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Helen Kornelsen Collection

Deed of Gift # 870

Biographical Sketch:

Helen Kornelsen served as a missionary in India, working mostly in education, first in Jagdeeshpur and later at Union Biblical Seminary in Yeatmal and Pune.

She was born to Johann and Katherina Kornelsen in Kusmitzky (Alexandrowka) Ukraine on 17 September 1920. At the age of nine, she accompanied her family as they fled the Soviet Union to Canada.

Helen was baptized at the Bethany Mennonite Church in Watrous, SK, on 6 August, 1939. After studying two years at the Rosthern Bible School and then graduating from the Rosthern Junior College in 1945, she was accepted by the Mennonite Foreign Mission Board as a candidate for India. Before she left for India, Helen completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at Bethel College, Kansas. She earned a Masters of Education degree from Wichita and Cornwall Universities during one of her furloughs. After retirement from missionary work in India in 1984, Helen returned to Watrous was active in writing and in genealogical research, publishing two family histories. Helen passed away on 15 May 2012.

Scope and Content:

The Helen Kornelsen fonds consists of the papers, scrapbooks, and genealogical research compiled by Helen Kornelsen. It also includes books about mission work in India and general books about India, as well as a number of Bibles and hymnbooks in Indian languages. Other books from her collection of a more general Mennonite interest have been integrated in the MHSS library.

Custodial History:

The collection was brought in by Edith Fransen and Harold Regier from Watrous and donated to the MHSS after Helen Kornelsen moved to a care home in April 2012.


- Language: English, German, Hindi
   - Description by Alan M. Guenther, 30 July 2012

File List:

Volume 3.166 Kroeker Information

(Some of this material is a duplicate of what Helen Kornelsen sent to Mennonite Heritage Centre, Winnipeg)
   - Kornelsen, Helen, Our Family Tree: Cornelsen-Kornelsen, TheJohann Jacob KornelsonFamily 1884-1974, Watrous, Sask., c1998
   - Family Register of Abraham Cornelsen (1845-1893) and Maria Wiens (1846-1927), Steinbach, Manitoba: Mary Kornelsen and Bettie Kehler, publishers
   - Tagebuch von Susanna Kroeker, Bearbeitet von Helene Kornelsen, original and rough copy
   - Susanna Kroeker Diary (1907-1925), German
   - J.F. And Susanna Kroeker Diary (1907-1925) English translation
   - Susanna Kroeker Diary, English copy
   - J.F. Kroeker Family Photos
   - Kroeker Genealogy
   - Kroeker - miscellaneous
   - Poetry Collection - Susanna Kroeker (?)
   - The "Baker" Wiebe Family Manuscript, 2 copies
   - Johannes and Katharina Wiebe Genealogy (Baker Wiebes)
   - Kornelsen, Helen, The "Baker" Wiebe Family: Johannes C. Wiebe 1850-1930, 2005
   - Kornelsen, Marcy, The Family Register of Cornelius Eidse Cornelsen (1835-1910) and Katherina Dueck Cornelsen (1899-1896), 1999
   - Cornelsen, Erwin, Compiler, Cornelsen (Kornelsen) Genealogy, short version
   - Kroeker - Janzen Genealogy
   - Janzen Genealogy
   - Janzen - additonal information
   - The Conversion of Garib Das
   - Unruh, Benjamin Heinrich, Die Niederlaendisch - Niederdeutschen Hintergruende der Mennonitischen Ostwanderungen
   - Doerksen, Victor G., et al, Collected works - Arnold Dyck Vol. III, Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society
   - Klara Friesen correspondence
   - Hilda Edel correspondence
   - Correspondence with N.B. Grubb, 1902-1909
   - Milton Jacob - Musa Jacob
   - Mathurai Bai
   - Phuljhar History - J. Gardia
   - Rev. K.D. Ghore
   - Paul R. Parker, Ferdinand Wiens
   - Annie Funk Memorial
   - Bundesbote Clippings
   - Woodstock School, Mussoorie
   - Beacon Schools, Korba
   - Miscellaneous Correspondence
   - Jacob Andres & Anna Klausen
   - DVBS Classes 1041-1945
   - Photos

