Letter from P.J. Schaefer dated 3. Juni, 1957
- Gliege, Selma
   - "Lebenslauf und Erlebnise" by Elisabeth Schulz (nee Unruh) (1866-1943), grandmother of Selma Gliege (nee Richert) (1921 - ) - photocopy, 204 pages
   - Record Album collection
   - record albums listed)
- Guenther, Jacob L., Tribute to Dad on His 90th Birthday, March 11, 2007
- Remembering the Jacob and Maria Reinke Elias Family
- Quiring, Hans (Waldemar Wendritsch)
- van Bergen, Gerhard family tree, pp 231-240. Includes Regiers and Friesens from Tiefengrund, (Pp 235-240 in original typed copy.)
- Braun, Art
  - Letter from Deputy Clerk of the Court, Province of Sask. re Naturalization Certificate No. 168705, Series "A", dated July 26, 1938
  - Certificate of Naturalization - Agatha Dahl, July 18, 1938
Mary Schroeder Estate (Deed #265) - In Memoriam books and cards of:
- Rev. Henry P. Schroeder (1903-1984)
- Peter P. Klassen (1909-1983)
- Peter Henry Schroeder (1946-1967)
- Helena Klassen (1885-1981)

Unknown Donor
- Die Bibel oder die ganze Heilige Schrift des Alten und Neuen Testaments, D. Martin Luthers uebersetzung, Stuttgart: Privilegierte Wurttembergische Bibelanstalt, 1899

Volume 3.186 - G.G. Epp Collection
- Die Palme No. 3 für Kirchen Chöre, Chicago, ILL: Meyer 7 Brother
- Kröker, A., Heimatklünge, Dritte amerikanische Auflage, Mountain Lake, Minn: A. Kroeker and Winnipeg, Man.: M. Kroeker, 1939
- Handbuch fuer Eltesten und Prediger der Mennoniten Gemeinden in Nord Amerika, Berne, Indiana: Mennonite Book Concern, 1921
- Jubeltoene Hosianna Halleluja
- Sermon notes in German language
- Notebooks containing records of church events such as funerals, celebrations, baptisms, etc., sermon notes, lists of churches and pastors. Dates of notebooks 1927-1945, 1948-1958, 1963, 1965
- Certificate of Registration of Person Authorized to Solemnize Marriage, 1960, 1963, 1965
- Schiller's Ballads with notes by A. Müller, Toronto: Canada Publishing Company, 1881
- Sermon notes 1959, 1960, 1967, 1968. Some in German, some in English
- Notes in Gothic script

Volume 3.187 Bruno Nickel (Nikkel) Collection

- Memoirs of Bruno J. Nickel 1901-1987 Russia-Ukraine-Canada
- Bruno Nickel (Nikkel) documents, in German and Russian language
- Photo album
- Three (3) black and white photographs:
i) Teachers and students German-English Academy, Rosthern, 1927-28. R. Pratchett, photographer, Rosthern , Sask. 10"x12" with frame
ii) Teachers and students German-English Academy, Rosthern,1928-29. R. Pratchett, photographer, Rosthern, Sask. 10"x12" with frame
iii) Rudy and Gerda Nickel, children of Sasha (Alexander) and Katja (nee Lepp) Nickel. Sasha was a brother to Bruno J. Nickel. Rudy and Gerda are first cousins to Hans Nickel and Trudy Nickel.
- German hymn book. Inscription on front cover "Irma Regier"

Volume 3.188 Simon Block & Elizabeth Unrau Collection
- Correspondence - Anne H. Neufeld
- Correspondence - Paraguay, Brazil
- Correspondence - Julius Klassen
- Correspondence - Aunt Susie, Russia
- Correspondence - Lena Wilms, Russia
- Correspondence - Warkentin 1982 - , Germany
- Correspondence - Russia, 1926-1933, 1956 -
- Correspondence - Tante Lena, Russia
- Correspondence - Isaac & Alvina Block
- Correspondence - Tina Dick, Dietrich Teichroeb
- Correspondence - Germany re: books and visit
- Correspondence - Hieberts, Teichroebs, 1990-91

Volume 3.189 John R. & Aganeta Driedger Collection [Deed #918]
- Hardcover German song book on various themes - "Inhalt: des ganzen Gesangbuches, oder: Materien, von denen die Lieder handeln"
- Gesangbuch. Eine Sammlung geistlicher Lieder zur Allgemeinen Erbauung und zum Lobe Gottes, Elkhart, Indiana: Mennonitischen Verlagshandlung, 1912
- The Holy Bible, authorized King James version, New York, New York: Press Syndicate of the University of Cambridge
- Katecismus, Winnipeg, Man.: The Christian Press, Limited, 1959
- James, Ava L., Compiler, Prayers for Boys and Girls, Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan Publishing House, c1954
- The Canadian Readers Book 1: A Primer and First Reader
- Blanke, Johannes, Editor, Kindergruss. Reime, Lieder, Gebete, Spiele, Rütsel, un Scherze für Kinder, Konstanz: Buch und Kunst Verlag Karl Hirsch A.G.
- "Remember When." photo of Labasse (Rheinland) School, class of the early 1900s
- Colored photo of Driedger family

Volume 3.190 Bill Janzen (Calgary) Collection
- Janzen, Bill (Willian), Editor, memories: The Family Story of My Descendents, Franz Lehn, 1851-1940
- Klassen,Clara (nee Niessen), Editor,Von Niessen
- Two framed pictures created with dried leaves, one "In Memoriam of Father 2-17-36," the other "In Erinnerung an (?) 2-17-36"
- Mother's Day Greetings, a booklet of poems in English.
- A small diary in German script.
- Collection of pictures and poems (?) in German script.
- Black and white photos, some with dates and descriptions, but most unidentified.

