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Section III: Personal Papers
John J. Neudorf

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-Finding aid prepared by Mary Loeppky

File list

Volume 3.181 - John J. Neudorf Collection
-"Rostern Bericht" - diary and miscellaneous entries 1923 to 1925, correspondence from 1947
-Notebook with miscellaneous entries from 1927 to 1942
-Journal or diary - 1943-1988 contained in 33 notebooks
-Scrapbook of John J. Neudorf's funeral, sympathy cards, writings of poems, photos of the funeral, bulletins
-Memorial record books for John J. Neudorf and for Maria Neudorf
-Guest books - 1962-1988 in 3 books
-Photographs - collection of old family photos including many from Russia, most with identification

Volume 3.31
- Packet of letters written in Russia - German script - 66 envelopes - postmarked 1920s to 1930.
- Book entitled Neudorf's Briefe - States this book contains letters written to Johann J. Neudorf and Heinrich J. Neudorf and this book contains those letters written in the 1920s to 1930s.
- Packet entitled McCabe Bros. Grain Co. Ltd. Contains papers.
- Packet of letters entitled old letters from Russia.
- Package of envelopes (empty).
- Packet of letters entitled "Tante H. Rempelschi, Greta Janzen (Klassen) David & Lena Janzen.
- Packet of letters written in 1947 (31) envelopes. One packet labeled Russian Letters. Letters are written in German and dated in the 1950s and 60s.
- Photographic negatives - in shoe box, mostly identified
- Cassette tapes - Osterwick; funerals of D. Neudorf and H. Wiebe; Neudorf reunion; poems (Gedichter)
- Store counter charge books, 1967-1973 - 2 booklets

Volume 3.32
- Packet of letters entitled "Russland Briefe von der Familie Loewen." Appear to be photocopies of old letters dated 1890s to 1900s.
- Book - Erste Mennoniten - Doerfer Ryusslands 1789-1943 - Chortitza - Rosental - N.J. Kroeker.
- Atlas entitled Sydow-Wagners Methodischer Schul-Atlas- 20. Auflage, Bearbeitet von H. Haack und H. Lautensach. Justus Perthes in Gotha 1932 .
- Roll - entitled Chart of Revelations.
- Book entitled Wie Beten Wir? Von R.A. Correy. No. 117.
- Photograph entitled David D. Klassen seine Tochter
- Photograph - David D. Klassen – Lafayette Wpg.
- Book - Fuenfzig Jahre Konferenzbestrebungen - 1902-1952 - Konferenz der Mennoniten in Canada - Erster Teil- J.G. Rempel.
- Tape - Jeschke singt Alkolonier Kirchengesang - Old Colony Church singing.
- Photograph Peter P. u Tina (Klassen) Neudorf.
- Map of Russia.
- Map in Russian Language.
- Booklet entitled Frohe Botschaft im Gedicht - Herausgegeben 1987.
- The E.U.P. Concise Russian and English Dictionary by John Grosberg.
- Book - Verloren in der Steppe - Arnold Dyck.
- Book - What's in a Name? Travelling through Saskatchewan with the story behind 1600 place-names. Edited by E. T. Russell. Western Producer Book Service.

Volume 3.33
- Packet of Maps. - Bearb. V. Dr. K. Stumpp.
- Map - Freytag & Berndt Handkarten - Union der Sozialistischen Sowjet Republiken (UdSSR)
- Immigration and travel documents, 1922-1972
- Mennonite Church Rosemary - Formerly Westheimer Mennoniten Gemeinde.
- Country Valley Photo Album.
- "Remember When" Newspaper clipping from The Commentator, Wednesday, January 26, 1977.
- Schlorren Darp (loose copy) of book.
- Book - Historical Saga of the Carlton Region, 1797-1920 - by Sam George Stupnikoff - Commemorating Saskatchewan's Heritage 1905-1985.
- Thoughts from 50 years ago. Copy of presentation at the Osler Senior Ladies Aid Christmas Social. December, 1969.
- Loose Leaf book entitled - Stories of our People.
- Book of low German writings entitled Onsi Erinnerungen (our rememberances).
- Booklet entitled Christopher Dock - Bicentennial Commemoration Program.
- Map - large - Europe.
- Booklet entitled The Waisenamt: A History of Mennonite Inheritance Custom by Jake Peters - Mennonite Village Museum Historical series 1.
- Book by John J. Neudorf - Aus Meinem Leben.