Volume 3.167 Books, Maps

   - Ambassadors for Christ - Missionary Biographies
   - Friesen, Helene Sarah, David Toews - A brief Sketch of His Life and Work 1870-1947, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Mennonite Heritage Centre, 1997
   - Banman (Banaschek), Katie, Editor, Sprueche und Gedicte zur Belehrung, 1985-2002
   - K.G. Toews, A Man of Commitment
   - Jantzen, John B., Frank F. Jantzen Memoirs, Phoenix, Arizona: Alpha Graphics, 1997
   - Patkau, Esther, compiler, The Torch: Ministry of Rosthern Bible School Alumni 1932-1994, Saskatoon, Sask.: Globe Printers
   - Von Niessen (Peter, John, Elisabeth, William, Frank, Jacob, Henry)
   -Epp, Frank H., Stories with Meaning: A Guide to the Writing of Congregational Histories, Winnipeg, Man.: Mennonite Historical Society of Canada, 1978
   - Poems Born in India
   - Hindi booklets, 2
   - Dongerkery, Kamala S., The Indian Sari, Bombay, IndiaL R.G. Mundkar
   - Ratzlaff, Mrs. Harold, Editor, Fellowship in the Gospel, India: 1900-1950, Newton, Kansas: The Mennonite Publication Office, 1950
   - Correspondence, 2001
   - souvenance anabaptiste / mennonitisches gedaechtnis, numero 22 - 2003
   - Music Dictation Book, 2 booklets

   - Freytag& Berndt Handkarten, Union Sozialistischer Sowjet Republiken (USSR)
   - Political Map of India, 1956
   - Bible Lands, National Geographic, 1946
   - Administrative map of Ukraine, 1994
   - South Asia with Afghanistan and Myanmar, National Geographic Society, 1997
   - Europe, National Geographic Society, 1969, 1983, 1992
   - Asia and North America, GCMC Mission and Service Locations, 1987
   - British Columbia, Alberta and Yukon Territory, National Geographic Society, 1978
   - Germany, National Geographic Society, 1991
   - Afghanistan and Pakistan, National Geographic, 2001
   - Middle East, National Geographic Society, 1991
   - The World, The National Geographic Society, 1960
   - The World, The National Geographic Society, 1965
   - Russia and the Newly Independent Nations of the former Soviet Union, Natioanl Geographic Society
   - A Traveler's Map of the Alps, 1985

   - Correspondence, 2001
   - The Fortyfivers - Autobiographies, 50th Anniversary Celebration from the Rosthern Academy, June 1995
   - Hindi hymn book
   - The Holy Bible in Oriya, Cuttack: Orissa Mission Press
   - The Holy Bible in Hindi, Bangalore 1: TheBible Society of India and Ceylon, 1959, 2 c
   - The Holy Bible, New Testament, A New Hindi Translation, Lucknow, U.P.: Indian Bible Publishers, c1978
   - Four booklets in Hindi
   - Masihi Git Sangrah, Joint Hindi Hymn Book
   - Kanagaraj, Jey J., Editor, Unfailing Vision: The Story of Uinion Biblical Seminary, Ppupne: Union Biblical Seminary, c1999
   - Collins, Larry and Dominque Lapierre, Freedom at Midnight,new Delhi: Vikas Pub. House PVT Ltd., c1975
   - Moyer, Samuel T., They Heard The Call, Newton, Kansas: Faith and Life Press, c1970
   - Lapierre, Dominique, The City of Joy, translated by Kathryn Spink, New York: Doubleday& Compay Ltd., 1985
   - Yoder Burkhard, Mary, Life and Letters of Jacob Burkhard, Missionary in India, Goshen, Indiana: 1936
   - Moyer, S.T., With Christ on the Edge of the Jungles, Jubbulpore, India: Mission Press, 1941
   - Morgan, Helen, Who'd Be a Missionary? London: Patmos Press, 1965
   - Williamson, Mabel, "Have We NO RIGHT --"London: China Inland Mission, c1958
   - Chalmers, R.C. and John A.Irving, Editors, The Meaning of Life in Five Great Religions, Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1965
   - Brox, Gertrude V., Thou Didst Say Unto Me, Philadelphia: The Judson Press, c1955
   - VHS Cassette: 'Building Leaders for India', Union Biblical Seminary, Raymond G. Otis& Associates

