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Section III: Personal Papers
John J. Janzen (1924-2004)


Biographical sketch

John J. Janzen was born in Gruenfeld in the Ukraine on 29 January, 1923, to Johann H. and Katherine (Lehn) Janzen. [see Valley News Obituary, 8 Dec. 2004, p. 11.]

Scope and content

The John J. Janzen fonds consists of the personal papers of Rev. John J. Janzen, being primarily sermons and sermon notes, as well as church records for the Neuanlage Grace Mennonite Church (formerly the Rosenort Mennonite Church at Neuanlage).

Custodial history

The materials in the John J. Janzen fonds were donated to the MHSS [prior to 21 September 2005]

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- Description by Alan M. Guenther, 21 September 2005.
- Title based on contents of fonds.

Series description
   Files of sermon material

   This series contains...

File list

Volume 3.46 - Sermon notes.

- Advent - sermon notes, meditations, dramas
- Christmas - sermon notes, Christmas dramas and other program material (German and English)  - Communion - sermon notes
- Thanksgiving - sermon notes, readings from various periodicals
- Passion - sermon notes, Easter programs
- Holy Spirit - sermon notes, papers on Charismatic movement
- Mother's Day - sermon notes, clippings
- Easter - sermon notes, clippings
- Labor Day - sermon notes, clippings
- Father's Day - sermon notes, clippings
- Genesis - Bible study material, "Address given at the Elim Bible School Graduation," 1966, by Waldemar Janzen.
- Ruth - sermon notes, clippings
- Nehemiah - sermon notes
- Job - sermon notes, clippings
- Daniel - sermon notes
- Matthew - Bible study notes
- Mark - sermon notes, Bible study notes (German), notebook containing lecture notes from "Preaching Materials from Mark," Instructor Henry Poetteker, C.M.B.C., Feb. 9-20, 1959.
- John - sermon and Bible study notes - English and German
- Acts - multiple copies of Bible study notes and maps
- Romans - sermon and study notes
- Corinthians - sermon and study notes, research paper by John J. Janzen, "Pride: The Basic Problem of the Corinthians" March 1976
- Ephesians - sermon and study notes
- Philippians - sermon and study notes
- Titus - study notes
- Peter and Jude - sermon and study notes - German and English, booklet by John R. Rice, "Can a Saved Person Ever Be Lost?"
- Voluntary Service - clippings
- Prophets - sermon and study notes, "Portrait of a Prophet," by Roy Voth, 1940
- Sunday school material
- Peace Principles - numerous clippings and publications

- Edward Yoder, Compromise with War: A Brief Critique of the War Philosophy of Charles Clayton Morrison. Akron, PA: The Mennonite Central Committee, 1944.
- "People as Peacemakers, or, it really works" - teaching aids for Peacemakers in a Broken World
- "A Christian Declaration on Race Relations," General Conference Mennonite Church, 1959
- "Canadian Christians: Unique Possibilities for Peace," written by J. Letkemann, published by The Board of Christian Service, Conference of Mennonites in Canada.
- Ontario Peace Bulletin, vol. 1, no. 1 (31 May 1963) - sponsored by the Conference of Historic Peace Churches; a special section of The Canadian Mennonite.
- copy of letter by F. H. Epp, to the Honourable Paul Martin, Minister of External Affairs, 13 July 1966, on Vietnam.
- "ABC's About Vietnam," prepared by the Friends Peace Committee and reissued by the Fellowship of Reconciliation
- "Canada: A Nation of Reconciliation or Provocation," written by J. Letkemann, published by The Board of Christian Service, Conference of Mennonites in Canada.
- "Peace, War, and Christian Missions," written by Dan Zehr, published by The Board of Christian Service, Conference of Mennonites in Canada
- "The General Conference Mennonite Church: Its faith"
- Erland Waltner, "Wie Petrus ein wehrloser Christ wurde," Mennonite Book Store, Rosthern, Saskatchewan
- John G. Rempel, "A Katechism on non-resistance: A short set of questions and biblical answers on non-resistance for the instruction of young people."
- "Stellungnahme des Christen zu Frieden, Krieg und Militärdienst" Allgemeine Konferenz der Mennonitengemeinden. [1953?] Rosthern Book Store, Rosthern Saskatchewan.
- letter from Neuanlage Grace Mennonite Church responding to the material on Peace and Withholding of Tax Money.
- "Warum verlieren wir unsere jugend und wie können wir diesem Verlust entgegenarbeiten?" D. Pätkau, Rosthern, Sask., August 1950, Sonderdruck des "Boten".
- "They are our Brothers... whom we help," A project of the Fellowship of Reconciliation.
- John K. Stoner, "Does God Save from Enemies?" Letters to American Christians, letter1 (Scottdale, PA: Herald Press, 1986)
- Canadian Peace Bulletin, vol. 1, no. 1, (23 June 1964), Published in cooperation with the Canadian Board of Christian Service, a special section of The Canadian Mennonite.
- Alfred Hassler, "The Human Initiative for Peace" (Nyack, N.Y.: Fellowship of Reconciliation

