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Book List by Authors' Names

This is a repeat of the List of Books Available through MHSS, however, it is sorted alphabetically by author's names.

Rm 900, 110 LaRonge Road
Saskatoon, SK. S7K 7H8

Do not send money. You will be invoiced. (Shipping and handling costs are extra). Allow 10 days to two weeks for delivery, and include your snail mail address, and phone number, please as we can fill your order faster.

Indexed by Author's names:

Notes: 1. If you prefer, you may see this list sorted by title on this page.
2. This list may look a little different from the one published in the Saskatchewan Mennonite Historian because we have no space constraints here on the website.
3. We have just recently added publisher information here.

+ Aberdeen Historical Society - Aberdeen History Book, 1982. 310 pp. Hdc. First printed by Friesen Printers, Edmonton. Aberdeen Supplement 1907-1985 - by same Aberdeen Historical Society Committee, Printed by Friesen Printers, Edmonton. 58 pp. Hardcover. - Both books together for $10.00.

+ Balzer, Nettie - Helena - a Peek into the Past, 85 short stories based on the life of the author's mother's life stories. pbk, 377 pp. self-published, printed by BlitzPrint, Calgary. Book launched by MHSS, Nov. 4, 2012. $20.00

+ Balzer, Nettie - Raising Eight on 80, the story of raising a family in the 1930s, 400pp. pbk. $25.00

+ Bartel, Elizabeth - About Those Reimers - 222 pg. pbk, self-published memoir. $20.00.

+ Bartel, Elizabeth - By Whatever Name - 241 pg. pbk., With some names changed, it is a narrative of a time in Southern Manitoba when John Holdeman arrived from Kansas. He came preaching as an evangelist, and soon had a following which pulled families and villages apart, but also brought about the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite. self-published. $20.00

+ Bartel, Elizabeth - Even Such a Time - reprinted/improved, pbk, 193 pages. Self-published. Fiction, The story of Anna, a fifteen year old girl, sent to work for a wealthy family. Chronicles her life through marriage, children, a world of war and a shocking family tragedy. Pub: self-published. $20.00

+ Abram Buhler - Altester Abram J. Buhler 1903-1982 with/ Altester John D. Reddekopp - by Lindsay Martens. pbk. 25 pgs., presented at AGM of MHSS in March 2009. Pub: MHSS. $2.00.

+ Country Valley Homecare - Country Valley Photo Album - a photo album of senior citizens in the Country Valley Homecare 1980. $5.00

+ de Bont, Karin - Geen Ander Fundament (No Other Foundation), hard cover, 127 pgs. written in English and Dutch, about the Old Colony Mennonites in Bolivia. Many pictures. $30.00

+ Derksen Siemens, Ruth - "Remember Us" - letters from STalin's Gulag - 1930-37, Vol. # 1. The Regehr Family. 405 pp pbk, pub. by Pandora Press. $15.00

+ Derksen Siemens, Ruth - Through the Red Gate, a CD, for $12.00.

+ Doell, Leonard/Ens, Adolf - Bergthaler Mennonite Church of Saskatchewan 1892-1975, 3 for $12.00 or $4.00/each. 12 copies only

+ Doell, Leonard, ed - Mennonite Homesteaders on The Hague - Osler Reserve - hdc., 536 pages. Homestead records of Hague-Osler Reserve and 1901 Canadian Census records for that area. Cross referenced tot the Bergthal Gemeinde Buch, and the Reinlander Gemeinde Buch. Pub: Leonard Doell. $10.00

+ Driedger, Jack - Growing Up in Blumenheim - pbk. The author's story of growing up in Blumenheim, Sask, near Osler. SK.Pub: Self-published. $6.00

+ Driedger, Jack - Enn Bloomheim Oppjewossen - Ed. Jack Driedger & Chris Cox, pbk. 83 pp. Pub. Your Nickel's Worth. $20.00

+ Driedger, Jack - Growing Up in Blumenheim/Enn Blumenheim Oppjewosssen. Bi-lingual English - Plaut Dietsch Study version, pbk. 72 pgs. Self-published. $9.00.