Volume 3.34
- Spuren zum abdrucken 1979 - J.J. Neudorf.
- The Mennonite Canadians - Joanne Flint - Multicultural Canada Series.
- Booklet: Mennonites: Who and Why by Leroy E. Kennel.
- Scribbler containing German writing (Gothic script) entitled De Reis no Belgien
. - Sammlung No. 8 - Kratz.
- Sammlung numer vier (4) von Lesestucken u. Gedichten - 1981 - John J. Neudorf.
- Sammlung numer Sieben (7) von Lesestuecken und Gedichten - 1982 - John J. Neudorf.
- Booklet entitled Noch eine Sammlung No. 2 von Lesestuecke und Gedichte - 1980 von John J. Neudorf.
- Sammlung Numer Drei (3) von Lesestecken und Gedichten zur Aufbewahrung, und doch so, dass man zu jeder zeit zutritt zu ihnen hat und selbige zum Segen sein moechten - 1980 - John J. Neudorf.
- Booklet 50th Anniversary of the Osler Mennonite Church - John J. Neudorf.
- Booklet - Report of the Osler Mennonite Church.
- Booklet - Osler Gemeinde Geschichte.
- Erinnerungen von Johann J. Funk - 16 - Coaldale, Alta. Fuerstenland nachkommen Jacob Niebuhr.
- Booklet - Commentary. Waut mine Mutta Bilder von David das deutsche Maedchen, a Village Story... Unsere Auswanderung - 17
- Booklet - Das deutsche Maedchen - Liste der 1923 Einwanderer, Bilder, Familien Bilder, Andacht von 1975 - Thanksgiving - 19.

Volume 3.35
- Loose-leaf binder containing letters - write-ups about a trip to Russia, many maps of villages.
- Loose-leaf binder - notes on Neudorf reunion.
- Write-up (copy) of Wilhelm Hildebrand.
- Article entitled: Memories: From a humble start to Status of power by David Virtue.
- Copy of letter to J. J. Neudorf - from Bethel College Historical Library, dated May 18, 1972.
- List of names with title "benjskis an"
- Loose-leaf contains genealogical information.
- Evangeliums Lieder 1 and 2, The Biglow & Main Co., Chicago.
- Heimatsklaenge - German folk songs - J.A. Kroeker, 1929
- Book - Neuanlage Grace Mennonite, Hague, Sask.
- Birth and Growth of Eigenheim Mennonite Church, 1892-1974 - H.T. Klaasen, Valley Printers.
- Gospels of the New Testament, Stuttgart.
- Official looking document - looks like written in Russian. (2)
- Christliches Vergissmeinnicht. Printed in Baden.
- New Testament with Psalms written in German.
- The Mennonite Hymnary. Mennonite Book Concern, Berne, Indiana. Editors Walter H. Hohmann and Lester Hostetler.
- Die niederlaendisch-niederdeutschen Hintergruende der Mennonitischen Ostwanderungen im 16, 18 und 19 Jahrhundert by Benjamin Heinrich Unruh.
- Die Rosenorter Gemeinde in Saskatchewan in Wort und Bild, J. G. Rempel, printed by D. H. Epp, Rosthern, Sask., 1950.
- German Bible, given to Hans & Mariechen Neudorf.
- Biblische Geschichten, printed Reading, Pa., 1910.
- Gesangbuch mit Noten, Mennonite Book Concern, Berne, Indiana, 1917.
- Unter dem Nordlicht. Anthology of German-Mennonite Writing in Canada, Published by The Mennonite German Society of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
- Der Organisation der Mennoniten in Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon, 1942, Sonderdruck des Boten, Rosthern, Sask., 1942.
- Official looking document written in Russian. (2).
- Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization, Rosthern, dated the 12th of March, 1928. Bill of balance owing regarding travel debt.
- The Canadian Wheat Board Permit 1960-61 1960-61
- Envelope entitled Archives. (Department of Citizenship) other documents and certificates.
- Assignment and Conveyance of Petroleum and Natural Gas Royalty and Lease of Minerals dated May 23, 1950.
- Envelope addressed to J.J. Neudorf, Killarney, Man. Contains genealogical information.
- List of male passengers that were on the Mayflower in Plymouth, Mass., 1620.
- An old letter, 1901, Letter from a Wall.
- Paper talking about the purchase of a dwelling. 1943.
- Page with genealogical information.
- German Bible.
- Book in German. Dictionary or Encyclopaedia?
- Bible Commentary? - German
- Mennonites in Canada by Frank H. Epp
- German Bible - Die Heilige Schrift.
- Small Wall hanging. Spruch.
- Book - A Backward Glance by Jacob Hildebrand.
- Poem written in German.
- German Letter written from Neu Osterwick 16 January, 1929
- German letter written to Johann Neudorf, dated 8/5/46

