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Volume 3.45 - Abram A. Martens Collection (1900-1979)


-Letters, 1957-1959
-Letters, 1928-1948 - many from Russia
-Official records and receipts, 1939-1954
-Letters, 1945-1946
-Letters and cards, 1973-1975
-Letters, 1945-1957
-Folder with letters, readings, notes, 1932-1973
-Correspondence, 1927-1951
-Reimer, E. E. (Al). "A Summer Pilgrimage to Poland and Russia" Mennonite Mirror (October 1971): 14-15, 22; plus stencil
-File of letters in sleeves, 1956-1957.
-File of official records, and correspondence, 1935-1970
    -Certificate of Registration to solemnize marriages, 1936, 1937, 1967
    -miscellaneous receipts and records
-Church records and reports
    -Protokoll - Hoffnungsfelder Gemeinde, Rabbit Lake, 1947-1948
    -Protokoll - aller Mennoniten Saskatchewans, Saskatoon, 1947
    -letter from C. J. Warkentin, Ebenfeld Mennonite Church, Herschel, 1949
    -letter from J. H. Dyck, responding to report by P. P. Rempel, Saskatoon, 1950
-J. J. Janzen, "Die Verantwortlichkeit des Predigers zu seinem Geistlichen Leben."
-Mennonite Aid Society
    -Membership Certificate for Abram A. Martens, Dec. 31, 1928.
    -"Rules and Regulations of the Mennonite Aid Society" Mountain Lake, Minnesota
    -"Regeln und Bestimmungen des Mennotischen Unterstuetzungsverein" Mountain Lake, Minnesota
    -reciepts for membership dues, 1930-1931, 1945
    -annual reports - 1929-1932, 1970
-Legal correspondence and records pertaining to A. A. Abrams estate, 1979
-The Original Black Hills Passion Play Luenen Version with Josef Meier, internationally famous Christus Portrayer and his large Cast. N.p., n.d.
-"Klavar Course: Piano" lessons 1-78 - Slikkerveer, Holland: Klavarskribo, n.d.
-Holland: Souvenir Fotoboek. Sleeuwijk, Holland: Euro Color Cards, n.d.
-Melchers, Maria. Fürs Kinderherz, Heft 35, Bärbel. Konstanz: Christliche Verlagsanstalt, n.d.
-Molineux, G., compl. The Junior Illustrated Piano Method. Part One. Ridgefield Park, NJ: Geo. Molineux, 1911.
- Greene, K. and D. The Ideal Christmas Program. Saskatoon: School Publications & Specialities Ltd., n.d.
-Greene, K. and D. The Lafanlaf Play Book. Saskatoon: School Publications & Specialities Ltd., n.d.
-Anderson, Helen K. Complete Christmas Program. Saskatoon: School Publications & Specialities Ltd., n.d.
-Kelly, Nora. The Christmas Concert Book. Saskatoon: School Publications & Specialities Ltd., 1946.
-Lefebvre, A., Mrs. Three Humorous Plays. Regina, SK: School Aids and Text Book Publishing Co., n.d.
-Greenbaum, Russ. High School Daze: A Comedy in One Act. Baker's Plays for Amateurs. Boston: Walter H. Baker Co., 1944.
-Irish, Marie. Christmas at Dinky Flats: Comedy in Three Scenes. Chicago: Beckley-Cardy Co., 1925.
-Greene, K. and D. The Blue Book of Plays. Saskatoon: School Publications & Specialities Ltd., n.d.
-Ramquist, Grace, compl. Christmas Program Builder. No. 13. Kansas City, MO: Lillenas Publishing Co., n.d.
-Further Simple Recitations: New and Original Pieces for Children. London: The National Sunday School Union, n.d.
-Shipman, Dorothy Middlebrook, et. al. The Star Christmas Book. Chicago: Dramatic Publishing Company, 1935.
-Normal Dialogue Book [missing covers]
-Green, K. and D. Six Successful Comic Plays. Saskatoon: School Publications & Specialties, Ltd., 1944.
-Irish, Marie. How Grandma Caught the Christmas Spirit. Chicago: Beckley-Cardy Company, 1925.
-Curtis, Agnes. Christmas Comedies: A Collection of One-Act Christmas Plays for Teen-Age Young People. Chicago: T. S. Denison, 1927.
-Dickerman, May. Dickerman's Drills for Home and School Use. Chicago: A. Flanagan Company, 1906.
-Payton, Donald. Shock Of His Life: A Comedy in One Act. Cedar Rapids, IA: Heuer Publishing Co., 1947.
-Irish, Marie. Christmas at Stebbinses'. Chicago: Beckley-Cardy Company, 1916.
-Moore, Margery. The Shepherd who couldn't believe: A Christmas Drama for the whole Sunday School. Chicago: Moody Press, 1973.
-Linden, Ada. "Verborgene Belohnung" Der Kinderfreund: Neue Erzählungen für die Jugend. Konstanz: Buch= und Kunstverlag, n.d.
-Deutches Lesebuch für Volkschulen in Rußand. [missing cover and first 96 pages].
- Family tree of Jakob Froese (b. 192?) of Lysanderhöh, son of Gustav Froese and Anna Siebert - on long sheet rolled up -Santa Claus Christmas Book: Christmas Readings and Recitations. [missing cover and title page]
-Home Work Quarterly, Christian Life Series, 3rd quarter, 1948: belonging to Anita Martens, Glenbush.
-Abram Patkau, British History scribbler, Geography scribbler
-Link, Rosthern Junior College, 1960-1963?
-"Hanley Mennonite Church Newsletter" 75th Anniversary Issue, Vol. 7, No. 4, Issue #45, August 1, 2000.
- "Weihnachten - Wie es war in den ersten Jahren auf Hanley," photocopy.
- "Unsere Puppe," handwritten manuscript; family history
-Royalty collection, including special 1937 edition of Star-Phoenix on coronation
    -"Mennonite Heritage Museum, Rosthern, Saskatchewan" - Annual Fund Raising Banquet place mat.
    -Gus Froese, cards: "Manitou Springs," "Boundary Commission N W M P Trail," "Opening Day Parade," other items.
    -last letter from Sheldon Farm Co., March 2, 1977.
    -wedding invitation for marriage of Anita Martens with Arthur Froese, 27 Juli 1957.
    -Christmas readings
-Newspaper clippings