+ Driedger, William - Jacob, Out of the Village - Pbk. 208 pp. The story of a small boy in an Old Colony Village in the Dirty Thirties. Publ: Self-published. $17.00

+ Dyck, John and Harms, William eds - 1880 Village Census of the Mennonite West Reserve, - printed by Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society. Vol. # 2, pbk, 500 pp. $30.00

+ Dyck, John and Harms, William eds. - Reinlander Gemeinde Buch - revised edition - $30.00

+ Eigenheim Church - Days of Our Years, The, - A history of the Eigenheim Mennonite Church, Walter Klassen, hdc. 1992 312 pages. Published on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the church. This book includes many excellent photographs. Pub: by Eigenheim Church. SALE. $2.00

+ Ens, Adolf and Unger, Henry - Voice in the Wilderness - Memoirs of Peter A. Elias 1843-1925, pbk, 164 pgs, pub. by MB Mennonite Historical Society, $15.00

+ Ens, Orval - Margareta and Heinrich (Rempel) Epp - Genealogy, six generations. publisher, pbk. 51 pages. 1978. Epp family tree, includes some photos. Pub: Orval Ens, self-published. $5.00

+ Ens, Orval and Ens, Cornelius - Jacob and Elizabeth (Ens) Epp 1845 - 1987 - 48 pages, photocopied with permission of the authors. Pub: Orval Ens, self-published. $5.00

+ Frank Epp - Education with a Plus, the Story of RJC, hdc. 450 pp. 1975, Pub: .... $5.00"

+ Epp, Irmgard - Constantinoplers - Escape from Bolsevism - pbk. 370 pages, printed by Trafford Publ. $25.00

+ Epp, Reuben Story of Low German and Plautdietsch, The - 133 pp. Pbk. Published by the Readers Press, Hillsboro, KS. $16.00

+ Epp, Reuben Spelling of Low German and Plautdietsch, The - 167 pp. Pbk. Published by the Readers Press, Hillsboro, KS. $16.00

+ Fast, Bernhard - Drama of a Pioneer's Son, The, - Pbk. 120 pp. Quality Press. $7.00

+ Fehr, Jacob M. - Another Page in Mennonite History, pictures, recipes, and short stories of the Mennonites., 82 pgs., pbk. $10.

+ Fehr, Jacob M. - Bloos Een Haups, story of a rescued child. 40 pp. pbk. $6.00

+ Fehr, Jacob M. - De Stuk Machien, in Low German. 79 pp. short stories and poems Pub: self-published and printed by Derksen Printers. $6.00

+ Fehr, Jacob M. - Candy Coated Questions Children Ask (Kjinja Froag Met Socka Bestreit), 51 pg, pbk, $8.00

+ Fehr, Jacob M. - Knak Sot, - Pbk. Self-published 76 pp. In Plaut Dietsche. $8.00

+ Fehr, Jacob M. - Pause That Refreshes, The, Pbk. 41 pp. Poem and stories, self-published. $7.00

+ Fehr, Jacob M. - Prairie Trails - Gopher Tails, 74 pp. 2002 Stories and poetry feature recollections of the author. Pub: self-published. $8.00

+ Fehr, Jacob M. - Päpa Nat - pbk. 75 pgs. self-published. $6.00.

+ Fehr, Jacob M. - Prips un Schnetji too Faspa - Low German Stories and Poems - self-published, pbk, 102 pgs. $11.00

+ Fehr, Jacob M. - Wäägon Räda - Low German Poems and Stories - pbk. 101 pgs, self-published. $10.00

+ Friesen, John D. Rev. - Holding Forth the Word of Life, pbk, 347 pgs. Self-published. $10.00 1 only.

+ Friesen, George P. - Fangs of Bolshevism - or Friesen-Braun Trials, Saskatchewan, 1924-1929, pub. NP (Winnipeg, MB), ND (c. 2011) - $90.00 (used)

+ Friesen, Henry A. - Johann Friesen of Poland and His Descendants Telling Their Stories, 156 pp. pbk $20.00

+ Friesen History Book Committee - Prussian Lowlands to Saskatchewan Prairies, From - a history of the Tiefengrund Friesens, Pub. by the Friesen History Book Committee. Hardcover. 147 pgs. Printed by Friesen Printers, $10.00

+ Friesen, Ruth Marlene - Ruthe's Secret Roses, a novel about a very generous young woman from Kleinstadt, who works in Saskatoon as a telephone operator and is always bumping into people who need a friend. She befriends them, and she introduces them to her Best Friend, Jesus. However, she fears her parents and hometown would not approve of some of these new friends, so she finds herself in a double life, which that eventually comes to a head. 466 pp. Pbk. Published by Booklocker, USA. $25.00

+ Friesen, Tena - Pushing Through Invisible Barriers, A Canadian Mennonite Story and autobiography, pbk, 520 pages, $30.00.