Volume 3.36
- Book entitled Osterwick.
- Book entitled Embury - Osler Church Alan Guenther - 50 years ago 1917 Revolution.
- Book of articles and poems written in German - 1982 - J. J. Neudorf.
- Book of Schreckenzeit in Russland 1919. Articles written in German about the difficult time in Russia - revolution.
- File folder contains obituaries and write-ups.
- File folders containing notes regarding happenings in the church, Osler. 1968.
- Binder labeled Nol 13 - Reisebericht von H. Friesen a prayer tribute to Dad.
- Binder - Pysanka Designs.
- Binder - lists from Osterwick, 1941.
- Binder labeled VIII - Abram J. Neudorf, died Aug. 23, 1942. Also contains a Bericht about Osterwick.
- Binder entitled Onsi Mami. Articles written in Low German.
- Binder - Trip to the old Homeland - write-up.
- File folder contains newspaper articles.
- Binder - Liste der Osterwick Bewohner.
- Binder labeled No. 20 - Ist's auch eine Freude... Erlebniss einer Gruppe Osterwicker in Deutschland.
- Binder containing the Family tree of Peter Neudorf born January 3, 1885 and Jacob Joh. Neudorf born 1854.
- Collection of papers mostly written in Russian.
- Binder containing a collection of poems (Gedichte).
- Binder labeled Buch 10.
- Binder entitled his trip with a tour G. Lohrenz, 1974, Russia includes pictures.
- Binder entitled his Grandfathers Johann Neudorf's sisters, greatgrandfather's sisters.
- Binder Family Register of David Aron and Anna Pries.
- Binder contains translation of letter and David J. Neudorf story.
- Binder entitled Aufzeichnungen und Erlebnisse - Experiences.
- File folder contains German poems.
- Binder entitled Aus der Sammelmappe No. 33.
- Binder entitled Bericht ueber die Russlandreise im Juli - 1974.
- Binder entitled Old Aged Home Information.
- Binder containing an article entitled Am Feierabend.
- Binder entitled Record of the Wedel Family.
- Binder entitled Itinerary of Menno Travel Service Russian Trip - 1974
- File folder containing Neudorf's Reunion.
- Book section of the 900 days the siege of Leningrad, parts 1 and II.
- Folder contains copies of letter - also poems.
- Binder Von meiner reise nach Sud Amerika.
- Binder entitled Die Neudorfs.
- Binder containing Familienverzeichnis des Johann Jacob u. Anganetha Krahn.
- Binders entitled Neudorfs; Lekemans; Klassens; Schulz, Peter J. Schoenfeld.
- File containing article about Jerusalem.
- Binder entitled Kronsweide.
- Binder entitled Berichte und Kronstaler.
- Binder entitled copien von Schriften und Bilder. Writings and pictures.
- Binder entitled Aufgaben fuer die Gebetswochen: 1961, 1970, 1971 also a Christmasprogram.
- Binder entitled No. 11. Articles about Christmas.
- File containing maps of R.M.s.
- Binder entitled Neufeld Records.
- Binder containing genealogy Krahn - Neufeld.
- Binder containing articles and copies of letters.
- Binder titled No. 14. - Contains assorted articles.
- Binder containing information on Jacob Hoeppner family and the family of Johann Bartch the two deputies and Paetkau family.
- Binder - collection of articles and poems.
- Binder labeled Book 9 contains articles and clippings.
- Binder aentitled Begebenheiten. Genealogy information.
- Binder labeled No. 22.
- Binder entitled Die Sgeschichte von Schlorrendarp. The story of Schlorrendarp.
- Binder entitled Eine Sammlung von Lesestuecke und Gedichte von J.J. Neudorf, 1979

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