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Archival Web Sites for Saskatchewan Mennonites

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Saskatchewan Archives Board (SAB)

SAB is the primary archive in the province. SAB holds a large array of provincial government documents, such as records as those relating to schools, births, marriages and deaths, courts, legislation, settlement, social services, homesteading and land tenure. The SAB has also collected a vast amount of non-government records relating most aspects of local governments, and the history of Saskatchewan. Their web site describes access, holding and what kind assistance is given and provides aids such as Exploring Family History is Saskatchewan. The "Links" page connects viewers with many sites with source records. Almost everyone working on a family, congregational or local history project will find valuable resources here.

University of Saskatchewan Archives

The University of Saskatchewan Archives is the "official memory" of the University and holds records, photographs and other documents related to the university and people and organizations associated with it. It holds many private and society records that contributed to the history and development of the province. It is located at the University library and there one may also access the full resources of the university library.

Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists (SCAA)

The Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists (SCAA) represents the Saskatchewan archival community in the Canadian archival system, and is responsible for developing a cooperative and successful archival network in Saskatchewan, encouraging the establishment of new archives in Saskatchewan, promoting and developing standard archival policies and practices, and promoting public understanding and use of archives and historical resources in Saskatchewan. The Council offers workshops and other educational programs and an Archival Advisory Service providing advice and assistance to archives; and maintains the Saskatchewan Archival Information Network, a network of information about archival holdings in Saskatchewan, including virtual exhibits, descriptions of archival collections, and a photo database. [source: SCAA home page]

Library and Archives Canada: ArchiviaNet

This is the online gateway to the massive archival collections of the Canadian Federal government. Many dozens of databases, called "Research Tools," are provided. For example one tool is Immigration Records (1925-1935). Here is listed, among others, the names of all the Russian Mennonite immigrates fleeing the Soviet Union that came to Canada in that decade. Another tool is titled: Post Offices and Postmasters and here one may find the names of any person who served as a postmaster and dates and place of service. This site is a wonderful source of very diverse information.

Archives Canada: Link

A web page from the Canadian Archival information Network provides links to Canadian archival resources on the internet with active links to several hundred archives in Canada of all types. Clicking on "Search Archives" enables a search to be carried out on the holding of all the archives listed in one search. For example: A search of "Mennonite" AND Saskatchewan resulted in finding 219 sets of records.

Archives and Recordkeeping: A How-to Guide for Congregations and Conferences

This web site is a comprehensive on-line guide for congregations to help them plan and organize their recordkeeping and archives. It is from the United Church of Canada and provides much practical help and information for congregations.


The goal of this site is to collect and distribute genealogical information on the web. The home page links viewers to the provincial genealogical site and their resources.

Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry

This is the most comprehensive finding aid for family history resources in Canada. It was developed by the Alberta Family Histories Society.

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