+ Friesen, Victor Carl - Forever Home, Pbk 228 pp. A story of the good old days on the farm. $20.00

+ Friesen, Victor Carl - Gift of Country Life, The, Pbk. 112 pp. Features landscape photography and poetry. Pub: self-published. $20.00

+ Friesen, Victor Carl - Mulberry Tree, The (1997) Pbk. 206 pp.. Recollections of the childhood and life of Anna Friesen. Includes an appendix of Mennonite recipes. Pub: Lily Publ., Saskatoon. $12.95

+ Friesen, Victor Carl - Sky Full of Dreams, A - Memories of earlier days on the farm. 237 pp. Pbk. $20.00

+ Friesen, Victor Carl - Where The River Runs, Fifth House Lt. Pbk. 480 pages Pub: self-published. $23.00

+ Friesen, Victor Carl - Where the River Runs - Stories of the Saskatchewan and the people drawn to its shores. Fifth House Lt. Pbk. 480 pages Pub: self-published. $23.00

+ Friesen, Victor Carl - Year is a Circle, The - pbk. a book of poetry, $24.95

+ Funk, David - On the Banks of the Irtysh River - Funk tells story of his Siberian family, but as fiction, self-published. 2015, pbk 247 pp. $22.00.

+ Funk, David - Last Train to Leningrad, The, - fiction giving an accurate feeling of the trials and emotions endured by Russian Mennonites as refugees; pbk, 232 pp. self-published, 2015, $22.00.

+ Funk Wiebe, Katie - My Emigrant Father, the story of her father, pbk, 311 pages by Kindred Press, $25.00

+ Guenther, Bruce - The Osler Mission Chapel 1974-1994, the Convergence of Old Colony Mennonites with Evangelical Protestantism in 20th Century Canadian Society, pbk. 37 pgs. first presented to the Canadian Society of Church History, University of Calgary, June 1994, and Pub: in Journal of Mennonite Studies. $2.00

+ Jacob G. Guenter - Men of Steele - Life Style of a Unique Sect -- Saskatchewan Valley Mennonite Settlers and Their Descendants, $40.00 (used)

+ Guenther, Mary - Searching for Eternal Values, Pbk. 175 pp. An authorized biography of George Loewen. $15.00

+ Hepburn History Book - hdc. Pub: by Hepburn History Book Committee, Friesen Printers. $5.00

+ Hryniuk, Margaret & Korvemaker, Frank - Legacy of Worship, stories and photos of churches in rural Saskatchewan, with lots of coloured photos by Larry Easton. hdcover, 252 pp. Pub. by Coteau Books, 2014. $30.00.

+ Huebert, Helmut T. and William Schroeder, eds - Mennonite Historical Atlas 2nd Edition Pbk. 183 pp. Pub: Springfield Publishers, Winnipeg. $25.00

+ Huebert, Helmut - Molotschna Historical Atlas - 222 pages, pbk.Pub: Springfield Publishers, Winnipeg. $35.00

+ Jantz, Harold and Neoma - Rooting the Faith (2008) Pbk. 103 pp A history of the Mennonite Brethren Church in Saskatchewan. $9.00

+ Janzen, William - 1920 Migration of Old Colony Mennonites from the Hague-Osler area to Mexico - presented at AGM in March 2006. pbk. 21 pgs. Pub: MHSS. $2.00

+ Klassen, Maureen S. - It Happened in Moscow, 209 pp. pbk. a memoir of family secrets and discovery. pub. by Kindred Productions, Winnipeg, MB. $20.00

+ Klaassen, H. T. - Birth and Growth of Eigenheim Mennonite Church 1892-1974. Pbk. 85 pp. Valley Printers. $5.00

+ Klaassen, Martin - History of the Defenceless Anabaptist Church from the Times of the Apostles to The Present - pbk, 233 pp. Translated from German by Walter Klassen. pub. by MHSS 2013. $20.00

+ Kornelsen, Helen, ed - "Baker" Wiebe Family, The, 1850-1930 Pbk. 157 pp. Pub: Self-published. $12.00