- Bible Study - notes on a variety of topics
- Winter Bible School - various subjects, 1979-1991
- End Time Events - sermon and study notes; "Christian Witness in the Last Days" by C. M. Hathaway, Colorado City, Colorado
- Women and the Bible - study paper by Peter H. Janzen, to the Conference of Mennonites in Canada, Swift Current, Sask., July 5-9, 1975.
- Peace Resources Packet for Congregations, 1982, Conference of Mennonites in Canada
- Jesus Return - sermon and study notes
- Baptism - notes and clippings; letter by John J. Janzen to Mike Ginther, 18 May 1985, on mode of baptism
- Catechism - notes for Catechism Class - 1960-1985; "A Questionnaire on Catecetical Instruction in Mennonite Churches" with summary of answers received
- Newsletters - Neuanlage Grace Mennonite Church Newsletter, November 1996 to May 1997.
- Revelation - study notes
- Prayer - sermon notes and clippings
- [Bible study notes] - from Bible School? - German and English
- Tragedies - notes on accidents and tragedies, mostly in the Hague area, from 1903 to 1982
- [official burial records and obituaries]
- Sunday School - lectures on Sunday school and teachers
- Short Papers

- "Music and Singing in Our Worship" - 28 June 1987
- "What is your 'Obedience Quotient'?"
- "My Ministerial Call" - John J. Janzen
- "God is interested in little details" - John & Nettie Janzen
- "Prayers of Confession" - used as part of communion service
- "Holy Decision for Christ: Sermon Preached by my Father" 10 April 1932
- "Jesus is Better" - sermon on Hebrews
- "In the Shadow of the Cross" - Good Friday Sermon, Hague, 1985
- "Dialogue for Easter" 1985
- "Champion School District" - John Janzen
- "Elders in the Church" - John Janzen, 16 March 1987
- "Would You Go Back? Would You?" - poem by Eva Dirksen, Nigeria
- "Utilizing God-Given Resources" - sermon, 21 Nov. 1956
- "How Secure is our Inheritance?" - sermon on 1 Peter 1:3-5
- "Sexual Perversion" - John Janzen [after August 1994]
- miscellaneous notes and clippings
- "Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth" - "The Reality of God in Our Families" - Neoma Thiessen
- "Death, Burial and Cremation" - John J. Janzen
- "Relationships" - John J. Janzen
- "Humour in the Senior Years" - Bethel Bible Camp, 23 June 1997

- Newspaper Meditations - "Weekly Meditations" by John Janzen, printed in the Meadow Lake Progress, 1988-1989; copies of columns written by John J. Janzen, 1985[?] and sent to the Village Press
- Proverbs and Sayings
- Mennonite Studies

- J. Winfield Fretz, "Meditations on Christian Mutual Aid," Association of Mennonite Aid Societies, [1958]
- "Mennonite World Membership Map" 1990 Mennonite World Conference
- "Studies on Mennonite History" - lecture outline
- The Mennonite 26 February 1974
- copy of 1873 letter of privileges
- Map - "Central Europe in 1550: Anabaptist areas shaded"
- Anabaptist History - Course Outline, C. Braun, 1978, with handwritten notes
- Mennonite Studies - course notes, 1982
- blank bulletin covers with historical notes printed on back

- The Church - mimeographed lessons
- paper by Rev. Walter Gering, "The Church Takes to the Road," summary of conference sermon given at Estes Park, 1965.
- H. Poettcker, "The Church is Concerned about Education"
- The Family - clippings, notes (including notes of lectures by Carl Ens, Family Life Series), papers (including outline of paper by Rachel Kreider, "The Christian Home," 1957), Policy Statement.