Volume 3.191 Abram Kroeger [Deed #861]
December 2009, one box of books from Mrs. Doris Quiring's Grandfather, Abram Kroeger, who was pastor of Dundurn Mennonite Church from 1931-1940.

Bettex, Fr., Das Buch der Wahrheit, Streigau, Germany, Verlag von Theodor Urban, 1907. In pencil "I.H. Kröger"
Frommel, Max, Herzpostille: Evangelien: Predigen für das ganze Kirchenjahr, Fünfte Auflage. Bremen, Germany, C. Ed. Müller's Verlagsbuchhandlung, N.d.
Funcke, Otto, Neue Reisebilder und Heimatklünge, Bremen, Germany. C. Ed Müller's Verlagsbuchhandlung, N.d. This work is vol. 11-12 of Gesammelte Schreiben.
Funcke, Otto, Reisebilder und Heimatklünge, Altenburg, S.A., Germany, Stephan Geibel Verlag, 1922. In oval stamp "Book Supply Co. Gretna, Man."; in pen "Peter Neufeldt, Aus Neufeldt Laird"
Funcke, Otto, Verwandlungen oder wie ein Sehender blind und ein Blinder sehend wird. Bremen, Germany. C. Ed Müller's Verlagsbuchhandlung, N.d. Seelenkümpfe und Seelenfrieden. This work is vol. 17-18 of Gesammelte Schreiben.
Funcke, Otto, Willst du gesund warder? Bremen, Germany. C. Ed Müller's Verlagsbuchhandlung, N.d. This work is vol. 3 of Gesammelte Schreiben.
Klassen, Johann Peter, Brockren, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1932. In pencil "Marie Kroeger, Dundurn, Sask."
Modersohn, Ernst, Paulus, ein Apostel Jesu Christi. Bad Blankenburg, Thür. Wald., Germany, Buchdruckerei und Verlag Harfe, 1932. In pencil both volumes "A.H. Kroeker, Dundurn, SK."
Mayer, Gottlob, editor, Das Neue Testament in religiösen Betrachtungen für das modern Bedürfnis, (A New Testament Bible commentary), Gütersloh, Germany. Druck und Verlag von C Bertelsmann. Boehmer. Julius, Das Lukasevangelium, 1909, VIII; Rump, Johann, Das Johannesevangelium, 1911, IV; Mayer, Gottlob, Die Korintherbriefe, 1908, VIII
Zeithe, W., Das Lamm Gotes: Predigten über die Leidensgeschichte Jesu Christi, Berlin, Germany. , 1893 (note pages 739-750 missing) In pencil "A.H. Kroeger."
Ziethe, W., Bethel: Predigten über Episteln des Kirchenjahres, Berlin, Germany.

A six manuscript in German written in pencil on four leaves. One page is titled "I Corinthas 1,23-25"

Volume 3. 192 Nettie Epp Collection

Volume. 3.193 Salome Ratzlaff Collection [Deed #931]
Volume 3.194 William and Salome Ratzlaff Collection

Volume 3.195 Walter Klaassen Collection
Voume 3.196 Bill Neudorf Collection
Volume 3.197 Small Archival Collection
- Service of Remembrance bulletin for David J. Nikkel, (1905-1999)
- Two black & white photos of employees of Empire Lumber and Fuel Company LDT, Saskatoon with the following note: "David Nikkel (November 13, 1905-September 9,1999) worked for Empire Lumber and Fuel Company LDT in Saskatoon for many years, delivering coal and wood to residential homes and businesses. His driving license credential buttons are attached to the photo."

- Friesen Dyck, Helena (Banman)
Life story & original diaries, February 1966 to May 1988, translated by Nettie Friesen Balzer

- Nickel, Jacob J. Collection
  Hunnius, Monika, Bilder aus der Zeit der Bolschewikenherrschaft in Riga, Verlag von Eugen Salzer in Heilbronn, 1921
- Article in Sask. Valley News, January 24, 2001, "History of the Rev. Jacob J. Nickel family."

- Miller, Grace
  - Color pictures depicting Biblical scenes and black & white nature scenes
     - Homemade cards with German Gothic note

- Morton, Agatha (nee Friesen)
- Jubilaeums Bibel owned by Johann J and Agatha Friesen
- John Julius Friesen family Certificate of Naturalization, Nov. 4, 1937
- Agatha Friesen baptism certificate, 1941

Volume 3.198 to 3.206 - Helen Kornelsen Collection

Volume 3.207 John G. Rempel Collecton
- Rempel-Pauls Album - 2 albums in hard cover binders
- "From Russia to North America" A Rempel-Pauls Album, soft cover, coil bound
- Rempel, David G. "The Mennonite Commonwealth in Russia: A Sketch of its Founding and Endurance, 1789-1919, Reprinted from The Mennonte Quarterly Review, XVLII and XLVIII
- Rempel, David G., "Branches Across the Wall" - The life and times of the Gerhard Rempel family of Nieder Chortitza, South Russia, and of it forebears on the paternal and maternal sides, 1789-1923.
- Rempel, J.G., Mein Heimatdorf: Nieder Chortitza
- Stille im Sturm, Predigten von Karl Heim, Tuebingen: Osiander'sche Buchhandlung, 1925
- Lindemann, Hermann, A Pocket-Dictionary of the English and German Languages, First Part, New York: The Internatioanl News Company, c1912
- Lindemann, Hermann, A Pocket-Dictionary of the English and German Languages, Second Part, Berlin-Schoneberg: Langenscheidtsche
Verlagsbuchhandlung, c1911
- Rempel, Albert (1933-2015) obituary

Volume 3.208, 3.214 Jake Nickel Collection

Volumes 3.209, 3.210, 3.211 Zacharias Brothers Collection

Volume 3.215 Margareta Zacharias Collection

Volume 3.213 Justina Neudorf Collection
- Black & white photo of four women and one man dressed in dark clothing standing outside of a house.

