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Section III: Personal Papers
John D. Friesen (1921-2004)


Biographical sketch

John D. Friesen was born in the village of Chortitz, 10 km. west of Hague, Saskatchewan, on 6 October 1921, the oldest child of David (1900-1987) and Katharina (1874-1947) (nee Neudorf) Friesen. In 1940, he married Mary Gerbrandt (1917-2004), the daughter of Thomas and Helena Gerbrandt. In the winter of 1943-44, he attended the Hochfeld Bible School operated near Hague, Saskatchewan, by the Western Children's Mission, a missionary arm of the Mennonite Brethren church. He completed the two year course in one year.

In July 1940, John D. Friesen was ordained as one of the first two ministers of the first Rudnerweide Church in Saskatchewan, located at Chortitz. In 1952, Rev. Friesen was ordained as the bishop of the Saskatchewan Rudnerweide Church. When the Rudnerweide Church was transformed into the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference in 1959, Rev. Friesen was elected as its first moderator. He continued an active ministry both as a pastor in several of the EMMC churches and as an itinerate evangelist. He also became well-known for his radio broadcasts in the Low German language, "The Gospel Message," which he produced for over 30 years.

Scope and content

The John D. Friesen fonds consists of the church records and registers of the Saskatchewan branch of the Rudnerweide Church (1944-1956). The fonds also contains much material related to the various other ministries of Rev. Friesen, including sermon notes, personal reminiscences, ministry records, and church bulletins. Also related to his family and ministry are numerous photographic slides from his travels in North and South America.

A portion of John D. Friesen's library of English and German books is also contained in the collection, including a number of rare or short-run publications related to Mennonites. A considerable amount of correspondence and official records of his grandfather, Isbrand Friesen, from 1899 to 1944, is also included. The genealogical material in the fonds consists of two binders of Friesen/Schapansky and Gerbrandt/Kroeker family records, and an abundance of obituaries (1946-2004).

Custodial history

The materials in the John D. Friesen fonds were donated to the MHSS shortly after Rev. Friesen's death in 2004, according to his instructions.


-Language: English and German
-Description by Alan M. Guenther, 2 March 2005.
-Title based on contents of fonds.

Series description

Church Records of the Rudnerweide Mennonite Church

This series contains the minutes of the annual meetings as well as the monthly committee meetings of the Saskatchewan Rudnerweide Mennonite Church. The Gemeinde Register and the Gemeinde Verzeichnis Buch for the church is also included, along with miscellaneous items from the Manitoba churches. This series also contains Rev. John D. Friesen's correspondence with missionaries, church and mission leaders, 1952-1956. Church bulletins from the Evangelical Mennonite Missions Church for 1959-1960 are also included.
-Title based on contents of the series.
-Finding aid: John D. Friesen list, volume 1.

Correspondence of Isbrand Friesen (1867-1945)

This series contains the personal correspondence as well as financial records of Isbrand Friesen, the grandfather of John D. Friesen.
-Title based on contents of the series.
-Finding aid: No finding aids currently available.

Writings and Sermons by John D. Friesen

This series contains several unpublished writings by John D. Friesen as well as an extensive collection of his sermon notes. A few family mementos are also included.
-Title based on contents of the series.
-Finding aid: John D. Friesen list, volumes 3-8.

John D. Friesen photographic slide collection

This series contains photographic slides taken by John D. Friesen during his ministry trips to Mexico and countries in Central and South America, as well as family and community celebrations in Canada. These are arranged in slide trays and in boxes, and are listed in the finding aid according to the original titles on the containers.
-Title bases on contents of the series.
-Finding aid: John D. Friesen list, volumes 9-12.

John D. Friesen sound recordings collection

This series contains recorded music albums and cassette tapes collected by John D. Friesen.
-Title based on contents of the series.
-Finding aid: John D. Friesen list, volume 12.

Friesen family genealogical material and small run publications

This series contains genealogical records of the Friesen/Schapansky and Gerbrandt/Kroeker families. It also contains privately published collections of poetry and other writings by Mennonites. Church and community directories as well as school yearbooks are also included, along with other miscellaneous items.
-Title based on contents of the series.
-Finding aid: John D. Friesen list, volume 13.


This series consists of printed obituaries collected by the John D. Friesen family.
-Title based on contents of the series.
-Finding aid: No finding aids are currently available.