- Miscellaneous - poetry, clippings, teaching notes, poster - "Taiwan's Open Door," missionaries serving in Taiwan, undated
- World Conference 1962 - "Predigerkonferenz den 27. Juli 1962, St. Catherines, Ontario" - includes two papers: H. P. Friesen, "Wie beugen wir Spaltungen in unsern Gemeinden vor?", H. T. Klassen, "Das Problem der Ordination und Funktionen des Aeltestenamtes in unserer Konferenz."

- Church Growth - seminar notes - printed and handwritten;
- Institute for American Church Growth, "Advance Growth Organizer"
- Committee on Evangelism Board of Missions, General Conference Mennonite Church, "Encounter Groups"
- Office of Worldwide Evangelism-in-Depth, Latin American Mission, "Evangelism-in-Depth according to PERT"
- Colombian News, no. 50 (April 1968). Information Service of the Mennonite Mission in Colombia. Includes cover article on "Evangelism-in-Depth in Action."

- "My Brother's Keeper" - J.J.J.
- "Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Family," - P. G. Sawatzky
- "Die Sonntagschule und das Heim," Wm. Pauls
- "The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Graded Lessons in the S. S. for Teacher and Pupil" - manuscript
- "What does Non-resistance mean to me?" - manuscript
- "1 John 5" - sermon, manuscript
- "The Two Ways" - sermon, manuscript
- "Humility and Glory: Phil. 2:5-11: - sermon, manuscript
- "Dienet" 1 Petrus 4,10&11 - Aberdeen, June 11, 1958 - sermon, typescript
- "Konferenz Missions Sonntag" - J. J. Janzen
- "Ihr seid das Licht der Welt." - note indicates Mrs. Peter J. Penner, Hague, June 22/60.
- "Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth"
- "Die Verantwortlichkeit des Predigers zu seinem Geistlichem Leben" - J. J. Janzen.
- "Ministerial Recruitment," Paper presented at Ministers' Courses, March 1963, by Peter G. Sawatzky.
- "Study on Baptism" - for Neuanlage Church
- "Confusing Times" - Christmas drama

- The Good Shepherd - Sermon notes
- Ministerial Outlines - sermon notes, miscellaneous clippings and publications

Volume 3.47 - Church Records

- Church Records
- Rosenort Mennonite Church at Neuanlage, membership list, 1958
- Conference of Mennonites of Saskatchewan, Annual Meeting, 1968, bulletin
- Board of Education and Publication 1961-62 - Photo
- List of members serving overseas

- Neuanlage Grace Mennonite Church - History
- list of weddings and funerals, arranged alphabetically
- Protokall der Bruderberatunt der Gruppe der Rosenarter Gemeinde zu Neu-Anlage aus 10ten Marz 1937.
- Preaching list for Rosthern, Bergthal, Hague, Hochfeld, Gruenthal, Neuanlage, Aberdeen, Osler - 1939, 1940.
- Protokall - 2 June 1956
- Special meeting - 18 Nov. 1961
- Church Council meeting minutes - 10 Dec. 1984
- Die Mennoniten Gemeinde zu Burwalde - 13-18 Feb. 1983
- missionary histories - Jake and Margaret Penner, Susan Lamb
- church history by John J. Janzen, 21 Sept. 1980.
- John J. Janzen, "History of Neuanlage Grace Mennonite Church," about 1979.
- testimony by Erwin Hiebert - sometime after the summer of 1981
- testimony by Amos Fehr - Jan. 1982
- Photographs

- 1945 - May 21 - on church steps: Altester David Toews, Rev. Johann H. Janzen, Rev. Cornelius Boldt, Rev. David H. Rempel; Abram J. Friesen, Isaac Wall, John Foese, Helen Friesen, Nettie Ens, Margaret Klassen, Mary Peters, a number unidentified.
- Mr. & Mrs. Frank Derksen, Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Derksen, Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Patkau, Mrs. Tina Janzen; Mrs. Funk, Mrs. Berg, our Grandmother, Maria Fast.