Volume 3.216 - Rueben Siemens

Volume 3.217 Vern Ratzlaff Sermons
- Radio Talks - The Abundant Life Broadcasts, 1987 - 2003
- Nutana Park Mennonite Church, 1987 - 2009
- Aberdeen Mennonite Church, 2006 - 2013

- Mennonite Central Committee (Manitoba) Minutes of the Board of Directors Meetings, Executive Committee Meetings and Annual Delegate Meeting, 1970
- Yoder, John H., "The Third World and Christian Mission," Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries, Presented 3 September, 1971 to the "Theological Conference" of the International Federation of Free Evangelical Churches, North Park Seminary, Chicago.
   Reproduced March, 1973 as background reading for AMBS course, Theology of the Christian World Missions.
- Schrotenboer, Paul G., Editor, The Reformed Ecumenical Synod, Theological Forum, Vol. 2, No. 2 (Sept. 1974) to Vol. VI, Nos. 3 & 4, (April 1979), Vol. VIII, No. 4 (Feb. 1981), Vol. IX, Nos. 1,2,3&4, (1981-1982)
Peace Theology Papers: - Mennonite Peace Theology Colloquium Papers, sessions held at St. Paul's School of Theology, Kansas City, Missouri, 1976
- Burkholder, J.R., "Mennonite Social Ethics and The Politics of Jesus: Continuity and Change," 1976
- Edwards, George R., "Biblical Interpretation and The Politics of Jesus," Sept., 1976
- Swartley, Willard M., Yoder's "Politics of Jesus: An Analysis of its Biblical Rootage", Oct., 1976
- Schroeder, David, "Theologizing and The Politics of Jesus, By What Authority-"
- Groff, Warren F., "Theologizing and The Politics of Jesus"
- Stassen, Glen H., "The Politics of Jesus - Moving Toward Social Ethics," Oct., 1976
- Mouw, Richard J., "The Politics of Jesus and Political Theory," Oct., 1976
- Swomley, Ddr. Johm., "Political Thought and The Politics of Jesus,"

Peace Theology Colloquium II
- Brubacher, Ray, Case Study of Southern Africa, May, 1978
- Keeney, William, Reactions to Case Study of Southern Africa
- Lind, Miller, "Programmatic Decision/Action in Southern Africa: Implications of the Decision from the Viewpoint of Biblical Theology"
- Wiebe, Menno, A Case Study Approach to a Theology of Justice, An Account of the Churchill-Nelson River Diversion Project.
- Schroeder, David, Case Study: Native Concerns
- Kraus, C. Norman, Toward a Biblical Perspective on Justice, Nov., 1978
- Kraus, C. Norman, "Response to Study Paper Toward a Biblical Perspective on Justice"
- V., Joel Gajordo, "The Latin America Situation: The Challenge of Liberation Theology"
- Discussion of Reflectors on Liberation Theology
- Friesen, Duane, "Decision-Making Model"
- The Chairman's Report, General Board Meeting, "Which Way Ahead, April, 1976"

Volume 3.220 Ruth Toews Collection
- Family Tree of John & Anna Peters Fast compiled by Martha Lepp (Mrs. John), 1971
- The Family Tree of John and Anna Peters Fast and their Descendants
- Genealogy - Buhler 1785-1973, Elizabeth Penner, Justina Rempel
- Family Register of Henry C. (1878-1966) & Helena 'buhler' (1879-1902) Quiring
- Family Register of Henry C. & Maria 'Nickel' (1883-1964) Quiring
- Family Register of Bernard B. (1868-1943) & Susanna (Mandtler) (1870-1951) Fast
- Sarah and Anna Ewert, Minnesota
- Peter and Annie Fast, children of Uncle Peter Fast
- Photo of young adults, circa 1920s
- Hepburn School class of 31 students with three teachers
- Gospel Tidings Broadcasting Group, 1940-1966

Volume 3.218 - Dr. Hamm Collection
Obituary "Well-known Physician laid to rest"
Newspaper clipping "Grateful Congregation Honors Hague Doctor"
Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization Rechnung
Family genealogy
List of items donated to the Hague Museum by Dr. Heinz Heese. Items are mostly medical tools.