Volume 3.168 Books Relating to Life in India, Obituaries

   - Bergthold Wiebe, Viola and Marilyn Wiebe Dodge, Sepia Prints: Memoirs of a Missionary in India,Winnipeg, MB: Kindred Press, c1990
   - Unrau, Ruth, A Time to Bind and a Time to Loose, Newton, Kansas: Commission on Overseas Mission, c1996
   - Blaise, Clark& Bharati Mukherjee, The Sorrow and the Terror: The Haunting Legacy of the Air India Tragedy, c the authors, 1988
   - Sikhar, Braver Than the Gvrkhas, Milton Keynes, England: Word (UK) Ltd., c1990
   - Abbas, K.A., Indira Gandhi, Return of the Red Rose, Delhi: Hind Pocket Books Ltd., c1966
   - Unrau, Ruth, Hill Station Teacher, A Life with India in It, North Newton, Kansas: Kidron Creek Publishers, c1997
   - Tariq Ali, The Nehrus and the Gandhis, an Indian Dynastry, London: Pan Books Ltd., 1985
   - Naipaul, V.s., India, A Million Mutinies Now, London: Minerva, c1990
   - Clarke Wilson, Dorothy, Dr. Ida - The Story of Dr. Ida Scudder of Vellore, New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., c1959
   - Yoder Nyce, Dorothy, Strength, Struggle and Solidarity: India's Women,Goshen, Indiana: Pinchpenny Press, 1989
   - Miller, Basil, Pandita Ramabai, India's Christian Pilgrim, Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan Publishing House, c1949
   - Cannday, Helen C., Jyoti - Monologue of a Bride of India, Guntur, India
   - Yates, Pat, Coolie Sahib, London: Edinburgh House Press, 1958
   - Davey, Cyril J., The Yellow Robe, TheTorch Biographies, London:; S C M Press Ltd., 1950
   - Nickel, Helen E., Shiela and Sunil of India, Newton, Kansas: Mennonite Publication Office, c1958
   - Masani, Minoo, Our India, London: Oxford University Press, 1940
   - Chandapilla, P.T., My mother! My teacher! Bombay: Gospel Literature Service, 1972
   - Paget K.M., Out of the Hand of the Terrible, Melbourne: S. John Bacon
   - Meyer Schnaible, Dorothy, A Handful of Love: A Lutheran Missionary inIndia, Moscow, Idaho: Dorothy Meyer Schnailble, c1993
   - Wiens Thiessen, Elizabeth, Scenes From India,North Newton, Kansas: 1961
   - William Carey and Pandita Ramabai, Kilmarnock, Scotland: John Ritchie,Publishers
   - Dalton, L.H., "Young Man – Sit Down!" New York: Friendship Press, 1938
   - Scovel, Myra, Richer By India, New York: Harper& Row, Publishers, c1964
   - Indian Missionaries, Twenty-five Years with God in India, Berne, Indiana: Mennonite Book Concern, 1929
   - Corbett, Jim, Jungle Lore, London: Oxford University Press, 1961
   - Samil Ali, Thebook of Indian Birds, Bombay: Bombay Natural History Society, 1964
   - Anderson, Kenneth, This is The Jungle, Rupa& Co., 1981
   - Corbett, Jim,, Man-Eaters of Kumaon, New York: Bantam Pathfinder Editions, 1944
   - Nirmal Kumar Bose, Tribal Life in India, India - TheLand and People, New Delhi: National Book Trust, India, c1971
   - Deoras, P.J., Snakes of India, India - The Land and People, New Delhi: Natioanl Book Trust, India, c1965
   - Buckwalter, Leoda, Solhouette - Colonial India as We Lived It, Nappanee, Indiana:; Evangel Press, c1988
   - Map of India, 27" x 35", 1984
   - Union Biblical Seminary, Yavatmal
   - Graduation Service 1982
   - 30th Anniversary Special 1953-1983
   - Appointment letter, Aug. 22, 1984
   - Brochures, newsletters
   - Convocation message by Dr. Frank Kline, 1983
   - Student profiles, 1974-75