- Special Occasions - sermons and talks by John J. Janzen
- Life - Care Group meeting outlines and minutes
- Alten-fest - programs, etc. 1978-1985
- Old Letters

- Program fuer die Konferenz der Rosenorter Gemeinde von Saskatchewan in Rosthern am 25. und 26. Juni 1949. Joh. G. Rempel.
- Bericht des Aeltesten - 23. Juni 1948.- signed Joh. G. Rempel.
- newspaper clipping: "Hague, Osler Men Arrested: Nabbed on Charges Under War Service Laws by R.C.M.P."
- other items>

- Christmas Letters - John and Nettie Janzen, 1980-2002
- Interest Items

- Sermon notes - ordination service for Arnold Kornelsen, 28 Sept. 1986.
- Cross Lake experience with Art Zacharias
- "Elders in the Church," John Janzen, 16 March 1987.
- "A Brief History of the Neuanlage Grace Mennonite Church" by A. G. Janzen
- "Who is Jesus Christ," Emil L. Amendt, Hepburn, SK.
- sermon notes, etc.

- Compass Immanuel Church, "Annual Reports," 1986, 1987.
- '41 Grads - correspondence and histories of 1941 graduates of Rosthern Academy
- Sask. Conference - devotional talks for Concerned Mennonites meetings - 1985, 1986; draft letter to the churches of CoMoS and the CoMoS executive, from the "Concerned Mennonites of Saskatchewan" [c. 1984]

- "Temperance Packet," Social Concerns Committee, Board of Christian Service, Kansas.

- "Statement on Alcohol," Canadian Board of Christian Service, Conference of Mennonites in Canada.
- Homer K. Janzen, "Concerns Regarding Intemperance," published by The Canadian Board of Christian Service, Winnipeg. A paper presented on behalf of the Board of Christian Service at the 57th Conference of Mennonites in Canada held at Clearbrook, B.C., July 3-8, 1959.
- Roland R. Goering, "Placing Christ Central in a Christian's Relationship to Social Drinking and the Use of Liquor." - mimeographed paper

- Mission Conference - planning meeting minutes, programs of the Mennonite Mission Conference, sponsored by Saskatchewan Conference of Mennonites and its Youth Organization, 1961-1967.
- Prayer Mtg. sermon notes, clippings

- "Programm für die Gebetswoche 1957"
- "Youth Prayer Calendar 1962" published by the Faith and Life Press for the Young People's Union of the General Conference Mennonite Church. Editor: Muriel Thiessen.
- Prayer Week programs 1978, 1979, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1993

- "Referate und Berichte: Reports to the Conference of Mennonites in Canada at Winkler and Rosthern, July 1964 - numerous authors
- Hague Ministerial - papers and devotionals presented - 1976-1980
-Walter Gering, editor, Catechism Workbook, Board of Education and Publication [c.1950] - answers written in, signed by John Janzen, 11 Mar. 1952.
- Class notes - by John J. Janzen, CMBC, 1959; other

- Homiletik
- Amos
- Galatians
- Relationship of the Old and New Testament
- Corinthians

Volume 3.48 - Sermon notes.
- Funerals - funeral sermons, 1955-2004
- Wedding Vows, etc. - various orders of service and wedding vows
- Anniversaries - sermons and tributes, 1964-1998
- The Family - marriage counseling helps

- "Marriage Preparation Counsel" Neuanlage Grace Mennonite Church
- "Premarital Counselling Forms" Neuanlage Grace Mennonite Church
- Ronald J. Hunsicker and John H. Neufeld, "A Guide to Marriage Preparation," January 1973. For use by ministers and counselors.
- "Guidelines to Ministers Preforming [sic] Weddings: Marriage Counselling, Policies, Proceedures, Sample Wedding Ceremonies," Prepared by the Board of Ministers and Deacons for the Ministers of the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference. Compiled by R. Adrian.
- P. G. Sawatzky, "Jesus Christ, The Lord of the Family" - sermon typscript