Volume 3.221 Ed & Mary Peters Collection
-Zacharias Family Photographs collected by George Zacharias
-Photographs of Nikolai Peters Family 1847-1997
-The Peters Christmas Letters 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
-Koop Fest '95', a collection of photos depicting a century (1856-1956) in the life of the Schroeders and the Koops, compiled by Agnes (Koop) Peters and Irma Gibbons.
-The Henry Koop Family 1996
-Koop Christmas Chronicle 1993, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

Volume 3.222 Margaretha (Woelk) Friesen
Diaries filed in hard cover binders:
-Tagebuch fuer Margaretha Friesen, Rosthern SD 552, Friedenfeld, May 5, 1928 - December 31, 1947
-Tagebuch fuer Margaretha Friesen, 1. Januar 1948 bis 22. Mai 1950

Diaries written in German script in soft cover notebooks:
- Tagebuch fuer Margaretha (Woelk) Friesen, May 1919 to April 1921; April 1921 to June 1922; April 1924 to April 1926; April 1926 to May 1928; September 1932 to August 1934; June 1942 to July 1944; July 1944 to February 1946; February 1946 to December 1947; January 1948 to May 1950; May 1950 to April 1952; June 1922 to April 1924; May 1928 to March 1930; March 1930 to September 1931; September 1931 to August 1932; May 1936 to December 1937; January 1938 to March 1940; March 1940 to May 1942
- "The Diary of Margaretha Woelk Friesen" (January 13, 1871 - July 22, 1965)
- Diaries from June 10, 1922 to April 4, 1952. Transliterated by Ingrid Lamp, translated by Jonathan and Ruth Friesen, Donald Letkemann, and Aunt Helen Letkeman.
- Diaries written in German script in soft cover notebooks: Jan. 1915 to Oct. 1916; Oct. 1916 to May 1917; May 1917 to Nov. 1917
- Diary recorded in hard cover notebook: Nov. 1917 to May 1919

Volume 3.224 Small Archival Collection
Braun, Dick
  Three generations of blacksmiths
  Mennonite migration comes full circle, Saskatoon Sun, March 2008
  Dick Braun in a sesame field in colony Santa Rita, Bolivia
  "Mennonite history sometimes written in the margins" by Rod Andrews

Dick, Janice L.
  - Newspaper articles about Janice Dick's novels
  - Dirks, Ray
  - Art can make a difference
  - Art exhibit in Mexico

Dyck, Peter J.
  - Who's who in the Peter J. Dyck family

Doell, Chad
  - Doell to live and study in Israel, August 2013

Doell, Leonard
  - Local historian receives provincial heritage award

Driedger, Jack
  - "Wisdom of age" by Darlene Polachie, Saskatoon Sun, Nov. 2007

Enns, John
  - David Johann Penner (1874-1961) family
  - Descendents of Johann MaRtens and Helena Harder
  -Our Enns Ancestors
  -Martens, Peter Johann - Annie Dyck
  -From Abram Enns History
  -Bergen Family Tree
  -Maria J. Bergen
  -The Coming of Settlers

Epp, Frank (1929-1986)
  - Obituary - a courageous leader

Epp, George
  - Moderator of Mennonite Church Saskatchewan 20__ to 2014
Epp, William
  -The Bailey Writing Course
  -Ein Elfen und Vogelgeschichtlein, Dichtung und Bilder von M.Grengg

Friesen, Victor Carl
  - Biography
  - Articles about Friesen's book launches and his writings in Saskatchewan Valley News, The Saskatoon Sun, and Country Press

Friesen, Verner
  - CD: The Historical Writings of J.E. Friesen of Hague, Sask., Volume 1
  - Family of Peter Abrams and Elisabeth Loewen
  - Family of Jacob Friesen and Maria Leyky
  - Family of Bernard J. Friesen and Helena Abrams
  - Family history of Gary Hooge. An interview with Emma (Friesen) Regier (1898-1981), Tiefengrund and Oklahoma.
  - Family of Abraham Kornelous Friesen and Katharine Bergen
  - Family of Gordon Bruce Friesen and June Larsen
  - Family of Henry P. Friesen and Mary Janzen
  - Family of Isaac J. Friesen and Elizabeth Kroeker
  - Family of Isabrand Friesen and Katie Klaassen
  - Family of Jacob J. Friesen and Anna Funk
  - Family of Jacob P. Friesen and Margareta Penner, 2c
  - Family of John S. Friesen and Maude Krehbiel
  - Family of Klaas Friesen and Katherina Loewen
  - Family of Peter K. Friesen and Maria Esau
  - Family of Peter Pennen Friesen and Hannah Belle Judy
  - Family of Walter F. Friesen and Mathilda M. Peters
  - Family of Bernhard Friesen and Agatha Baerg
  - Family of Abraham Friesen and Helena Wiebe
  - Obituary of Abraham Friesen (1849-1901)
  - B&W photo of sanctuary of Mennonite Church, Hague, Sask.
  - Photo of students with teacher, Jac. H. Friesen, Hague, Sask.
  - Photo taken at the 50th wedding anniversary of Jakob and Anna (Neufeld) Friesen on September 25, 1923. Jakob was the brother of Abraham Friesen of Tiefengrund.

Funk, Tony
  - Henry J. Funk: a Complicated Life

Hiebert Sarah
  - Memorial Service, October, 1998
  - Maps: Western Soviet Union, Mennonite Colonies in South Russia, Route of the Mennonite Migration from the Vistula Delta to Chortitza (1787-1789)
  - List of "Mennonite Books on Russia and the Soviet Union"
  - Schroeder, William and A. David Schroeder, "Was sollen diese Steine bedeuten?"
  - "Doing Genealogy"
  - Text of hymns written in Gothic script.
  - Correspondence: G.J. Hiebert and others dated 1927, 1997, 1998, 2000
  - Photos of Sarah Peters with happy birthday notes from Lenore Sills
  - Tribute to Sarah by her sister, Anne H. Neufeld, Sept. 1, 2016
  - Framed photo of Waskesiu River
  - A collection of stories and poems written by Lenore Sills.
  - "Drawing on experience: Artist (Lou Chrones) discovers her painting skills later in life." article by Darlene Polachie in The Saskatoon Sun, August 5, 2007
  - The Saskatchewan Valley News, September 8, 2016 and a pages 7, 8, 17, & 18 of Aug. 22, 2001
  - Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta Newsletter, Volume XIV, No. 2, (June 2011)
  - Hiebert, John, Collecting the Reiseschuld