+ Kornelsen, Helen, - Our Family Tree, Pbk. The story of the Kornelsen Family. Pub: self-published. $12.00

+ Kouwenhoven, Arlette - The Fehrs, Four centuries of Mennonite migration - 264 pp. pbk. Publ. by Winco Publishing, Leiden, the Netherlands. (Translated from Dutch to English by Lesley Fast). $30.00

+ Kroeger, Arthur - Hard Passage - pbk, 269 pages, a story of a family`s long journey from Russia to Alberta. Book launched 2007 by MHSS. $30.00

+ Kroeger, Arthur - Kroeger Clocks, the story of the Kroeger Clocks, pbk, 174 pp. Pub. by Mennonite Heritage Village, Steinbach, MB., 2012. only 5 copies $25.00

+ Kroeger, Helen Penner - Margareta, A Woman of Courage - pbk., 262 pages, tells the story of the life of Margareta Voth Friesen Klassen. Pub: Derksen Printers. $20.00

+ Klassen, Walter - The Days of Our Years - A history of the Eigenheim Mennonite Church, hdc. 1992 312 pages. Published on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the church. This book includes many excellent photographs. SALE. $2.00

+ Krahn, Helena Wiebe - Poor, but Clean - story of her life from Mexico to Canada and Central America to Australia, softcover, 200 pp. $15.00.

+ Lehrenz, Gerhard - Damit Es Nicht Vergessen Werde - Hdc. 1944. 221 pp. Published by CMBC. $20.00

+ Loewen, Harry - A Mennonite - Christian View of Suffering, the Case of WWII Mennonites. pbk. 22 pgs. Feb. 1. 2002, lecture at the AGM of MHSS. Pub: MHSS. $2.00

+ Loewen, Royden, Editor - Journal of Mennonite Studies, Pbk. We have 1997 to 2010 inclusive, around 300 pp. $10.00

+ Martens, Lindsay - Altester John D. Reddekopp, with/ Altester Abram J. Buhler 1903-1982 - by Abram Buhler. pbk. 25 pgs., presented at AGM of MHSS in March 2009. Pub: MHSS. $2.00.

+ Martens, Martha - The Beginning of the Rudnerweider/EMMC Churches in Saskatchewan 1937 – 2010, a 45 pp. digital (PDF) version of the presentation by Martha Martens, at our MHSS AGM in 2010, then entitled, Who are the Rudnerwieder? now with photos added, can be received by email for $5.00.

+ Martens, Martha compiler/editor of - Rudnerweider Gemeinde Buch (EMMC) - Register of the Rudnerweider Mennonite Gemeinde of Manitoba/Saskatchewan 1937-1959, Winkler, Manitoba -2005, 360 pp. Pbk circular ring-bound, $35.00

+ Neudorf, Henry W. - Rev. Abram M. Neudorf (1901-1966) with/ Altester John D. Friesen (1920-2004) - by Johanna van Kuik pbk. 23 pgs. presented at AGM in March 2010, Pub: MHSS. $2.00

+ Neudorf, Nettie - An Open Door - the life story of Ann (Toews) Friesen, based on her journals given to Nettie. 448 pp. pbk, printed by Summer Bay Press. This book can only be ordered from Nettie & George Neudorf, (604)794-7593, or write to #17 - 10200 Grey Road, Rosedale, B.C. V0X 1X0. price is $20.00.

+ Neudorf, Nettie - We Will Rejoice - Pbk. 205 pp. The Story of Isaac & Anna (Leoppky) Neudorf - 1980, Osler, SK. - Nettie Neudorf., pbk. Osler, Sask. Pub: Nettie Neudorf, self-published, Caronport, SK. $1.00

+ Neufeld, Anne Hiebert - Gerhard Abram Teichroeb & His Descendants - hdc. 418 pages. 1991. Family records and photographs for the family of Gerhard Abram Teichroeb, born December 4, 1891, and Maria Wiebe, born December 13, 18945. Indexed. $45.00

+ Neufeld, Elmer - Toews Family History, 263 pp. pbk., Story of Heinrich Isaac Toews, 1855-1918, and Katherine Klassen 1857-1922, pub. Saguenay Home Printing. $20.00

+ Nickel, John and Nickel, Gene - Nikkel, Nickel History - hdc, 203 pages, by - $10.00