- Misc. - 1

- Sermon notes of a Message by Rev. Johann H. Janzen, preached on 11 February, 1945.
- "A Tribute to my Brother John," by one of John J. Janzen's younger brothers
- sermon notes, clippings

- Missions

- Andrew R. Shelly, India Hour of Destiny: Partnership in Mission
- India Calling vol. 29, no. 1 (Spring 1966); vol. 32, no. 1 (Spring 1969).
- Rudolph Martens, "Missions in the Belgian Congo," 1957.
- Arthur Thiessen, "Leprosy: Challenge to Christian Conscience," reprint, 1964.
- "Giving with Understanding," Statement prepared and distributed by the Council of Mission Board Secretaries, November, 1966.
- "Mennonite Pioneer Mission in Manitoba: 1945-1959, Altona-Manitoba," [1959]
- "..and they went out," ..introducing our mission workers who went out to General Mennonite fields in 1953.
- " all nations," 1954 General Conference Mennonite Representatives
- "Missionaries who went out in 1955..."
- "Serve and Bear Witness," General Conference Mennonite Missionaries. 1957-1968 inclusive.
- "The Financial Challenge of Missions in the General Conference Mennonite Church," [1962]
- newsletters from missionaries, 1954-1961
- biographical sketches of missionaries, printed by Board of Missions, General Conference Mennonite Church, Kansas.
"Thank You Lord!" - hymn composed by Palmer and Ardys Becker, used in the First Mennonite Church, Clinton, Oklahoma, in connection with missionary meeting in the fall of 1968.
- missions sermon, 1992.

- "G.M.U. welcomes you to Bolivia" - maps, etc.

Volume 3.49 - Sermon notes.

- Camp - sermons, camp schedules, statistics (1963)
- Senior's Retreat - 1995, 1997
- Skits - for DVBS, Thanksgiving, Christmas
- Miscellaneous - sermon outlines, etc.
- Labor Day

- correspondence, 1994, 1995]
- humorous readings
- "Wo geht es hin? / Where are things going?" A speech given in Low German at a fund-raising dinner for Die Mennonitsche Post at Osler, Saskatchewan, November 14, 1992, by William Janzen.

- German Songs
- Poems
- Stewardship - John H. Rudy, "Mennonite Christians & Personal Bankruptcy," n.d. Note: "John H. Rudy is stewardship minister for Mennonite Mutual Aid."
- "Stewardship Aids for 1969-70" folder - Stewardship Office, General Conference Mennonite Church, Newton, KS.

- Children's Hour - sermon notes, clippings
- Janz Team Crusade - 1983 Martensville crusade planning and publicity
- Bible Course Elementary - Bible Instruction Class, Hague Elementary School, 1981-85: curriculum, class lists and test marks
- Canadian Interfaith Conference - miscellaneous items

- Star of Hope, vol. 1, no. 3 (August 1967). Published by Rod & Staff Publishers.
- The Christian Pathway, vol 2, no. 36 (5 Sept. 1965). Rod & Staff
- Wee Lambs, vol. 2, no. 30 (25 Jul. 1965). Rod & Staff
- The Pearl of Great Price In Word and Life, vol. 6, no. 8 (Aug. 1966). Rod & Staff.
- The Christian Example, vol. 6, no. 21 (21 Oct. 1966). Rod & Staff.
- Lester E. Janzen, The Ministry: A Most Rewarding Work, Newton, KS: Faith and Life Press for the Committee on the Ministry Board of Missions, General Conference Mennonite Church, [196?], 8 pp.
- publications by Faith and Life Press, 1962: "Teen-Time Topics"; "Living Alone"
- Board of Missions biographical sheets
- "He Doth Call" Play by John Bergen, 1958.

- Miscellaneous - 3 - poetry, missionary letters
- poems by H. A. Dyck, 25 July 1956
- "Testimony of Laverne Boschman" 19 Feb. 1972. [missionary in Japan]

- Youth and Christian Love - Youth and Christian Love: Thirteen Special Lessons for Young People, published by the Board of Education and Publication of the General Conference Mennonite Church, printed by the Mennonite Press, Newton, KS, n.d.

- Object Lessons
     - John J. Janzen, "Object Lessons that Teach," 30 pp.