Isaac, Helmut
  - The Family Farm
  - Danger lurks in familiar surroundings

Klassen, Helena ((1897-1999)
 - Grandma's Autobiography, Oct. 16, 1968

Klassen, Johanna
  - Photo of wagon & elevator; burial permits, clergyman’s records
  - Two photo albums - unlabelled black and white photographs. Note attached: "Jack Bergen, Nick Willms at Candle Lake", "Johanna Klassen, Jake Klassen, July 2008, Bethany Manor"

Loewen, Royden
  - "Historian wins binational awards" by Wilma Derksen
  - "Human rights a part of Mennonite history" by Gladys Terichow, Country Press and Sask. Valley News, Feb. 2007

Mair, Margaret
  - Diary of Franz Bergman in Russian text.
  - German diary of Franz Bergman
  - Diary of Franz Bergman (Victor G. Wiebe working copy)

Neufeld, John J. (1913-2008)
  - Obituary
Regier, A. Jake
  - Correspondence from Europe regarding MCC relief
  - Plot plan of burials
  - Hochstadt Village plan 1918-1922

Rempel, Wilhelm
  - Diary notes
Sawatzky, Kurt
  - Weihnachts und Neujahr Wunsch, Gerhard
  - Muehlmann, R., Deutsches Lesebuch fuer Elementarschulen und Vorbereitungsklassen, 1. Teil, Sweites Schuljahr, Riga: Verlag von C.J. Sichmann, 1907
  - Lernlust, eine Comenius Fibel
  - Linde, E., J. Jedig und J. Hoffmann, Deutches Lesebuch fuer Volksschulen in Russland, II. Teil, Prischib: Druck und Verlag von Gottlieb Schaad, 1913
  - Gesangbuch der Mennoniten, Allgemeinen Konferenz der Mennonitengemeinschaft Nordamerikas, c1942

Schmidt, Edwin T.
  - Keyes, Annie, School Days, Dear Old Golden Rule Days with Mr. Edwin T. Schmidt

Schmitt Vandenberg, John Neal
  - Memorial Service, Sept. 1998

Wiebe, Rudy
  - Articles by Anita Jantz in Canadian Mennonite, March 1999
  - Article by Richard Helm in Edmonton Journal, Feb. 2007
  - Come Back book review by Jake Buhler in Canadian Mennonite, Feb. 2015

Wiens, Arthur (1929-2014)
  - Newspaper clippings re anniversaries and greeting cards
  - Photographs:
   - Jantz Reunion, July 20, 1974
   - Mennonite Song Festival, Third Ave. United Church, Saskatoon, May 18, 1947
   - Group of 22 young men and women with Rev. J.J. Thiessen, undated. (All men in suits and ties; all women in black dresses. Perhaps a baptismal photo.)
   - b&w photo of 42 men mostly in suit and tie attire.

Weins, John G.
  -Black & White Photographs:
   - "Willcommen, Der Mennoniten in Canada, 3-7 July 1954. Gathering of a large group of men in front of a Church building. Rev. J.J. Thiessen seated with other men in front row. Note on back of photo reads: J.F. Braun, Box 92, Glidden, Sask. Year 1954, Dad & grandpa Braun on this
   - Canadian Mennonite Bible College Graduates 1950 and 1952.
  ; - Mennonite Song Festival, Third Avenue United Church, Saskatoon, June 12, 1949, Thams Studio

Wiens, Art Collection
 - Newspaper clippings re anniversaries and greeting cards
 - Photographs:
 - Jantz Reunion, July 20, 1974
 - Mennonite Song Festival, Third Ave. United Church, Saskatoon, May 18, 1947
 - Group of 22 young men and women with Rev. J.J. Thiessen, undated. (All men in suits and ties; all women in black dresses. Perhaps a baptismal photo.)
 - b&w photo of 42 men mostly in suit and tie attire.

Volume 3.225 Seager Wheeler Articles
- Clippings from The Saskatchewan Valley News about Seager Wheeler, the Farm, agricultural events, and posters regarding seeding trends, 1961 to 2002.

Volume 3.226 Miscellaneous Collections
- Susan Bergen scrapbooks donated by Agatha Funk, 523 - 120 LaRonge Road, Saskatoon. S. Bergen died in 1986.
Two scrap books containing Saskatchewan Valley News clippings of obituaries, anniversaries, ordinations, and weddings between approximately 1960 to 1985. There are programs related to special events and some hymns and poems. Some of the obituaries are in the German language.

