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Eigenheim laides laides from Eigenheim working at the MCCs a large room at MCCS to do the finishing work

Saskatchewan Blankets

finishing tying the blankets at MCC  ladies finishing blankets

The story of the Saskatchewan Blankets began at Eigenheim Mennonite Church as well as in the homes and churches of many others. Here fabric and fill was cut, layered, tied, and sewn to provide warmth half a world away.

These supporters of the Mennonite Central Committee learned that due to the war in Syria, many families were displaced. In fact, one third of the people of Syria have fled their homes.

shipment of baled blankets and resources

Many arrive in neighbouring countries - Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq - yet with few suitcases and no household supplies.

After completing 30 blankets the women sent them to MCC in Saskatoon. There they were packed into 2 bales and joined 148 other bales (2380 blankets) 85 cartons (1275 singles) of hygiene kitcs and 153 relief buckets to make one container of Material Aid. The shipment was efficiently packed by another crew of volunteers at MCC Saskatchewan.

Many volunteer hours were also involved in getting this special cargo into a ship's hold and delivered to the port in Aqaba, Jordan.

the blankets and resources distributed to Syrian refugees

MCC Jordan partners with Caritas, the Catholic development and relief agency. They arranged transportation from the port of Aqaba to their warehouse near Amman. They called on their volunteers to assist with the distribution to Syrian refuges living in the area.

Aisha glad for 6 blankets

Aisha came to Jordan with her husband, two sons, and parents-in-law from Dar'a, Syria in February 2013. She was grateful to receive 6 blankets, one relief bucket, and a health kit. Syrians are not allowed to work in Jordan, so she appreciates all the help her family receives.

Samer received things for his family

Samer arrived in Jordan in August 2013 with his wife and 3 young children but had been displaced within Syria for a year. Samer lived in Damascus and owned a butcher shop. He discovered that after he left his house, car and shop were destroyed by a bomb. His parents and siblings continue to live in Damascus.

Ritaaj waiting with her mother

Ritaaj waited patiently with her mom Yasmlin. They have been in Jordan for 2 years. They came from Hamah, Syria. Ritaaj has two sisters and two brothers.

Material Resources

buckets of relief supplies for refugeesblankets for distribution

Here is a thank you letter from a worker in Lebanon, who helped to distribute these things: Thanks from Syria

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