John D. Friesen library

This series contains a selection of books from the John D. Friesen library including both German and English published works. Subject matter of these books is primarily related to Mennonite communities in Canada and other parts of the world. Also included are a number of German language song books.
-Title based on contents of the series.
-Finding aid: John D. Friesen list, volumes 15-17.

File list

Volume 3.1 - Church Records of the Rudnerweide Mennonite Church.


-Records of the Rudnerweide Mennonite Church, Saskatchewan
-minutes of annual meetings, 1944-1955
-minutes of monthly committee meetings, 1946-1956
-Gemeinde Register for Ruderweider Gemeinde in Saskatchewan, 1944
-Gemeinde Verzeichnis Buch der Rudnerweider Mennonite Church, Sask. Branch, Hague, Sask.
-Protokols der Jugendvereins zu Gruenthal, 1936-1938.
-Protokols des Gruenthal Jugendverein. "Bethel' 1939-1943.
-Minutes of annual and monthly meetings of the Rudnerweide Mennonite Church, Saskatchewan - duplicates, 1952-1956.
-Miscellaneous church matters of the Rudnerweide Mennonite Church, Saskatchewan, 1950-1964.
-Minutes of monthly meetings of the Manitoba Rudnerweide Mennonite Church, 1952-1956.
-Termination of membership of David D. Janzen, 20 Jan. 1949 - copy
-Marriage licenses, church records, 1944-1950
"Zum Andenken an den Tag der geiligen Taufe." Für Henry Teichroeb, am 20 June 1945 getauft von Ält. W. H. Falk. Seal of the Rudnerweide Mennonite Church of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
-Letters of reference, church membership transfer, and excommunication, 1945-1990.
-Correspondence with La Crete Bergthal Church, Alberta, 1977.
-Correspondence with missionaries, church and mission leaders, 1952-1956
-Correspondence with government departments, 1954-1955
-Records of evangelistic meetings, 1962-1964
- Broesky, Peter E. A., comp. "Broesky-Friesen fact-finding tour, No. Alta. & No. B.C., July 1971." Pages bound in small binder. (2 copies)
-"Rudnerweide Churches Organize as Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference," The Canadian Mennonite. Newspaper clipping, [1959]
-Adam, Betty Ann. "Blaze scorches church: Westmount Evangelical sees fruits of its labour go up in smoke," StarPhoenix (3 September 2002), pp. A3-A6. Newspaper clipping.
-Church Bulletins, 3 cm.
-Evangelical Mennonite Missions Church, Saskatoon - Sept. 20, 1959 to Jan. 29, 1961.
    -Evangelical Mennonite Church, Steinbach - Oct. 25 to Nov. 1, 1959.
    -Rudnerweide Mennonite Church-Mar. 13, 1960.
    -Evangelical Mennonite Missions Churches, Chortitz, Neuhorst, Venice - July 24, 1960.
-Marriage Records, stubs of services performed by John D. Friesen, 1946-2000
-Baptism Records, stubs of services performed by John D. Friesen, 1977-1981
-"Church Ministries Manual" Prepared for Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference Congregations by the Ministerial Council of the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference, July 1990. With study papers, position papers, reports, and correspondence laid in.
-Harms, Abe & Anita, "Report on the International Congress on Ethics, Justice and Commerce in Transplantation: A GlobalView," 1989
-Hiebert, Terry G., "The Role of Women in the EMMC: A Survey Analysis," 1991
-Hamm, Edward, "Proposal regarding Divorce and Remarriage: A Summary of Study Papers presented to the EMMC Ministerial," 1991
-Harms, Abe, "Sanctity of Life," 1990
-Adrian, Ron, "Dealing redemptively with the Divorced and Remarried," 1990
-Heppner, Jack, "Divorce and Remarriage from a Biblical Perspective," 1990
-Smith, Mark, "Divorce and Remarriage: What is our Understanding?" 1990
-Kroeker, Margaret, "Behind the Clouds," [on mental illness and its treatment]
-Warkentin, Abe, "Mexico Trip Report," 1993
-"Membership of the Rudnerweider Mennonite Church of Saskatchewan, Nov. 1954- " - House Visitation List
-"A Time to Build," 2003 Calendar containing pictures of EMMC Churches in Belize, Mexico, Canada, and the U. S.
-Missionary Directories - 1996, 1998; Missionsregeln und Prinzipien der Rudnerweide Mennoniten Gemeinde (German and English); promotional materials for the EMMC and The Gospel Message