Volume 3.227 Cornelia Lehn Collection
- le Fenvre, Amy, Gruebchen im Rosengarten, Kassel: J.G. Oncken Nachfolger, G.m.b.H., 1920
- Rappard, Dora, Frohes Alter, Giessen: Brunnen Verlag, 1923
- Postma, Johan Sjouke, Das niederlaendische Erbe der preussisch-russlaendischen Mennoniten in Europa, Asien und Amerika, Leeuwarden: Drukkerij A. Jongbloed, 1959
- Songbook with voice parts shown in numbers and Text in German Gothic script. Front cover inscription "Sara Ens ????? 1900"
- Choralbuch zum begrauch fuer Kirche, Schule und Haus, 1914. Gerhard Lehn family brought this book from Russia in 1926.
- Diary belonging to "Tina Lehn, Hanly Sask." 22. Januar, 1928 to 29. Dezember, 1929. Notebook also contains poems and recipes. All contents are in German.
- Cornelia Lehn's Bachelor of Christian Education degree certificate from Canadian Mennonite
Bible College, June 1956
- Cornelia Lehn's Bachelor of Arts degree certificate from Bethel College, May 1957.
- "A record of the tour made by a quintet sent out by the Rosthern Bible School to visit the Mennonite Churches of Northern Saskatchewan to serve the cause of the Master, probably 1948." Notes and black and white photos.
Lehn, Tina, Anfang, Fortgang und Abschluss des Maedchenheimes in Vancouver.
- Graduation photo of a woman (Cornelia Lehn?)
- Wedding photograph of Gerhard Gerh Lehn (1881) and Sara Gerhard Ens Lehn (1886), 1905 in Kronsgarten. The photo is mounted on cardboard with Russian writing on front and back.
- Other photos: Rosthern German English Academy, students who attended the GEA in 1938, four male staff members 1938, Students and Staff in 1938-1939, group of six dorm girls, Rosthern Church

Volume 3.229 Small Archival Collection
Paetkau, David Collection
- Correspondence courses taught by David Paetkau at the German English Academy, Rosthern, Sask. in the late 1930s.

Dyck, Tina (nee Bargen)

Dyck, Peter
- Genealogical Register of the descendants of Peter Dyck of Neuenburg, Chortitza Colony, South Russia (Ukraine), compiled and published by R.P. Kerber, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
- Descendants of Peter Dyck 1796
- Descendants of Franz Dyck 1823

Epp, Diedrich Heinrich
- Der Bote 1924-1999, Nr. 30 to 36, August - September, 1998 - 75th anniversary articles written by Lawrence Klippenstein

Family Register of the Guenters - Jacob Guenter family, born July 26, 1827

Harms, Leonard and Mary
- 40 Years

Janzen , Frank
- Janzen, Herb, Journey to Eternity: The Life Story of Frank Janzen, 1872-1943
- 2004 calendar featuring photos of the Frank Janzen family
- The Janzen Tree, 1872-1984 compiled and written by Anne Cisna and Betty Fawcett, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1984

Peters, Leona (Nickel)
- Rudiger, M, Der Herr ist mein Hirte
- Sunday School Attendance Record and Reward Certificates, 1941 & 1942
- Peace Resources
- Selected pages from Contact: Fall 1993
- Clippings from Mennonite Brethren Herald

Wiebe, Peter J.
- Gesangbuch - eine Sammlung geistlicher Lieder zur Allgemeinen Erbauung und zum Lobe Gottes, Elkhart, Indiana: Mennonitischen Verlagshandlung, 1907 Hardcover, embossed and engraved "Peter J. Wiebe, Springfeld, 1912", encased

Rempel, Nellie
- Maps
- Karte der russlanddeutschen Siedlungen in Schwarzmeergebiete
- Die deutschen Mennoniten Kolonien in Russland

- Notebook belonging to Susanna Peters (1891-1980) containing poems and songs
- Margaret Boyd artwork (framed) Aule süven Joa paust een Flekj, 1996. Belonged to Tina Rempel Manell, mother of Sandra Enns
- Family Genealogy of Franz Loewen I (1831-1891) and Elizaabeth Woelk Loewen (1832-1896), compiled by Martha Loewen Wedel, Burns, Kansas, 1986
-"200 Jahre (1766-1965) Familie Rempel" compiled by Jakob Gerhard Rempel, Beamsville, Ontario, 2 copies

Enns, Ed (Deed #949)
- Die Bibel, nach der deutschen ubersetzung Dr. Martin Luthers, Halle: Canstein'schen Bibel Anstalt, 1870
- Das Neue Testament, nach der deutschen ubersetzung Dr. Martin Luthers, Stutttgart: Privilegierte Wuerttembergische Bibelanstalt, 1909
- Gesangbuch, Mennoniten Gemeinden Russlands, Odessa: Druck von A. Schultze Langeronstrasse, 1896
- Choralbuch 1. Aufgabe, Halbstadt, Gouvernement Taurien, "Raduga", 1914

Epp, Rosalind - Collection
1. Handwritten document in German fraktur script; 1 I.
2. Photostat of a Ledger with pages of about 14x29.5 cm in size. The writing is in German Fraktur script. The original was in the possession of Susanna Enns but its current location is unknown. The leger deals with business in Saskatchewan for approximately the years 1897-1919. The last pages contain genealogical information on Heinrich Warkentin (28 February 1869-) and Susanna Enns (1 December, 1910-) There are four copies: Copy 1: pp.1,1-26,28-29; Copy 2: pp1,1-13,15-26,28-29; Copy 3: pp.1,1-13,15-23,29; Copy 4: pp.16,18.

