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John P. Nickel Collection

Volume 3.76 - Nickel genealogical material

-Nickel Family genealogical material

-John P. Nickel Pedigree Chart

-Letters, Photos - 1950s

-Letters from Isaak and Katherine Nickel, 1925-1960

-Photocopies from the Family Registry of the Bible of Benjamin Nikkel (1813-1903)

-Isaak and Katherine Nickel - immigration documents

-newspaper clippings - Borden, SK; Willie Nickel, 1977

-"The Life Story of Brother David Dyck: An Autobiographical Sketch of Leadership Highlights Within the Mennonite Brethren Church in America and Canada" - translated from the German by John P. Nickel, 1978.

-Nikkel Charts - family tree charts

-Isaak J. Nickel and Katherine Nickel - "Short Biography of Isaak J. Nickel" - handwritten

-In the Beginning vol. 4, no. 16 and vol. 15, no. 59 - Woodson County Historical Society

-Maps - Mennonite settlements

-Nikkel Forms - provincial forms

-Jakob Nickel (1864-1915) - "My Trip to America" (Oct. - Nov., 1907)

-Nikkel - Nickel - Correspondence with publisher, 1981-1988

-Isaak Dyck (1862-1927) family - genealogical material

-Hans Nickel - correspondence, 1988-1993

-Johann Nickel - historical sketches of descendants of Benjamin Nikkel/Nickel (1813-1903)

Volume 3.77 - Historical Societies - correspondence and minutes

-John P. Nickel collection - list of donated items

-Files on cemeteries

-Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SGS) Cemeteries

-Woodlawn Cemetery

-R. M. of Dundurn, no. 314
-R. M. of Blucher, no. 343
-R. M. of Corman Park, no. 344
-R. M. of Aberdeen, no. 373
-R. M. of Rosthern, no. 403 - 2 files
-R. M. of Laird, no. 404
-R. M. of Great Bend, no. 405
-R. M. of Mayfield, no. 406
-R. M. of Blaine Lake, no. 434
-R. M. of Douglas, no. 436
-R. M. of North Battleford, no. 437
-R. M. of Battle River, no. 438
-R. M. of Meeting Lake, no. 466
-R. M. of Round Hill, no. 467
-R. M. of Meota, no. 468
-R. M. of Turtle River, no. 469
-R. M. of Medstead, no. 497

-Manitoba Cemeteries, ca. 1990


-Mennonite Genealogy material
-child's slate in wooden frame
-Lloyd Ratzlaff, "Vixats," Transition (Spring 2001): 56-58.

- Der Bote book material

  "German Villages in the Ukraine: A Key to a Microfilm of the German Captured Documents" by Adam Giesinger

  MHSS, SGS, and AHSGR - minutes, correspondence, 1990-1992, 1999-2001 - 2 files

  Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan - correspondence, reports, 1991-2006

  Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan - correspondence, publications, 1997-2002

  Mennonite Historical Society of Canada - correspondence, publications, 1991-2006

  Battle River Settlement Foundation - correspondence, minutes, 2002-2003

  The Battlefords NorthWest Historical Society - correspondence, minutes, 2004-2006

  SGS - Board Meeting Minutes and correspondence - 1996

  SGS - minutes, correspondence - 1996

  SGS - Prince Albert Branch, 2003

  SGS info - program notes, branch newsletter

  SGS Saskatchewan Residents Index

Volume 3.78 - Photographs

-framed photograph of Schoenwiese, (Ukraine?) - Mennonites boarding the train

-envelope of photographs

-box of photographs with identifications given - mostly Nikkel - Nickel family photos"

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