   - Obituaries printed in Der Bote, 1947-1998
   - Obituaries No. I - 1978-1999; No. II - 1999-2002; No. III - 2002-2003; No. IV 2003-2005;
   - No. V - 2005-2007; No. VI - 2007-2010
   - Articles on the Ukraine, 1995-1998

Volume 3. 198 India Missions

   - Certificate from Carlton Trail Regional College regarding a 50+ Computer course, 1997
   - Unrau, Ruth, Something Happened: The Work of God and the General Conference Mennonite Missionaries in India 1900-1990 (working title)
   - Jottings - "History of our Mission"
   - Histories of Mission Stations: Jagdreshput, Mauhaudin, Janjgir, Korba
   - Primary and Secondary Education in Post-Independent India by Helen Kornelsen
   - Policy Manual of the Commission on Overseas Mission
   - Missionary Manual and Handbook for Workers and Churches, 1953
   - Commission on Overseas Mission
   - History of COM in India
   - Reports relating to GCMC Commission on Overseas Mission
   - Janzen Memorial School
   - A Seventy-Seven Year Transition by Linda Schmidt
   - Union Biblical Seminary History
   - COM Centennial Time Line
   - Janjgir Bible School
   - The Church in Action
   - Jubille Pagaent '75
   - Phuljhar History, Chapters 1-6
   - Pioneers - Janjgir, India
   - G.M. Jacob's Autobiography
   - Keshev Rao
   - Mrs. John Walters
   - Samuel Stephen
   - Vinit Knox
   - J.S. Bach, M. Kumar
   - C.S.R. Gier
   - P.A. Penner
   - P.W. Penner
   - Correspondence - Missionary Letters, e-mails, 1987 to 2003
   - Obituaries of Missionaries - India
   - Miscellaneous - Helen Kornelsen story; Joseph J. Duerksen, M.D. Journal, 2009;
   - biography list, other
   - Thiessen, Elizabeth Wiens, Poems: Born in India

Volume 3.199 Genealogies & Family History

   - Mantler, Alice - Paraguay; Voth, Maria - German
   - Heck, Helen
   - Pauls, Elizabeth J.
   - Krause - Van Kerkhoven, Helen
   - Janzen , Julius (1782- )
   - Niessens (Von Niessen)
   - Redekop, David Clan
   - Vogt
   - Harder
   - Harder, Jacob (1836-1915); Braun, Helena (1838-1900)
   - Kroekers
   - Hiebert, Jacob
   - Van Kampen, Johann
   - Janzen, Annie; Bergmann, Nettie; Cresssman,Leona; Wiens, Norma; Fr. Wiens; Warkentin, Katie; Neufeld, Erna; Heinrichs, Bruno; Toews, Teddy
   - Janzen - Pauls
   - Lepp - Epp- Regier
   - Penner, Helena
   - Driedger Schellenberg, Anna
   - Regier, Jacob; Penner, Isaac
   - Krause, Wilhelm (1832-1906); Klassen, Agatha (1835-1915)

Persons of Interest - Correspondence, Obituaries

   - Penner Edith; Ewert, Agnes; Neufeld, Justina; Zimbandumwe, Louise; Janzen, Richard Andrew
   - Krause - Vincent W. Rempel
   - Epp, Martha
   - Sawatsky, Louise (Kasdorf)
   - Heinrichs, Cristina
   - Penner, - Cornelsen, Anneliese
   - Unger, Helen (Stoesz); Pelser, Leonard; Lyding, Jim
   - Bergen, Franz; Janzen, J.; Rueb, Liese
   - Kanunangko, Lean Wiens
   - Janzen, Maria (Coaldale, AB)
   - Pirch, Hans und Irene
   - Neufeldt, Colin P., Dr.
   - Takayesu, Diane Cornelsen, (Herman Cornelsen)
   - Jeckel, Tina
   - Janzen, Heinrich (Julius)
   - Ndayumwire, Marceline (Burundi)
   - Wedel, Anna (1908-1980); Klippenstein; Gayford, Judith
   - Duerksen, Joseph J., MD
   - Derksen, Candace
   - Rempel, Henry D.
   - Penner, Jacob, Erinnerungen aus meinem Leben In Russland und von Spaeter
   - Schapansky, Henry
   - Miscellaneous

