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John N. and Susie (Abrams) Dyck Collection

Volume 3.123 - Correspondence, diaries, and photos
-Isaac Loewen (1865-1918) - Correspondence, 1913 - 3 files
-Nikolai N. Dyck (1884-1977) - Biographical sketch in German - photocopy
-Jacob J. Wiens (1845-1903) - Letter, obituary notice, 1903 - photocopy
-Family photos - Peter Abrams (1878-1953) family
-Family photos - Nikolai N. Dyck family
-Helena Wiens (1880-1965) - Writing samples, 1890-1894
-Postcards - received by Merla Dyck (b. 1935), 1944
-Cards - Valentines Day, Birthday - received by Susie (Abrams) Dyck
-Scrapbook - local and family news, 1930-31
-Scrapbook - poetry, missionaries
-"Stories of Our People" - Congregational history of Osler Mennonite Church
-"Fortieth Anniversary Osler Mennonite Church, 1928-1968"
-Banman, Hella. Bits and Pieces of Osler & District, 1890-1980. Osler, SK: self-published, 1980.
-Buhler, Maria. "Some Stories." Translated and edited by Jake Buhler, 1997.
-Susie (Abrams) Dyck (1907-2003) - Diaries, 1944-2002 - 14 notebooks
-Agatha Abrams (1877-1892) - Autograph book, 1891.
-Helena (Wiens) Abrams (1880-1965) - Diary, 1938-1941
-Bible, English - Peter Abrams
-Bible, English - Susie (Abrams) Dyck - letters, poems, clippings, notices laid in.
-Bible, English - Mrs. Helena Abrams
-Bible, German - Merla Dyck, from parents, 1966.
-Bible, German - 2 copies

Volume 3.124 - Genealogical records, published materials

-Genealogical chart - Descendants of Jacob Wiens (1845-1903) and Katherine Goertzen (1852-1936)
-Kerber, R. P. Familien Register der Nachkommen des Peter Dyck aus Neuenburg, Chortitza Kolonie, Sud-Russland (Ukraine) / Genealogical Register of the descendants of Peter Dyck of Neuenburg, Chortitzer Colony, South-Russia (Ukraine). Saskatoon: self-published, 1963.
-Fullard, Harold, and B. M. Willett, eds. The Atlas of Canada and the World. Milwaukee, WI: George Philip Raintree, 1979.
-Lowe Farm Schools: Fiftieth Anniversary Yearbook, 1899-1949. N.p., 1949.
-Brooks, Keith L. One Hundred Pointed Stories for Boys and Girls. Los Angeles: American Prophetic League, 1940
-Klippenstein, Lawrence, ed. That there be Peace: Mennonites in Canada and World War II. Winnipeg: Manitoba CO Reunion Committee, 1979.
-Quiring, Walter. Im Schweisse deines Angesichts: Ein mennonitisches Bilderbuch, Paraguay, Brasilien, Argentinien, Uruguay und Mexico. Steinbach, MB: Derksen Printers, 1953.
-Neufeld, John J., and John C. Klassen. Veertien Platdietsche Leeda. Winnipeg: Gospel Light Hour, n.d.
-Fearson, G. E. Paths of Uprightness. Dundee, IL: Metropolitan Press, 1933
-Gabriel, G. H., and Geo. F. Rosche, comp. Neue Choir-Lieder, Zum Gebrauch in den deutschen protestantischen Kirchen Amerika's. Chicago: Geo. F. Rosche, 1892.
-Meyer, Geo. J., and E. E. Meyer, comp. Die Palme No. 3 fur Kirchen=Chore, Sanger, u.s.w. Chicago: Meyer & Brother, n.d.
-Gesangbuch der Mennoniten. 2nd Auflage. Rosthern, SK: Board of Publication of the General Conference of the Mennonite Church of North America, 1944. Printed in the U. S. A. - inscribed: Johann N. Dyck.
-Gesangbuch mit Noten herausgegeben von der Allgemeinen Conferenz der Mennoniten von Nord=Amerika. 3rd Auflage. Berne, IN: Mennonite Book Concern, 1925.
-Chiles, James A., and Josef Wiehr. First Book in German. Boston: Ginn and Company, 1942.
-Epp, Margaret. "But God Hath Chosen...": The Story of John and Mary Dyck. Hillsboro, KS: Board of Missions of the Conference of the Mennonite Brethren Church, 1963.
-Fast, Bernhard H. The Drama of a Pioneer's Son. Saskatoon: self-published, 2000.
-Reimer, Al, Anne Reimer, and Jack Thiessen. A Sackful of Plautdietsch: A Collection of Mennonite Low German Stories and Poems Winnipeg: Hyperion Press, 1983.
-Zimmerman, C. F. Silberklange: Eine Sammlung fon Liedern fur Sonntagschulen, Jugendvereine und Conventionen. Cleveland: Evangelischen Gemeinschaft, 1899.
-Heim, J. Sammlung von Volksgesangen fur Gemischten Chor. 1 Band. Liederbuch fur Schule, Haus, und Verein. Zurich: Verlag der Zurcher Liederbuchanstalt, 1932.
-Songs of His Coming. Chicago: Thoro Harris, 1919.
-Seidel Friedrich. Hundert auserlesene Deutsche Volkslieder mit Begleitung des Klaviers. Leipzig: Beruh. Friedr. Voigt, 1891.
-Daily Light on the Daily Path: A Devotional Text-book for every Day of the Year. New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1906. - Inscription: "Presented to Mrs. Abrams by Western Tract Mission Conference 1957"; added: "To Merla from Granny."
- New Testament, German - "Helena Abrams, 1918, Hanover"
-Goforth, Rosalind. How I know God Answers Prayer: The Personal Testimony of One Life-Time. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 1921.
-Gaebelein, Arno Clemens. The Prophet St. Paul: The Eschatology of the Apostle to the Gentiles. New York: Publication Office "Our Hope," 1939.
-Gaebelein, Arno Clemens. As It Was--So Shall It Be: A Study of the First Age and our Present Age. New York: Publication Office "Our Hope," 1937.
-Christliches Gedenkbuch: Lebens-Worte und geistliche Liederdichtungen fur jeden Tag des Jahres. New York: Arnold Schmitz, n.d.
-Cowman, Chas. E., Mrs., comp. Springs in the Valley. Los Angeles: Oriental Missionary Society, 1947.
-Taylor, Howard, Mrs. The Triumph of John and Betty Stam. Philadelphia: China Inland Mission, 1936.
-Scofield, C. I. Addresses on Prophecy. New York: A. C. Gaebelein, 1910.
-Spurgeon, C. H. John Ploughman's Talk, or, Plain Advice for Plain People. London: Marshall, Morgan, & Scott, n.d.
-Ironside, H. A. Baptism: What Saith the Scripture? 3rd ed. Oakland, CA: Western Book and Tract, 1930.
McConkey, James H. The Threefold Secret of the Holy Spirit. Lincoln, NB: Back to the Bible Publishers, 1897; reprint, 1960.

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