Volume 3.2 - Correspondence of Isbrand Friesen (1867-1945)

1811, 1899-1944

-Mathematics book - German script, 1811.
-Bank books and accounts books of Isbrand and David I. Friesen, 1911-1955
-Account book, 1913-1932.
-Ledger, 1933-1945 - laid in: recommendation from bank to buy Victory Bonds, 1944; Red Cross appeal for donations of grain, 1944; Der kleine Afrika=Bote, 4, no. 8 (Aug. 1939), published in Winnipeg; letter from H. B. Friesen, Mexico, 1942.
-Telegram from Isbrand Friesen, Mexico, 1927
-Invoices & Receipts for medical operation, 1925
-Money transfer to Mexico, 1925
-Certificate of title - David I. Friesen & Katharina Friesen, 1968
-Military Call Documents for John D. Friesen, 1941-1945
-Passport, official documents - David I Friesen, John D. Friesen
-File of official documents and correspondence, 1899-1972

In brown box
-Personal correspondence - 30 cm. (letters in original envelopes)
-Financial receipts and records -1 cm.

In black/white box
-Personal correspondence - 10 cm. 1910-1946
-Official letters and receipts - 10 cm.
-Canadian passport of Isbrand and Anna Friesen, with Mexican visa laid in

Volume 3.3 - Personal Mementos and Writings by John D. Friesen


- Certificate of Birth for Katharina Schapansky, 26 Sept. 1895, Province of Manitoba, Dept. of Health and Public Welfare, F Series, # 53448.
- Gemeindezeugnis for Br. David I. Friesen, dated 7 July 1944 in the Chortitz church of the Rudnerweide Gemeinde.
- Gemeindezeugnis for Schw. Katherina Friesen (Schapansky), dated 7 July 1944 in the Chortitz church of the Rudnerweide Gemeinde.
- Certificate for completing 15 weeks of Bible School work at Hochfeldt Bible School, Hague, Sask. Inscribed to John Friesen, dated 5 Mar. 1944.
- Report Card, Hochfeld Bible School, Hague, Sask, conducted by the Western Children's Mission, Hepburn, Sask. For John D. Friesen, dated 5 Mar. 1944.
- Homelitiks Test, 2 March 1944.
- Christian Missions Test, 31 Dec. 1944.
- "Gespräch für drei Mädchen" in German and English
- Book of Wedding Verses transcribed by John D. Friesen, 11 April 1940.
- Exercise book, artwork, John D. Friesen, c.1932
- Exercise book, Subject - Citizenship, Grade VII, John D. Friesen, 6 Sept. 1935
- Exercise book, Subject - British History, Grade VII, John D. Friesen, 1 Sept. 1935.
- Exercise book, "Songs," John D. Friesen, 15 Feb. 1935.
- Exercise book - Song Book, John D. Friesen, German and English, 1 March 1937
- Exercise book - songs, poems, writings, Maria Gerbrand [1939]
- Exercise book - notes on 1 Peter, Colossians
- Binder - notes on New Testament Epistles, "Personal Work," "Old Testament Synthysis" Winter 1943-1944
- Exercise book, "Bible Doctrine," John D. Friesen, 1945. [Includes "Class Time Table" on the last page]
- Exercise book, "Christian Missions," John D. Friesen, 1944-45. [Includes "Prediger Bibel Betrachtung" 1944]
- Exercise book, "Bible Doctrine: Doctrines of Salvation/ Homeleticks" March 1944.
- Exercise book, "Homeletics." [includes notes on lecture on "Hosea" by Rev. J. G. Rempel, 25 Feb. 1947]
- Exercise book, "Personal Library Record," John D. Friesen, 1946-1948.
- Glaubenslehre: Religionsunterricht dargeboten von F. W. Hermann, 17 May 1964
- Friesen, John D. "A Brief Sketch of the Life of John D. Friesen to be shared with family members and others, who have touched his life." Dedicated to my wife Mary, who has also been my best friend for over 57 years. 28 August 1997. [7 copes]
- "Worth Repeating" - writings by John D. Friesen
- "Finishing the Task... 'Holding Forth the Word of Life'"
- "Saskatchewan E.M.M.C. Historical Information, 1940-1963: For the Hague Gospel Church Home-Coming"
- "Dedicated to the Ministry"
- "My First Evangelistic Trip to Northern Saskatchewan, 1941"
- "My First Wedding"
- "My First Funeral - 12 December 1946"
- "Observance of 25 Years E.M.M.C."
- "South America Report, 1968"
- "1980 Chacq Crusades" 23 April - 17 June, 1980
- "1980 Mexico Crusades" 5-26 March 1980
- "Revival at Aylmer EMMC"
- "God's printed Word does not return void"
- "Radio is Supplementary"
- "The Challenge is before us"
- "Radio and Missions"
-" 'Follow-up' or 'Follow-through'?"
- My first radio message on Christ for Everyone Broadcast, 23 November 1952
- "Revival and a spiritual Harvest"
- Example of Counseling record at Crusade service to be used in follow-up ministry
- "Someone's Faithfulness: A Blessing to others and a Glory to God!"
- "As I see it and hear it" 1984
- "The Challenge is before us"
- "Barry Friesen interviews his Grand dad, Rev. John D. Friesen on 'Rock Music'" 13 April 1982.
- "Son marries his Father" alt. title: "Son officiates at Father's Wedding"
- "Let us exalt his name together, Psa. 34:3" 40th Wedding Anniversary of John D. & Mary Friesen, 1940-1980.
- "Inter Church Communion"
- "Dedicated to the Ministry"
- photocopied extracts from Der Leitstern, September 1961; February 1952.
- "Changes in Ministry over the Years," as prepared for the Saskatoon Mennonite Ministerial Fellowship on May 31, 1995. [not part of original binder]
- Family and personal histories; ministry reports, histories, and itineraries; sermon notes; clippings
- E.M.M.C. Recorder articles by John D. Friesen, 1968-1988
- Bethany Manor Orchestra
- Miscellaneous studies on theological and cultural topics, in orange accordion binder.
- "Christian Growth Class," workbook of John D. Friesen, Westmount, 13 May, 1979.
- Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts study
- Bible Study notes
- File of newspaper clippings re: Mennonites in Mexico, Bolivia, Saskatchewan
- File of photocopied maps of Mennonite settlements world-wide
- Sunday school lesson notes, 1940
- Correspondence and plans for revival campaign 1950
- Miscellaneous sermons

