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Conversion of Saskatchewan Land Description
to Map Coordinates

A number of people who have a Saskatchewan land description of their family's Home Quarter or of a cemetery wonder how to find it's location on an online map like Google Map. One must usually enter into Google Map a set of map coordinates for example: 52.6631°N 97.9959°W.

The Saskatchewan land description was used in the provinces west of Ontario is in the form of: NW 34-42-4-W3. This is understood to contain these elements:
North West quarter,
Section 34,
Township 42,
Range 4,
West of the Third Meridian.

The internet site has a Co-ordinate Converter that works quite well. You type in a land description, and it will take you there on Google maps, where you can also choose to see the satellite view, if you wish.

Please remember that a quarter section of land is 160 acres, that is a half mile-square and quite large.

Another such a site recommended by a visitor is: (It requires you to register your email address).

Check out an e-book: "Legal Land Descriptions, Map Coordinates and Homesteads.

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