Thiessen, Rev. J.J. (and Katharine)
  - Russian Mennonite Exodus to Canada 1924, Der Bote, July 14, 1964, Translated by Herbert P. Enns
  - Clipping: "MHSS Tribute to Rev. J.J. and Kathering Thiessen
  - Copy of information on visit of J.J. Thiessen to Witmarsum by Melita Kliewer, 27. April, 1964
  - Clippings from Der Bote, 1977

Volume 3.230 Walter Klaassen Collection Deed of Gift #888]
- Lecture notes
- Sermons:
   - Waterloo-Kitchener United Mennonite Church, 1973, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1986
   - Rockway Mennonite Church, Kitchener, 1984, 1985, 1986
   - Erb Street, Waterloo, 1985
   - Conrad Grebel College Chapel, 1986
   - First Mennonite Church, Kelowna, BC, 1987
   - First Mennonite Church, Beatrice, NE, 1999
   - Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church, 1999
   - Aberdeen Mennonite Church, SK, 2015
- Partial Diary of Rev. H.T. Klaassen, Eigenheim (Rosthern), Dec. 1949 to April 1950
- Erb, Peter, Mennonite Spirituality, May, 1987
- Katechismus of Jacob Epp, Gnadenthal, 1975 and Gerhard Epp, Gnadenthal, 1890
- Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries Commencement, Goshen, Indiana, May 1992
- Epp, D.H., Chortitzer Mennonitengemeinde, Katechismus der christlichen, taufgesinnten Gemeinden, Mennoniten, Russia, 1897
- Klaassen, Jacob, Laird, Sask., Textberzeichnisse
- Katechismus of David Epp, Nowowitc? 1854, property of Johann Epp Estate
- Letter from Anna Toews to Jacob Klaassen, brother-in-law, Eigenheim, n.d.
- Eulogy of Kaethe (Katherine Toews) Klaassen, wife of Jacob Klaassen, written by her father, Jacob Toews, translated by Walter Klaassen, grandson of Kaethe, June 23, 2013
- Eulogy of Jacob Klaassen
- Press notices of deaths of two of Kaethe and Jacob Klaassen's infant children
- Familien Buch der Familie Klaassen in Loeppenthal, Angeferigt von Jakob Klaassen (Familie VII), Fortgesetzt von Martin Klaassen (Familie XXV).
- Schattenzug der Vaeter by Friedrich Schnack. (The Procession of the Shades of the Ancestors by Friedrich Schnack, translated by Walter Klaassen).
- B&W photo of pupils of Menno Bible Academy, 1917-1919? Names of students written on back of photo.
- Miscellaneous articles
- Klaassen, Walter, The Fourth Reformation - Lectures and Course Materials
- Anabaptism for Today, Waterloo, 1993
- The Anglican Centre for Theological Dialogue
- Book Reviews by Walter Klaassen
- Klaassen, Walter, "In This World Knowledge of Thy Truth"
- Klaassen, Walter, "The Great Trek: Causes and Results"
- Reimer, Helmuth, Poetic poster to honour Walter and Ruth Klaassen, Winnipeg, 1990

Volume 3.231 Walter Klaassen Collection[Deed of Gift #888]
- Correspondence from Hermann Jantzen
- Correspondence from Walter Klaassen to H.T. Klassen, 1958-1960
- Correspondence from H.T. & Elisa Klaassen, August 1958 - December 1983
- Correspondence from Walter Klaassen to Henry (and Grace) Klaassen, 1953-1966
- Correspondence from Walther & Ruth Klaassen to Henry & Grace Klaassen, 1960-2006
- Correspondence from various people to Walter Klaassen, 1960s
- Correspondence from Henry Klaassen, 1961-1983
- University of Waterloo Correspondence Program, RS 230 on cassette tapes. 13 tapes in a binder.

- Bending Spears, Stories of Hope and Forgiveness
- Resident but Alien: How the Early Church Gres with Alan Kreider CD
- Testament: The Thunder and the Word: The Life of Martin Luther - a dramatic documentary, 2 copies
- Grandfather Jacob Klaassen's Sermons
- Grandfather Jacob Klaassen's odds and ends
- Academy of Discipleship
   - Faith and Violence
   - The Naked Anabaptist
   - The Lord's Prayer
   - The last week of Jesus' life acc. to Mark
   - Ephesians
   - The many names of Jesus
- Genesis 1-11
- Gerhard Epp Reise Prediger
- Helmut Isaak "What we Believe". Response by Walter Klaassen
- Letters to Jacob Hutter printed in The Canadian Mennonite
- Anabaptist Belief
- Articles written by Dr. Walter Klaassen published in numerous Christian periodicals
- Bartsch, Asienreise Map and commentary, translation by unknown
- Pamphlets and Booklets written by Walter Klaassen:
   - Mennonites and War Taxes
   - Anabaptism: Both Positive and Negative; Word and World Series
   - Between World and Faith
   - The University: The Temple of Intellect Past and Present
- Other pamplets and booklets:
   - Worship Eries No. 1: Biblical and Theological Bases for Worship in the Believers' Church
   - New Perspectives on Crime and Justice
   - The Baptist Quarterly , Vol. XVIII, No. 1, 1959
   - Klaassen, Walter, Church Discipline and the Spirit in Pilgram Marpeck
   - Church History, Vol. 46, No. 4, (1977)
   - Doopsgezinde Bijdragen
   - Service of Inauguration Ralph A. Lebold, President, Conrad Grebel College, Oct. 1979

