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Jake Nickel Collection

(Deed of Gift #947)

Volume 3.208 Jake Nickel Collection
- David D. and Margareta (Koop) Rempel Immigration Documents
- David D. Rempel and Margareta Rempel In Memoriam books
- David D. and Margareta Rempel's Wills and Estate Documents
- D.D. Rempel book sales
- D.D. Rempel Agreement of Sale re Dufferin Avenue property
- D. Rempel sketches of plants
- Jacob Johann Nickel documents and photos
- Documents: Immigration, Canadian Board of Colonization, Land Title
- Letters and diary entries re life in Canada, 1914, 1925-1961
- Letters to Aunt Katie
- Hilda Nickel Family Tree "Koop"
- Hilda Nickel Genealogy "Dyck"
- Family Tree of Johann (1841-1915) and Anna (Niebuhr) Dyck (1845-1887)
- Familien Stammbaum gesammelt von D.D.Epp, Winkler, MB, 1958
- Story poster "Taunte Leentje" by Hilda Nickel
- "The King's Visit" by Jake Nickel
- Low German Medley
- J.J. Nickel Income Tax Returns, 1948 to 1974
- Margareta Rempel childhood memorabilia
- Miscellaneous photos in Wally Nickel envelope
- Tape recordings of interviews in Low German with J.J. and Elisabeth Nickel, parents of Jake Nickel, conducted in March and April, 1976
- Glimpses: Memoirs of Jacob J. Nickel (1892-1986), compiled and edited by Woldemar Nickel
- Die Heilige Schrift mit Bildern nach der deutschen Uebersetzung D. Martin Luthers, Stuttgart: Wurttembergische Bibelanstalt, 1929. Contains several pages of "Familien Chronik"
- Rempel, David D., Familien Chronik, Zweiter Band, Saskatoon, SK, Oktober 1969, 2c
- Rempel, David D., Family Chronicle, Volume Two, translation and artwork bay Hilda Nickel, daughter of David Rempel, 1999
- Rempel, D.D., Erinnerungen, Zweite Auflage, Saskatoon, SK, September 1973, 2c
- Rempel, D.D., Grandfather Reminisces (Grossvater erzaehlt), translated and illustrated by Hilda Nickel, 1974, 2c

- From Russia: school classes, some identifying Margareta (Koop) Rempel, teacher David H. Rempel
- Mennonite Song Festival, Third Ave. United Church, Saskatoon, June 1948 and June 1949
- Relatives of Margaret (Koop) Rempel and David H. Rempel,
- Wedding photos
- Miscellaneous individual and family snapshots
- 1995 Calendar - Prominent Mennonite Buildings: Khortitsa and Molochnaya colonies, Ukraine
- Old Oak on the banks of the Khortitza River

- Manuscript: Osterwick 1812-1943, 2 copies
- D.D. Rempel working papers
- Documents: Naturalization certificates (Rempel), Identification in Russian, Certificates
- Clippings, letters
- Drawings, photos
- James Nickel High School Report Cards

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