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Ed and Wally Schmidt Collection

Included in Volume 3.154 -Small Archival Collections
"General Conference of Mennonite of North America, Formed an influence along the North Saskatchewan River."

Volume 3.182
-Graduate Studies - Jean Piaget; Open Learning and evaluation; Statistics and Logrithmic Progressions; Taxonomies intro. This file contains an introductory letter to this portion of the collection.
-"The Christian Educator's File." Compiled by Violet C. Carlson. Chicago: Moody Press, 1954. With added notes.
-"Deciding." H. B. Gelatt, Barbara Varenhorst, and Richard Carey. New York: College Entrance Examination Board, 1972. With loose-leaf Leader's Guide.
-Photocopy - Sigmund Freud: The Ego and the Id. Trans. Joan Rivierre. Revised by James Strachey. New York: W. W. Norton, 1960. With notes.
-Photocopy - Guillemin, Victor. The Story of Quantum Mechanics. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1968.
-Lexicography of Thought - Lecture Notes from Ernest W. Neufeld, C. G. Rempel, William Klassen, J. J. Enz (1961-63): Research papers by Ed Schmidt - "A Prospective View Toward India for Pastor and Church," (1963-64) "Dueteronomy as Preaching," "Is Intelligence Educable?" (1975), and other reflections on education
-Saskatchewan Educational Research Association - correspondence, annual meeting, presentations - 1975
-General Aptitude Test Battery and "Deciding" counselling - handbooks and evaluation tests - 1972-1974
-Career Exploration, Blaine Lake - Guidance counselling materials, correspondence and records - Blaine Lake Composite High School - 1974-1978.
-Aptitude tests and career guidance counselling materials, 1974-1976
-General Aptitude Test Battery: Manual for the USTES. Section II: Norms, Occupational Aptitude Pattern Structure. Ottawa: Department of Manpower and Immigration, 1972.
-Goal Setting - published materials, instructor's manuasl, and reports for Kinistino and Macklin, 1972-1974
-"It's our world too: A Handbook to Accompany the Video by the Same Title." Victoria, BC: Conscience Canada Inc., 1986.
-Booklets, tracts, devotional materials, Christian education materials
-Photocopy of book on ideas and activities to stimulate the teaching of science
-"Resource Reader" produced by Saskatchewan Department of Natural Resources Conservation and Information Branch

Volume 3.183
-Studies and Sermons on Commitment and Counselling - mostly manuscript or typescript - 1969-1975
-Correspondence and teaching materials from teaching assignment at Macklin High School, Kerrobert School Unit - 1971-1974
-Legal and financial papers - sale and rental of property, 1973-1981
-Family papers - "Hoisana," large song sheet with numbers, 1922; Valentines and Mother's Day cards by "Eddie," 1943
-Correspondence after exiting India and beginning work in education - 1969-1988;
-Manuscripts of sermons and lectures - Includes several written in Hindi - 1969-1974
-"Christian Joy," research paper and notes by Ed Schmidt
-Publications - C.M.B.C. Journal, vol. 1, no. 1 (1971-72); Bulletin of the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies, no. 31 (1971)
-Landour Language School Directory - 1965; General Conference Missionary lists - 1963, 1970; Prairie Bible Institute alumni lists; Correspondence and reports - personal, educational. - 1975-1982.
-Research papers and course materials - by Edward Schmidt, Mennonite Biblical Seminary - 1962-1964; includes thesis, "The Authorship of the Fourth Gospel"
-Church in Canada; Foundations of Christian Education, - course notes and seminar papers - 1962
-Graduation program and course materials - Waldtraut (Wally) Regier, Prairie Bible Institute - 1955-1957
-Papers on church music and inspiration of the Scriptures - 1961-1962
-Publications on the Revised Standard Version of the Bible - Cyril Hutchinson, Why Christians Should Not Accept the New Bible (Berean Bible College,
Calgary); James Cowan, Wresting the Scriptures: The Revised Standard Version, Satan's Subtle, Subversive Masterpiece, Prince Albert, SK.
-Reports and clippings on the Church.
-Waldheim Missions Conference - Correspondence - 1981-2004
-Waldheim Missions Conference - Newsletters and prayer cards from missionaries - 2005-2008
-Metric Workshop - materials for teaching the metric system - 1978
-"Metric Resource Materials" revised January 1977, Education Saskatchewan
-"Vanity, Envy, Licentiousness, Avarice, Wrath, Idleness, Gluttony" - Adult Bible Study teaching materials - 2009-2010

Volume 3.184
-"Sampling five centuries of Anabaptists" - material from the WWWeb printed for a class
-"Anabaptism beyond Humanism: Four Centuries" - material printed from the WWWeb
-Material on Mennonite history - material printed from the WWWeb
-Study notes for camping ministry - 1974
-Developing a Model for Taxonomy of Development - course notes and assignments - 1971-1972
-"Home Care Program: Board Orientation Guide." Saskatchewan Social Services, Continuing Care Division, 1982.
-Country Valley Homecare District #29 - 1979-1983
-Country Valley Homecare District #29 - Correspondence, Bylaws, Financial records - 1980
-Photocopies - "It Pays to Increase/Enrich Your World Power" by Wilfred Funk/Peter Funk
-Teaching vocabulary and reading skills - instructional materials
-Communicating Values in Teaching - 1977: "Toward 'Values' in the Teaching of Science"; "Behavioral Objectives" - Research papers by Ed Schmidt; plus published materials and notes
-Photocopy - Jean Piaget, The Principles of Genetic Epistemology (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1972)
-Structuralism and Human Development - Photocopied portions of Structuralism: Moscow - Prague - Paris by Jan M. Broekman (1974)
-Publications and clippings related to Christian ministry - 1954-1962 - Includes 1959 Annual Report for Hope Rescue Mission, South Bend, IN; "Official Opening Petrofka Bridge, September 16, 1962; Book review by Edward D. Schmidt of Thirty Years a Watch Tower Slave by W. J. Schnell.

Volume 3.228
Three binders from Ed Schmidt containing:
a) correspondence among Mennonite historians from Canadian universities, historical committees, and Mennonite Historical Societies in Canada, 1972-1977,
b) minutes of meetings of the Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan and Alberta, 1978-1983,
c) reports and minutes of Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan, 1992-1998
d) Henry Schapansky presentation January 30, 1998

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