Volume 3.4 - Sermon notes
[titles as indicated on spine of binders]
German Sermon Outlines
Lent - Easter
Miscellaneous Poems
Radio Messages
untitled medium binders
untitled small binders

Volume 3.5 - Sermon notes
[titles as indicated on spine of binders]
Holy Spirit
Mother's Day/ Father's Day
Revelation of Jesus Christ
Missionaries - prayer directory
Sermons 1940-50's (carton)
Bundle of sermons and notes to 2002
Aehrenlese: Bläter für das Schriftstudium - Jahrg. 5-7. 10 (est. 1932 to 1937)
    -edited by G. Brinke, Bern, Schweiz - Christian Brethren periodical

Volume 3.6 - Sermon notes
[titles as indicated on spine of binders]
Holding Forth
Marriage - Home
Service - Ordinations
Radio Programs - 91
Wedding Ceremonies
Aging - Anniversaries
Church / Ordinances, etc.

Volume 3.7 - Sermon notes
[titles as indicated on spine of binders]
John D. Friesen
Revival - Renewal
John D. Friesen
Missions / Service / Thanksgiving
Church / Body of Christ
John D. Friesen
Gospel of John

Volume 3.8 - Sermon notes
[titles as indicated on spine of binders]
Advent / Maranatha / New Year
Holding Forth
Holding Forth - sermons only
John P. Friesen
[German sermons; "Aehrenlese: Bläter für das Schriftstudium"; etc.]
Songs & Poems

Volume 3.9 - Photographic slides
[titles as indicated on covers]
Round trays:
- 'Hague Home Coming, Oct. 1983"
- untitled
- "Seminole, Texas / Miami, Florida, Feb.-Mar. 1979."
- "Bolivia, 68-69"
- "1980 S.A. #1"
- "Ecuador"
Long trays:
- untitled
- "Funeral Wynyard Canora"
- "Paraguay '68'"
- "Expo 67 / Holland 67"
- "Ecuador"
- "Christian workers"

Volume 3.10 - Photographic slides
[titles as indicated on covers]
Round trays:
   - "Family 1990"
   - "Black Hills, SD, July 1978"
   - "Bethany Manor, May 1995"
   - "Belize, C. A."
   - "Radio Rally slides, 1986"
   - "Radio Rally"