Volume 3.200 Persons of Interest - Correspondence, Obituaries

   - Ratzlaff, Harold, My Life
   - Rempel, John G.
   - Rempel, Jacob Aron
   - Unrau, Erna
    Von Niessen
   - Peters, Jacob
   - C. Fast Family
   - Wiebe, Nikolai
   - Schmidt, Ed
   - Klassen, A. J.
   - Giesbrecht, Jacob David and Dorothy (Andres)
   - Ratzlaff
   - Ashworth, John; Andres genealogy
   - von Kampen, Johann and Anna (Peters)
   - Kusmitsky (Alexandrowka) - Maps & Genealogy of residents compiled by John P. Braun, Winnipeg, Fall 2002
-    Kusmitzky / Semenowka
   - Neupluewka
   - Maps
   - Poetry by Katie Banman
   - Miscellaneous Articles
   - South America Tour, 1992
   - German-English Academy 1945 Grad Class
   - Rosthern Junior College, 1945
   - Miscellaneous
   - Information from Edith (Franzen)
   - Culture, Missionary Stress
   - Mennonite Heritage Tour, 1996
   - Bethel College
   - "Conquering" by Agnes Nikkel presented to Helen Kornelsen for Bethany Mennonite Church, January 12, 1990
   - von Goethe, J.W., Egmont, Ein Trauerspiel, Schoeninghs Textausgaben alter u. neuer Schriftsteller, Paderborn, Germany: Ferdinand Schoeningh Druck und Verlag
   - von Schiller, Friedrich, Maria Stuart, Ein Trauerspiel, Ferdinand Textausgaben alter u. neuer Schriftsteller, Paderborn, Germany: Ferdinand Schoeningh Druck und Verlag
   - von Schiller, Friedrich, Die Jungfrau von Orleans, Eine romantische Tragoedie, Paderborn, Germany: Ferdinand Schoeningh Druck und Verlag
   - Hebbel, Friedrich, Agnes Bernauer, Ein deutsches Trauerspiel, Paderborn, Germany: Ferdinand Schoeningh Druck und Verlag
   - Roy, Kristina, Drrei Kameraden, Bazel: Brunnen Verlag, 1949
   - Goethe, Hermann und Dorothea, Leipzig, Germany: Verlag von Philipp Reclam jun.
   - Schiller, Lied von der Glocke, Leipzig, Germany: verlag von Philipp Reclam jun., 1936
   - Schiller, Friedrich, Wilhelm Tell, Stuttgart, Germany: Reclam Verlag, 1952

Volume 3.201 Genealogies and Family History

   - Kornelsen, Helen, The "Baker" Wiebe Family: Johannes C. Wiebe 1850-1930, 2005
   - "Baker" Wiebes
   - Buckley, Sydney F.
   - Enns, Irene
   - Friesen, Katherine (Johannes Wiebe Family Genealogy)
   - Giesbrecht, Anne
   - Harder, Stuart
   - Harder, Vernelle
   - Holeman, Linda
   - Lambert, Johanna
   - La Gros, Elvira
   - Lehman Ward, Leona (Edward Wiebe Genealogy)
   - Ottmann
   - Wiebe Pictures
   - Wiebe, Edward C.
   - Perkins Baccus, Betty Correspondence (Edward Wiebe Genealogy)
   - Wiebe Documents: Shield, Maps, Obituaries, etc.
   - Wiebe - Pekrul Correspondence
- Wiebe Correspondence 2005
- Wiebe, John, Van Stroe, Joan
- Johannes C. Wiebe Manuscript
- Wiebe, Edwin
- Wiebe-Toews
- Zacharias , Jacob
- COM Clips, Quips, & Puzzles
- Filing cards with individual genealogy information

- VHS Tape
   - Ukraine Mennonite Heritage Cruise, 1996 from Cornel & Martha Rempel
   - Listening with our Hearts, MCC, 2004
   - South American Tours, March, 1992 , David Stoesz