Published books - Total 284 books

[catalogued separately]
PHOTOGRAPH: "Thanksgiving - Year 1971 - Dechambul, Russia" [put with other photographs]
Kinder-Bote - 3 issues, 1931-1932 - filed with periodicals

Volume 3.115

-D. H. Epp. Die Chortitzer Mennoniten: Versuch einer Darstellung des Entwickelungs-ganges derselben. Rosenthal bei Chortitz. Selbstverlag des Verfassers. Odessa: A. Schultze, 1889.

-Handbuch zum Gebrauch bei gottesdienstlichen Handlungen zunachst fur die Aeltesten und Prediger der Mennoniten=Gemeinden in Russland. Herausgegeben von der Allgemeinen Konferenz der Mennoniten in Russland. Berdjansk: H. A. Ediger, 1911.

-J. P. Klassen. Aehrenlese. Winnipeg, MB: G. A. Giesbrecht, n.d.

-Gerhard Fast. Das Ende von Chortitza. Winnipeg, MB: Self-published, 1973.

-Notebook - sermon diary, 1925-1933

-Notebook - sermon notes, travel diary, 1943-1946

-Notebook - sermon notes, travel diary, 1948-1950

-French to Russian word book - handwritten, 1917-1918

Notebook - "Reise Notizen - Russland nach Canada im Jahre 1924"

-Berichte von Hanley - reminiscences by A. A. Martens, 1927-1933

-Mennonitesche Umsiedlerbetreuung" December 1990-February 1991

-Sermons - Various, 1928-1962

-Sermons - Passion, Easter, 1929-1960

-Sermons - Christmas, New Years, Advent, Epiphany, Easter, 1928-1972

-Sermons - Funerals, Weddings, 1924-1972

-Sermons - Various, 1925-1970

-Sermons - Various, 1929-1960

-Sermons - Various, 1934-1974

-Music notebooks - handwritten with number notes - 7 books plus numerous loose pages

-Lieder-Quelle fur Kirche und Haus. Numbers 1-4 (1929)

Volume 3.116

-Tagebuch, 1977

-Diary, 1972

-Einnahmen u. Ausgaben, 1962-1968; Tagebuch, 1966-1968

-Daily aide, 1961

-Cash Book and diary, 1954-1955

-Record books for: 1941-1943, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1955-1956

-Five Year Diary - 1936-1940

-Tagebuch des Abram Martens, Einlage, 1925-1932 - includes 1927 immigration to Canada

-Journal, 1943-1949

-first Tagebuch, 1925

Volume 3.242 Abram A. Martens Collection
- Letters, 1920s to 1970s
- "Erinnerungen" von Onkel Bernhard Pauls
- Various items: Sermons, Sterbe bericht, Goldene Hochzeit, Reise bericht
- Chronologie
- Abraham & Aganeta (Stobbe) Martens Family History
- Peter Martens Familie Lebenslauf
- Jakob Wiebe Lebensgeshicte
- Tagebuch entries
- Poems, songs
- Farm Account Books, 1930-1956
- Photograph of Girls High School III Class, "A" Gymnasium, Einlage, Russia, 1914

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