Long trays:
   - "Family"
   - "Miami, 1979"
   - "Henry & Freda [?] triplets
   - "B. H. No. 2"
   - "Radio / Paraguay"
   - "Radio 1"

Small packets:
- "Ontario - Anniversary, 1965"
- "Radio Rally slides, 86 / slides of Great grandparents"
- "Del Rio, Texas & Quemado, Mexico"
- "Neuhorst"
- "Mexico, 1980"
- "Mexico, 1975 & 80"
- "Radio, 1987"
- "Variety Radio"
- "S. A. etc."
- "Mexico, 1980"
- "Mexico with Dick & Judy"
- "Mexico in 1980"
- "Mexico with Dick & Judy"
- "Radio"
- untitled

Volume 3.11 - Photographic slides
[titles as indicated on covers]
Long trays:
   - "Bolivia 69" 3 trays
   - "Paraguay" 2 trays
   - "Par - Bra"
   - "Brazil"
   - "Panama"
   - "Ecuador" 2 trays
   - "Georgetown Germans"
   - "some Belize"
   - "Mexico and others"
   - "Jerry Hildebrands & family in Brazil"
   - "a mixture and Mexico"
   - "Mexico"
   - "B.H." 4 trays
   - "Texas-Mexico"
   - "Par"
   - "Miami"
   - "East Par"
   - "Blue Wing, SK & Winkler, Man"

- "Radio"
- "Lymburn & Carrot River / Bartsch - Schapansky"
- "family / Peter Berg's music / Peter Harder's wedding"
- untitled - 2 trays

Volume 3.12 - Photographic slides
[titles as indicated on covers]
Long trays:
- "Radio 2 / 69"
- "Radio 71-1"
- "Radio 1972" #1
- "Radio 1972" #3
- "Radio"
Sound Recordings, vinyl - in Record Album
   - The Janz Quartet
   - Gospel Recordings - German
   - The Sutera Twins
   - Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet
   - Mark & Rose Gripp
   - The Chuck Wagon Gang
    - Mark & Rose Gripp
   - Geo. Beverly Shea
   - Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet

Sound Recordings, cassette tape
- Neufeld, J. J. "Daut Niehe Tastament opp Plautdietsch," 24 cassettes in 2 albums, Bible Translations on Tape, 1987.
- "Gruenthal School Reunion" n.d. 6 cassettes in 1 album.

Volume 3.13 - Family History
Friesen/Schapansky Register
Gerbrandt/Kroeker Register
Taylor, Sharon. The Amazing Story of the Friesens in Canada. n.p. Halbert's Inc, 1984.
Our Family Heritage, 1983: The Ancestors and Descendants of the Peter P. Dycks. [printed by] Altona, MB: Friesen Yearbooks, 1983. Friesen, Isaac P. F. "The Family Register of Peter and Katharina Friesen, 1860-1974." Winkler, MB: n. p., 1974.
Wedding and family register of David I. Friesen and Katharina Schapansky, 1920, "Familien - Chronik"