Volume 3.50 - Sermons, History, and Genealogy
- Sermons - Holidays - 1960-2002
- Sermons - Children/Youth - 1961-1996
- Sermons - Christian Living - 1961-2004
- Histories

- Abram G. Janzen, "Aletester Johan M. Loeppky, 1882-1950, As I Remember Him," 12 Feb. 2003, with some editorial assistance from his son, Bill Janzen of Ottawa.
- letter by John J. Janzen introducing historical sketches of various churches in the Hague community, 28 Sept. 1980.

- sketches include Bergthaler, Old Colony, Neuanlage Grace Mennonite Church, Mennonite Brethren Church in Hague, Pentecostal church in Grunthal, village of Neuanlage by John J. Janzen

- "Early Old Colony Mennonite Homesteaders of the Hague-Osler settlement," author not given, in fiction form intended for readers at a Grade 4 level.
- letter by John J. Janzen, Hague, to Terry, 18 Nov. 2003, on history of Mennonites.
- photocopies of material collected by Leonard Doell
- J. G. Guenter, "The School Question."
- Eva Neudorf, "A Biography on Rev. John G. Rempel," for Church History course at CMBC, 20 Jan. 1966
- John J. Janzen, "Viewpoint," - on Canada
- "A Short History," - on the Neuanlage Grace Mennonite Church
- "Reflections on Ministers and Deacons Conferences" - handwritten
- misc. clippings and articles

- Menn. Historian

- "Looking Back to the Beginning..." Church beginnings
- Program for Neuanlage 1895-1995 celebrations.

- Genealogy - Computer printout

- Descendants of Johan Thiessen and Maria Wieler (b. 26 Jan. 1892, d. 8 Feb. 1935)
- Descendants of Peter Epp, father of Jacob Peter Epp (b. 1823, d. 1886)
- Descendants of Abram Ens (b. 11 Jan. 1820, d. 12 Nov. 1871)

- Genealogy - Correspondence

- on Isaak Isaak Lehn (b. 1 May 1857) and wife Maria Lehn Lehn (b. 20 Mar. 1860) - from Kathy Hildebrand, St. Catherines, ON, 7 June 1994.
- from Johan Isaak Ens on his famly, 2 Nov. 1964.
- Familien-Verzeichnis von Vater Isaak M. Enns, 1880-1955 - from P. J. Froese, 15 Oct. 1969.

Volume 3.51 - Sermon notes.

- sermon notes used for preaching, German and English

Volume 3.52 - Published Books/Obituarles
- Rauschenbusch, Walter, and Ira D. Sankey. Evangeliums-Lieder 1 und 2 (Gospel Hymns) mit deutschen Kernliedern. Chicago: The Biglow & Main Co., 1897.
- Friesen, Isaac P. Im Dienste des Meisters. III. Band. rpt. Saskatoon: Western Tract Mission, n.d.
- Friesen, Isaac P. Im Dienste des Meisters. Konstanz, Germany: Buch= und Kunstverlag Carl Hirsch A.G, n.d.
- Friesen, Isaac P. Im Dienste des Meisters. II. Band. Konstanz, Germany: Christliche Verlagsanstalt, n.d.
- Ganze Bibel Gradierte S. S. - Lektionen fuer Schueler der Mittelstufe (Junior), Erster Jahrgang, Heft 4 (Juli, August, September), Miss Nettie L. Kroeker, Editor. Winnipeg: The Christian Press, Limited, 1959.
- Der Kleine Sänger. Sechste Auflage, 1947. Printed by D. W. Friesen and Sons, Altona, MB.
- Knospen und Blüten aus deutschem Dichterwald, Band 2, Gesammelt und herausgegeben im Auftrage der Mennonitischen Sonntagsschularbeiterkonferenz zu Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Winnipeg: 1935.
- Barber, John W. et. al. The Bible Looking Glass: Reflector, Companion and Guide to the Great Truths of the Sacred Scriptures, and Illustrating the Diversities of Human Character, and the Qualities of the Human Heart Consisting of six books in two parts. Philadelphia: Bradley, Garretson & Co., 1875.
- Index of Funerals
- Obituaries and Funerals, 1956-2002

- Park Valley, Big River photo album

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