+ Nickel, John P. - Hope Beyond the Horizon - pbk, 148 pages, Mennonite Refugees fleeing Soviet Union. $5.00

+ Nickel, John P. - Hope Springs Eternal - pbk. 304 pages, Sermons and papers of Johann J. Nickel- Pub: Nanaimo, B.C. $10.00

+ Nordeheimer's 50th Anniversary - hdc, 64 pgs. Stories and photos of Dundurn, Hanley and Pleasant Point Mennonite Churches. Pub: Heese House, Saskatoon - Friesen Printers. $10.00

+ Old and New Furrows - hdc. Rosthern history by Rosthern Historical Society. 2nd printing 694 pp. $50.00 (used)

+ Patchwork of Memories - a big thick community book about the Wymark and Swift Current area! - $90.00 (used)

+ Preservings - back issues - Pub: Hanover Historical Society. $3.00

+ Patkau, Esther - Canadian Women in Mission 1895-2002. Pbk. Pub: Self-published. $5.00

+ Patkau, Esther translated from German into English - in 2009. The Old Colony - The Village of Einlage in South Russia, pbk. 500 pg. - $40. (being reprinted).

+ Patkau, Esther - The Torch, written for the Rosthern reunion of the Rosthern Bible School in 1994 - (1932-1994) 115 pp. Pbk. $5.00

+ Patkau, Esther - Writing Your Memoirs - a booklet 21 pages, Pub: Self-published. $3.00 (just a few copies left).

+ Patkau, Esther - Writing Your Obituary, from her class in Feb/2010. pbk. self-published. $2.00

+ Patkau, Esther - Writing Your Memoirs & Writing Your Obituary (combined in one book) 28 pp., from her class in Feb/2010. pbk. self-published. $5.00

+ Petkau, Ken - The Way to the Heavenly Home// Der Weg Zur Heimat - Memories of my Mother by Abram Teichrib, translated by Ken Petkau. Pbk. 284 pgs, printed by Pe We Media Detmold. $25.

+ Petkau, Ken - Lost Dreams, New Beginnings - Pbk. 290 pp. The Jacob Aron and David Aron Lepp family saga. Pub: Patkau, Globe Printers, Saskatoon. $25.00

+ Petkau, Ken - Search for a Peaceful Land - a family history from the mid-1600s until 1969, Pbk. 140 pp. Printed by Saskatoon Printhouse. $25.00

+ Pembroke Book Committee - Pembroke School District # 4115, 1919-1968 - Neuanlage, SK., pbk coil-bound, 226 pgs. (lots of pictures) Printed 2011, by University of Saskatchewan Press. $15.00

+ Peters, Klaas, translated from the German by Margaret Loewen Reimer. - Bergthaler Mennonites, The [Bergthal Historical Series] 91 pp. Pbk. (c) Canadian Mennonite Bible College, printed by Friesen Printers, Altona, Manitoba. $4.00

+ Prairie Tapestry, A Superb Story - hdc, 335 pages, 1981, A history of the Superb, Patrick, Somme, Kintail, Nichol, Ethmuir, and Ruby Lake communities. Pub: Superb History Book Committee. $10.00

+ Reimer, Isaak - The Old Colony: the Village of Einlage in South Russia - 500 pp. Pbk. Translated by Esther Patkau, 2009. $40.00

+ Rosthern Historical Society - Old and New Furrows, hdc. 694 pp. 2nd printing. $50.00 1 copy only

+ RJC Yearbook Committee - LINK, we have editions from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s for email to inquire for a specific year. $5.00.

+ Roth, Ed - Give Me a Bid to Go, Hdc. Friesen printers 168 pp. $30.00. 1 copy only

+ Sawatsky, P. J. - Rare Book, the - 343 pp. $5.00

+ Stucky, Solomon - For Conscience' Sake, Herald Press, pbk, 240 pp. Story of conscientious objectors' trials. $5.00

+ Stucky, Solomon - The Heritage of the Swiss Volhynian Mennonites, Conrad Press, Story of the journey of the Volhynian Mennonites, Pbk, 222 pp. $5.00

+ Teichrib, Abram – The Way to the Heavenly Home //Der Weg Zur Heimat, Memories of my Mother - translated by Ken Petkau. Pbk. 284 pgs, printed by Pe We Media Detmold. $25.