- CDs
   - Genealogical Registry and Database of Mennonite Ancestry (GRANDMA) 4
   - Anna Friesen geb. Kroeker, 02.01.1911 - 11.05.2009
   - Susanne Kroeker geb. Schowalter
- Cassetttes
   - General Conference, 1980
   - Stories of Judenplan, Russiam Henry & Margaret Breul 3/90
   - Dyck Reunion 1979, Peter Dyck; "Berlin Exodus"
   - Marilyn Miller, Sask. Feb. 1992
   - SCBI 50 Years
   - Catherine Lehmann (82) tells her history, 1975

Volume 3.202 Photo Albums

   - Union Biblical Seminary - Yeotmal/Puna
   - Mother's - Janzen
   - H. Kornelsen
   - Wiebe
   - Isaac & John Kornelsen
   - Kornelsen, Penner
   - Irene Funk - tribute by Helen Kornelsen, newspaper articles, letters to Irene's parents

   - Ledger - April 1955 to December 1965

Volume 3.203 Photo Albums

   - Bible School, RJC, Bethel College, Cleveland, India
   - Life in Canada
   - India
   - Oberamergau Tour, Switzerland, Austria, German, Kroeker Family Pictures
   - Friends in Canada and U.S.A.

Volume 3.204 Photo Albums and photos

   - India Missionaries
   - Bethel College Mennonite Church, B.C.
   - The 1996 Mennonite Heritage Cruise, Kiev to Odessa, September 19 to October 3, 1996 on the MS Viktor Glushkov, Marina and Walter Unger, cruise organizers - 2 albums
   - Tina und Franz Bergen, Elisabeth und Heinrich Rub, Johan Janzen, Tina Wiens, Helene Wiens, Katharina Jeckel
   - RJC Alumni Reunion 1945-2005
   - General Conference Mennonite Mission, India
   - Two black & white photos of missionares and children in India, 1950
    - A photo of two couples with four children in total circa 1920s
   - Photo of Wynn Dueck and two Indian widows
   - Mrs. Indira Gandhi with PM Pierre Trudeau
   - Missionary Retreat, Chicago 1955
   - Shireen's family and guests, color
   - Sanjay Barik and family, color
   - Indian family, No. '98
   - Bethel College b/w photos
   - RJC Alumni Class of 1945 60th anniversary reunion, 2 color photos in folders
   - Photos taken at Rosthern Bible School, the Germany English Academy, Bethany Mennonite Church, Watrous, and Germany
   - Two shoe boxes full of photos of Indian people and missionaries

Volume 3.205 & Vol. 3.206 Audio Visuals - Slides
   - Hundreds of slides in metal and plastic boxes of people and places where Helen Kornelsen worked and visited.

Volume 3.273 Helen Kornelsen Collection

Photo Albums:
   - Photos of Helen Kornelsen's life: childhood, family, Bible School and College, ordination
   - Celebration of 40 years of missionary work
Other photos:
   - Tina Kornelsen Reimer
   - Families in India
   - Helen Kornelsen - childhood, college, graduation, missionary
   - Ancestors
   - Friends
   - Dad's Family
   - Adult class in India
   - Letters by India missionaries
   - Anne Penner's letter to Helen Kornelsen, Aug.-Dec., 1968
   - Anne Penner and Helen Kornelsen letters, 1977-1980

Volume 3.274 Helen Kornelsen Collection

   - Union Biblical Seminary, Bethel College, Documents
   - Miscellaneous: Correspondence
   - Literacy, VBS, Literature
   - Biographies and Writings by Helen Kornelsen
   - Writings by H. Kornelsen
   - Our Family Tree: Cornelsen - Kornelsen The Johann Jacob Kornelsen Family 1884-1974, 1998
   - Cornelsen - Kornelsen Genealogy by Helen Kornelsen
   - Kornelsen - additional information
   - Family History on Mother's Side
   - Cornelsen, Herman
   - Cornelsen, Irwin
   - Cornelsen, Cornelius; Teichroeb, Helena; Kornelsen, Andreas
   - Kornelsen, Johann Jacob
   - Kornelsen Family Forms
   - Kornelsen - German
   - Kornelsen - Marcy
   - Kornelsen/Sawatzky
   - Correspondence, 1996-2008; 1999 &s; 2001
   - General Correspondence; Edward C. Wiebe Family Info
   - Documents: Canadian Government Immigration Service, Ship - Montrose, Pier 21 Immigration Forms for Kornelsen Family
   - Photographs of Montrose and documents received from Katie, April 23, 1996
   - Documents: M.Ed. Thesis, autobiographies, transcripts
   - Helen Kornelsen - Missionary "Giant" by Jonathan Heese
   - Helen Kornelsen - Life story, obituary