Private or small-run publications
- Harms, Helena K. "Gedichte gewidmet von Frau Helena K. Harms, 1897-1959," March 10, 1960.
- Neudorf, Peter. "Poetic Inspirations from the Heart." Pages bound in small binder. Laid in: Card to "John & Mary" from "Peter & Anne."
- Peter K. Neufeld. "Moderne Kindererziehung." Filadelfia, Paraguay: self-pubished, [1981].
- Peter K. Neufeld. "Die Stellung des Christen zum Staat." Filadelfia, Paraguay: self-pubished, [1981].
- Peter K. Neufeld. "Verlorene Schaetze: D. Das Schamgefuehl." Filadelfia, Paraguay: self-pubished, [1981]
. - Peter K. Neufeld. "Verschobene Werte." Filadelfia, Paraguay: self-pubished, [1981]. Letter and envelope from author, November 1981, laid in.
- Peter K. Neufeld. "Verschobene Werte: K. Busse und Gnade." Filadelfia, Paraguay: self-pubished, [1981].
- Peter K. Neufeld. "Verschobene Werte: M. Gottesdienst." Filadelfia, Paraguay: self-pubished, [1981].
- Peter K. Neufeld. "Verschobene Werte." Filadelfia, Paraguay: self-pubished, [1981].
- Fast, Menno and Tena. Collection of poems bound in small binder, 1997. Laid in: Letter from Menno Fast, Gretna, MB, to Mr. Friesen, 25 Feb. 1998.
- Friesen, Ruth. Grandpa's Stories: Briefly, the Life and Memories of Henry H. Friesen with Genealogical Data and Roots - A Special Christmas Gift. Hague, SK: self published, 1989.
- McDonnold, Randy. "A Manual of Organization and Procedure for Christian Education in a Local Church," M. Div. research project, Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, 1982.
- Harms, Helena K. "Gedichte gewidmet von Frau Helen K. Harms, 1897-1959." 10 March 1960. Pages stapled with blue cover.
- Polachic, Darlene. "Labour of love wins MS caregiver award," Saskatoon Sun (8 Dec. 2002), p. 42. photocopy of article on Ed & Helen Janzen - 2 copies.
- Friesen, I. P. "Zu meinem Begräbnis," Lied von Bruder I. P. Friesen als Zeugnis zu seinem Begräbnis gedichtet. Saskatoon, 11 März 1947.
- "Gradmesser des Glaubenstandes." Plum Coulee, MB: Evangelical Tract Mission, n.d.
- Fast, Peter W. Pioneer was Fast. 1993. [director of Plautdietsch project 1982-1987]
- Fehr, John. Jesus the Master Builder. [written sometime between 1988 and 2003]
- Friesen, Mary Giesbrecht. A Time to say "I Three". [Laid in: Letter from Anne Giesbrecht, Winnipeg, to John and Mary Friesen, 21 Jan. 1994; family records from Friesen and Giesbrecht families; photos of Mary and Anne Giesbrecht; clipping of Mrs. John Giesbrecht.]
- Friesen, Robyn Noelle. Relationships. [poetry]
- Klassen, P. J. Der Peet: Geschichten von Peet und seinen Kameraden. Deutschen Kindern erzählt von Onkel Peter. Zweites Buch. Superb, SK: self-published, 1943.
- Land of Opportunity: Ft. Vermilion School Division No. 52. Compiled by Fort Vermillion School Division for the information of teachers interested in joining our staff, January, 1968.
- Stonehouse, John S. "Report to the Board of Directors Worldwide European Fellowship on the Teachings of Robert B. Thieme, Jr." 26 February, 1974 [5 copies]
- Reddekopp, Jack. "The Hague-Osler Old Colony Mennonites: An Historical Overview." A Research Paper presented to the Department of Religion, CMBC, 1976.
- Janzen, William. "The Old Colony Mennonites in Mexico." MCC News Service, 1977.
- Friesen, Ruth. "Chortitz Cemetery List" revised, typescript.
- Fast, Peter W. "Phonemic orthography for Plaut Dietsch." # 2, typescript. (2 copies)
- Janzen, Abram G. "Altester Johan M. Loeppky, 1882-1950, As I Remember Him." 2003, typescript.
- Friesen, Isaac P. Friesen, "Kurzer ueberblick ueber die Anfangs Geschichte der Evangelical Mennonite Mission Church." Plus: John D. Friesen. "Saskatchewan E.M.M.C.E Historical Information, 1940-1963 for the Hague Church Home-coming," and Randy McDonnold. "A Profile: Rev. John D. Friesen, an Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference Leader."
- Neudorf, J. J. "Aus Meinem Leben." Osler, SK, 1970.
- Fehr, John. "Beyond Redemption." Osler, SK, 1984.
- "Reinlaender Gemeinde Buch." Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society, printed from the internet, 2001.
- "Descendants of Giesbrecht Neudorf, as related to Jacob Neudorf, our First Immigrant-Forefather to Canada," information in the hands of Ruth Friesen, Hague, SK, 1993.
- Janzen, William. "Wo geht es hin?/Where are things going?" A speech given in Low German at a fund-raising dinner for Die Mennonitische Post at Osler, Saskatchewan, November, 1992.
- Martin, Judith. "Study of the Mennonites in Saskatoon: Phase II - A Study on Mennonite Inter-Marriage in Saskatoon." For Professor C. C. Zimmerman, Sociology 313B, April 13, 1968.
- Janzen, William. "A Report on a two day visit with the Mennonites who have come from Mexico to southern Ontario, June 13 and 14, 1976," written on invitation of Mennonite Central Committee (Ontario), June 23, 1976.
- Kanadier Mennonite Concerns Committee. Agenda and papers presented at a special meeting to discuss church discipline, Winnipeg, 14 May 1993.
- Janzen, William. "Study of the Mexico Mennonites in Southern Ontario." [July 1974].
- Fast, Mary. "Mary's Memories." Derwent, AB, December 2001.
- Janzen, John J. "As I Remember It... Neuanlage, 1895-1995."
- Klassen, Johann J. Ens: A Family Heritage. n. p. Ernst J. Klassen, 1983.
- The Von Riesen-Friesen Geneology, 1756-1966. Steinbach, MB: n. p., 1967.
- Harder, Bill. History and Development of the La Crete Bergthaler Mennonite Church, 1965-1993.
- Mennonite Settlement: The East and West Reserves. Manitoba Department of Cultural Affairs and Historical Resources, Historic Resources Branch, 1981. [brochure from the Mennonite Village Museum laid in]
- "Sommerfeld Mennonite Church Centennial Celebrations, July 4, 1993, Morris, Manitoba, 1893-1993."
- Janzen, William. "The Debt Problem of Colony Mennonites in Bolivia," A report for the Mennonite Central Committee, January 20, 1989.
- "Dalmeny Bible Church 75th Anniversary, 1904-1979"
- "Mennonite Invalid Home, 1958, Steinbach, Manitoba"
- Western Gospel Mission 2, no. 3 (July, August, September, 1958). A Publication of the Western Gospel Mission, Steinbach, Manitoba.
- "Weihnachten ein Liebes- und Freudenfest (für vier größere Knaben)"