+ Schroeder, William, Huebert, Helmut - Mennonite Historical Atlas - second edition, pbk 183 pages, Pub: Springfield Publishers. $25.00. Plus, hardcover edition for $29.00.

+ Three Score & Ten With God in Tiegengrund Mennonite Church 1910-1880 - History of the Tiefengrund church, hardcover 247 pp. $10.00

+ Unger, Henry and Ens, Adolf - Voice in the Wilderness - Memoirs of Peter A. Elias 1843-1925, pbk, 164 pgs, pub. by MB Mennonite Historical Society, $15.00

+ Unger, Henry, Martens, Martha and Ens, Adolph. eds- Sommerfeld Gemeinde Buch - Registers of the Church at West Lynn, 1881-1935 - edited by pbk. 530 pages, 2004 Volume 1 of the West Reserve Historical Series. Reproduces the first five volumes of the church registers of the Sommerfelder Mennonite Church of Manitoba. Pub: M.B. Historical Society. $30.00

+Unruh, Abe. J. (translator) - Diaries of Tobias Unruh and the Voyage to the United States, - 7 pp. Pbk. coil-bound. Printed by Lark Printing in MB.. $7.00

+ van Kuik, Johanna - Altester John D. Friesen (1920-2004) with/ Rev. Abram M. Neudorf (1901-1966) - by Henry W. Neudorf. pbk. 23 pgs. presented at AGM in March 2010, Pub: MHSS. $2.00

+ Wahl, Bob - Contending with Horses (2009) Pbk. 314 pp. Autobiography. Wahl's journey from rural beginnings near Osler, Saskatchewan through incredible highs and lows in a sales career and Christian ministry in Canada, the United States and Europe. $20.00

+ Wahl, Bob - The Story of Saskatchewan School No. 99, 451 pp. pbk. A unique portrayal of early education and the lives of settlers along the South Saskatchewan River, many of whom were Old Colony Mennonites. Many photos and copies of historic documents. Published by Friesen Press, 2014, Victoria, BC., $35.00.
+ Wiebe, Rudy - Big Bear, Cree Chief on Canadian Prairie - hdc. 222 pp. (also in softcover). Pub. Penguin Group. $20.00.

+ Wiebe, Rudy - Temptations of Big Bear, The. Life of Big Bear on Canadian prairies. 423 pp pbk. $20.00

+ Wiebe, Rudy -Of This Earth, hdc. 390 pp. Rudy's boyhood. $20.00

+ Wiebe, Rudy - Peace Shall Destroy Many, 297 pp. pbk. Rudy's life story. $20.00

+ Wiebe, Rudy - Stolen Life, hdc. 444 pp. written with Yvonne Johnson,the great-granddaughter of Big Bear. $20.00.

+ Wiebe, Rudy - Collected Stories, 529pp. pbk., from 1955 - 2010 a collection of his stories. $40.00

Not available directly from MHSS

We do not have the book, Path of Thorns by Jacob A. Neufeld, with Harvey L. Dyck, Editor, translator, for sale. You may order it from the Mennonite Heritage Society,
600 Shaftsbury Blvd.,
Winnipeg, R3P 0M4.

To order books held by MHSS, use our Book Order Form which is forwarded to Vera. Describe the book(s) you want to order, and she will send them to you with an invoice. Remember to include your mailing address and phone number so we don't have to try to track you down first, before we can fill the order. Or at least we can call you if we have questions.

Download the PDF book lists of your choice (by title or by author) to use off-line.
Printer-friendly (PDF) pages of Books for Sale - by Title
Printer-friendly (PDF) pages of Books for Sale - by Author

Dyck, John and Harms, William eds. - Bergthal Gemeinde Buch
Dick Epp's - Between the Tracks
Marlene Epp's - Mennonite Women in Canada
Fred Richard Belk's book, The Great Trek
Jacob Bergen Family History
Victor Carl Friesen 's books, Windmill Turing, The - and Celebrate the Journey
Rempel, Peter - Mennonite Migration to Russia 1788-1828,
William Schroeder, General Editor, Adolf Ens - Bergthal Colony, The
Leo Driedger's book- Mennonites in the Global Village.
Osler... the Early Years and the One Room School # 1238, 1905 - 1947

lists updated - 5/17/2017.

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