Volume 3.275 Helen Kornelsen Collection

   - Cornelsen Family Tree
   - Autobiographical Stories by Helen Kornelsen
   - Helen Kornelsen's Writings to Parents
   - Helen Kornelsen's Letters to Anne Boehr, 1973 to 1985
Kornelsen, Helen. Our Family Tree, Cornelsen-Kornelsen. The Johann Jacob Kornelson Family, 1884-1974, Watrous, Saskatchewan, 1998
Schroeder, William and Helmut T. Huebert. Mennonite Historical Atlas. Second Edition. Winnipeg, Canada: Springfield Publishers, c1996, 158pp
   - Vellore Christian Medical College
   - Kusmitsky
   - Bamwar Family
   - Biographies and Stories about Indian People
   - Block, Tina. "That They May Know Him"
   - Block Ediger, Tina
   - Penner, Anne
   - Correspondence from Friends in India
   - Maze by Peter Sawatzky
   - Sawatzky Genealogy
   - Missionaries
   - Anne Penner Papers: Personality Shaped by Culture; A Psychological Case Study
   - Miscellaneous Genealogy Notes
   - Correspondence
   - Jagdeeshpur Station
   - SEWA BHAWAN Hospital
   - Various items: Poem - "Mennoniten", Die Geschichte der Grünfelder Mennonitenkirche in Zelenopole, Ukraine, Der deutschen Siedlung Alexandrowka, Obituaries: Gerhard Schellenberg, Diedrich Penner, "Dee hundatjoasche Ätj"
Certificates and Official Papers:
    i. Alien Registration Receipt Card #6179074
    ii. National Selective Service - Labour Exit Permit Number 82203
    iii. Declaration of Intention to Retain Canadian Domicle
    iv. Baptismal Certificate (German script), original and copy
    v. Certificates of Naturalization, Series B, Number 44249 for Johann Kornelsen, April 9, 1938 and Number 25529 for Katie Kornelsen, May 31, 1938
    vi. Certificate of Canadian Citizenship, Series A, Number 14435 for Helen Kornelsen, October 18, 1947
    vii. Province of Saskatchewan Affidavit, Record of Birth - Helen Kornelsen
    viii. Letter from Citizenship Registration Branch, Sydney, N.S., November 9, 1988, regarding Johann Kornelsen's naturalization in Canada.

Immigration Papers:
    i. Immigration Identification Cards - Johann Kornelsen, Katherine Kornelsen, and Helena Kornelsen; Canadian Pacific Railway Identification Card, No. 19822, 10/3/30 for Johann Kornelsen, Katherina and 4 children
    ii. "Vaccinated" card, 13 Mars 1930
    iii. Canadian Pacific Manifest No. 435 - Johann Kornelsen, No. 436 - Katarina Kornelsen, No. 438 - Helena Kornelsen
    iv. Russian document: Tranzitviza emigrantam No. 2174, 4 Dec 1929
    v. Government stamps: Civil Inspection, Port of Hamburg, 11/3/?; Canada Immigration, St. John, N.B., Mar 23 1930; C.P.R. Aus Sichtvermerk, 9 Marz 1930
    vi. Personalausweis Nr. 1842, 6. März 1930
    vii. Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization Rechnung, Febr. 9th, 1932
    viii. Schuldschein, Rosthern, Sask. 26.3.30; Payment received in full 28 Dec 1936
    ix. The Naturalization Act, Form C, Notice to be given to Appplicant
    x. I.R.O. International Tracing Service letters regarding tracing for three persons in Alexandrowska, July 13th, 1950. Found in Gronau/Westphalia, Germany, 13.3.1951.

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