Church, community and school yearbooks and directories
- School records for Gruenthal (S.D. No. 4714), 1928-1965 - photocopy
- Evangelical Mennonite Missionary Conference, 1960-1961. [Laid in: letter from publications committee]
- The Rock Built by Jesus Christ: Altona EMMC Church Family Photo Directory, 1992. Altona: Evangelical Mennonite Mission Church of Altona, [1992].
- Aylmer Evangelical Mennonite Mission Church: Celebrating 25 Years, 1965-1990.
- Zion Mennonite Church Membership Directory, 1986.
- Jubilee Yearbook of the E. M. M. Conference (Rudnerweider), 1937-1962. n.p. [1962
- Winkler Bible Institute, Morning Star, 1974-1975. 50th Jubilee Celebration Issue, 1925-1975. [printed by] Altona, MB: Friesen Yearbooks, 1975.
- Country Valley Photo Album. A Photo Album assembled to honor the Senior Citizens resident during 1980 in Country Valley Homecare District #29. Printed by Friesen Yearbooks, Altona, MB. [2 copies]

Miscellaneous items
- "Leucht-Sterne: Spruchkästchen" Winnipeg: Progress Press, n.d. - verse cards in small, black cardboard box.
- Little box of promises, with poem on inside cover. From "A loving Sister."
- Map "Rural Municipality No. 403, Rosthern"
- Map "Mapa de las Colonias Mennonitas en el Chaco Paraguayo preparado por el Chortitzer Komitee, Administracion de la Colonia Menno, 1963.
- Medication lists for John and Mary Friesen
- Newspaper clippings, 1973-1992
- Pocket New Testament - signature Mary Gerbrandt; church stamp Rudnerweide, 1937
- Place mats "Hague-Osler Mennonite Reserve, 1895-1995 - 4 mats
- File on "Pastor's Wife," containing paper by David Schroeder, "Women in Biblical Perspective" Report to the Mennonite Central Committee (Canada), Special Meeting, 11 Sept. 1987, Winnipeg, MB
- "Suggestions to Counsellors as used by The Gospel Message" also in German as "Vorschlaege fuer Persoenliche Arbeiter wie gebraucht von The Gospel Message Arbeiter" - numerous copies
- Anniversaries
   -Low German ministry marking anniversaries
   "A very special day" Saskatchewan Valley News, Nov. 1980

Volume 3.14 - Obituaries - 20 cm.
Obituaries, 1946-1983
Obituaries, 1972-1988
Obituaries, 2000-2004
Obituaries and eulogies, 1997-2002

Volume 3.15 - Published books - German
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- Song books

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-German poems and tracts.

- Volume 3.16 - Published books - English

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Volume 3.17 - Published Books - English, oversize

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