Volume 3.232 George Zacharias Collection
- Familien Bibel (Die Heiligen Schriften des Alten und Neuen Testaments) nach Dr. Martin Luthers uebersetzung, Bowling Green Missouri: Concordia Publishing House Print, 1970, large print Note inside: "I purchased this German Bible from Joe Wollman Hilchrest Collony, Dundurn. Where this Bible is still ? 1973-4 G.Z."
- Die Heilige Schrift nach der deutschen Uebersetzung D. Martin Luthers, Berlin: Britische und Auslaendische Bibelgesellschaft, 1938
Insert - Lieber Sohn Wilhelm, 1941; Lieber Sohn Jacob, 1941, signed by I & M. Zacharias; Lieber Sohn Gerhard, 1941
- Leipoldt, Wilhelm, und G. Huyssen, Geschichte der christlichen Kirche, Schwelm: Druck und Verlag von M. Scherz, 1938
- Barnes, A.M., Deutsch von C.F., Carmio, der kleine Mexikaner in indianischer Gesangenschaft, Dritte Auflage, Kassel, Germany: J.G. Oncken Nachfolger
- Toews, Gerhard, Die Heimat in Truemmern, Steinbach, Manitoba: Warte Verlag, 1936
Deutsche Lesehefte:
- Hirt, Ferdinand, Was da kreucht und fleugt, Lesebogen Nr. 32-34, Heft 4, Breslau: Ferdinand Hirt, 1925
- Hirt, Ferdinand, Menschenwege, Lesebogen Nr. 40-43, Heft 6, Breslau: Ferdinand Hirt, 1925
- Der Deutsch-Canadische Hausfreund, Regina, Canada: The Western Printers Association Limited, 1935 to 1947
- Des Lahrer Hinkenden Boten neuer historischer Kalender, Germany, 1929, 1930, 1933

Volume 3.234 Aelt. Jacob J. Nickel Collection
- Papers on Biblical topics: Scheol-Hades, Referat "Es sei denn...", Die Bergpredigt, and others
- History and statistics about Mennonites prior to setttling in Russland and while in Russland.
- Nickel, Jacob J., Mennoniten heissen wir nach Menno Simons 1494-1561, Aberdeen, Sask. Handwritten by J.J. Nickel
- Die Bible u was sie mir ist
- Von der Einsetnung der kleinen Kinder.
- Letter from J.J. Klassen, Dundurn, Sask. to Rev. Jacob Nickel, Aberdeen, Sask., Sept. 1933
- Das Neue Testament auf Deutsch, set of 16 cassettes

Volume 3.235 John A. Pauls
- Six sermon books. Sermons preached from 1947 to December 20, 1989, and a sermon index.
- A Manual for the Helping Healing Ministries
- Poems written by John A. Pauls, 1941, 1942
- Songs written or transcribed by John A. Pauls.
- Plays performed at Christmas concerts in Mennonite communities, transcribed by John A. Pauls.
- Programs performed at Manitoba Youth Organization Conference 1945, 1947, 1949

Volume 3.236 Cornelius Boldt Collection
Hymns and Song Books
- Nikkel, E. H., Editor, Eine kleine Liedersammlung fuer Kinder Klassen, Winnipeg, Man.: Rundschau Publishing House
- Gebhardt, Ernst, Frohe Botschaft in Liedern, St. Louis, Mo: Eden Publishing House, 1880
- Elderkin, Geo. D., Editor, The Finest of the Wheat, Hymns New and Old, Chicago: R.R. McCabe & Co, c1890
- Ebel, Wm., Goerz, H.J.K., und Kriebel, A.G., Evangeliums Klaenge zur Erbauung, Ermahnung und Einladung, Anderson, Ind., Gospel Trumpet Co. c1907
- Sawatzky, Aron G., Saenger Bote, Hillsboro, Kansas: Mennonite Brethren Publishing House
Awakening Songs
- Franz, J.J. und D.B. Towner, Mus. Doc., Neue Zions Lieder Hillsboro, Kansas: Mennonite Brethren Publishing House, c1919
- Rodeheaver, Homer A., Compiler; Gabriel, Chas. H., Musical Editor, Songs for Service, Chicago: Rodeheaver Company
- Rodeheaver, Homer A., Compiler; Gabriel, Chas. H., Musical Editor, Golden Bells, Chicago: Rodeheaver Company, c1923
- Boschman, Rev. C.C., Through Golden Years
- Songs of the Gospel, The United Church of Canada, c1948
- Crawford, Ruth D. and Percy B. Crawford, Compilers, Pinebrook Choruses, Grand Rapids, Michigan: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, c1934
- Voth, Norman J., Compiler, Songs You Love No. 7, Lincoln, Nebraska: Back to the Bible Broadcast, c1966 by Good News Broadcasting Association, Inc.
- Smith, Alfred B., Compiler, Pocket Songster, "Singspiration" Series, Grand Rapids,Michigan: Zondervan Publishing House
- Smith, Alfred B., Compiler, Favorites, A Collection of Gospel Songs, Volume One, "Singspiration" Series, Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan Publishing House, c1943
- Smith, Alfred B., Compiler, Favorites, Gospel Songs, Volume Two, "Singspiration" Series, Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan Publishing House
- Biederwolf, W. E., John S. Hamilton, Bob Jones, E.C. Miller, H.W. Stough, Editors, Compilers, Glad Tidings in Song, Chicago, Illinois: Glad Tidings Publishing Company, c1921
- Epp, Henry H. Editor for the Centennial Committee, Hymn Sing Celebration, Mennonite Centennial 1874-1974
- 101 Hymns from The Mennonite Hymnary, Newton, Kansas: Board of Education and Publication of the GCMC
- Anhang zum Gesangbuch, herausgegeben von der Behoerde der Erziehung und Publikation der Allgemeinen Konferenz der Mennonitenggemeinschaft, 1953, 2c
- Bock, Fred, Compiler, Country & Western Gospel Hymnal, Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zingspiration Music of the Zondervan Corporation, c1972

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