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Small Archival Collections

Volume 3.26 Small Personal Collections

Bergen, Abram (1815-1865) - photocopy of family ledger donated by Mrs. J. A. Klassen
Braun, Jacob (1863-1865) and Helena (Unrau) (1865-1936) - history, typescript
Buhler, David - tribute to his father, Aeltester Abram J. Buhler
Dueck, Johann (1919- ) - alleged war criminal (St. Catherines, ON)
Epp, Gerhard (?-1919) - Diary 1892-1919; prayer booklets
Epp, Jacob David (1820-1890) - MHC finding aid
Epp, Johann - Diary, 1911-1922 - handwritten, photocopy
Epp, William (Bill) - clipping
Fischer, Peter - business papers, 1903-1906
Friesen, Abram A. (1885-1948) - CMBC finding aid
Friesen, Annie (1858-1930) - death record
Friesen, Cornelius (C.H.)
   -- My Life's Experience, 1971
   -- News clipping re Steinbach Ministerial, 1971
   -- Letter to Cornelius & Maria Boldt, 1977
Friesen, James H.
   -- Photos of Rosthern - 2 CDs with scanned images. Originals are with James Friesen
   -- CD 1 - 65 b/w images - street scenes, Gabriel's Ferry, Fish Creek church, pictures from the tower, aerial photos (colour), elevators,
   -rails station, automobiles, parade, fur pelts, Rosthern band.
   -- CD 2 - 98 b/w images - street scenes, churches, schools, ferry, farm implements, businesses, railway station, trains, Laird, visit of William Lyon Mackenzie King.
Friesen, Victor Carl
   -- Clipping, biographical sketch, press kit for the book The Gift of Country Life
   -- Articles about Friesen's book launches and his writings in Saskatchewan Valley News, The Saskatoon Sun, and Country Press
Giesbrecht, Anna - Birthday congratulations from Hon. Chris Axworthy
Goertzen, Katharina (Guenther) (1898-1995)
   -- Photocopy of life story (handwritten in German, November 1981)
   -- Translation and notes by Jake Buhler (June 2009)
Guenther, Jacob F. (1881-1964) - MHC finding aid
Guenter, Enda (Froese) [acc. # 440]
   -- Photos of the Ukraine (1995), other material related to the Froese family
Hopkins, Evelyn (1937-___)
Kalbfleisch, C. - Farm ledger, Carlton, 1901-1904 - photocopy
Klassen, Lillie - reminiscences of emigration and settlement - handwritten, photocopy
Klassen , Pete (1935 ? - ) - news items
Martens, Kay (1932-2000) - “My Philosophy of Missions,” 1961
Neudorf, David J. - “His Story,” 1969 - typescript
Peterson, A. N. - papers, 1892-1901
Regehr, Ted D. - U. of S. finding aid
Regier, Peter (Acc. #449)
   -Das walte Gott! Erzählungen, biblische Geschichten, Gedichte und anderes: Eine Gabe für die christliche Jugend (Lahr: Ernst Kaufmann, n.d.)
   -Clifford E. Schink, “The Regiers: A Short History, 1743-1925,” prepared for the Abrams Family Branch, Peter Regier Centennial, 1994.
   -Photos - Liese Braun, Margaret Regier, RJC in 1928 (2)
   --Genealogical lists
   --Newspaper clippings and death notice of Agathe Regier, 1966
   --Newspaper clippings of Peter and Anna Regier Centennial
Schellenberg, Johan (1829-1921)
   -- Ledger, in German with English translation by Rev. Abe Buhler; includes CD
Siemens, Sarah (Penner) - photocopy of typescript - “Escape to Freedom”
Thiessen, Franz C. (1881-1959) - CMBC finding aid
Unger, Isaac
Unruh, A. H., D.D. - poetry composed about Dr. Unruh

Volume 3.28 Small Archival Collections
Unknown donor
   -Christliches Vergissmeinnicht, 1895 - birthday book with names entered
   -German printed Bible story cards (18 cards); story of Barri; W. Ziethe, Psalmzweige, Nr. 110 (Stettin: R. Grassmann, n.d.)
Janzen family
   - Genealogical notes in notebook - Jacob Janzen (1859-1931) and descendents
   - Für des Lebens Weg, 1959 - birthday book with names entered
Klassen, Johann J. - 2 books of sermons - manuscript
?Funcke, Otto.Tägliche Andachten, 1. Band. [1875] - owned by Ida Hildebrand, sister to Johann J. Klassen.
   -Recipe book, manuscript, 1895, by ? Kasdorf
   -Song book with numbered notes, manuscript, c.1921
Klassen, Maria - poetry and recitations - manuscript and clippings
Manuscripts [items in plastic sleeves]
   -Letter from Bernhard Baergen, Neu-Samara, Russia, to Jacob J. Neufeld, n.d.
   -Genealogy of Cornelius and Susanna (Klippenstein) Thiessen - manuscript
   -Regehr, David - certificate from Tabor Children’s Mission, Dalmeny, SK, Summer Bible School, 1939;
   -Regehr, David - certificate fromWestern Children’s Mission, Hepburn, SK, Summer Bible School, 1938.
   -Ordination von Walter Funk, Aug. 31, 1959 - manuscript of service
Death Notices
   -Isaac Loewen (d. 30 August 1898) [father of Isaac Loewen, storekeeper in Osler]
   -Peter E. Wall (d. 12 July 1921), Rosengart, SK
   -Anna Loewen (d. 20 February 1929), infant daughter of David and Katharina (nee Klassen) Loewen of Gruenfeld, SK
   -possibly Helena or Johan Fehr? Letter is written by Peter and Susanna Braun, Blumenthal, SK, 5 July 1933
Regier, Arnold. - correspondence related to his “Flemish Project”
Wiens, Louise (Wiebe) (Mrs. P. G. Wiens) - song books - manuscript and printed

Volume 3.29 Small Archival Collections
Faust, Karen - Family papers [acc. # 436]
   -Baptism certificate of Friedrich J. Friesen, 1933 [in oversize]
   -Wedding poster of Friedrich Friesen and Amalie Rempel, 1949 [ in oversize]
   -Certificate of Naturalization for Friedrich Friesen, 1937
   -City of Saskatoon Cemetery Certificate for Fredrick Friesen, 1986
   -Grade VIII Diploma, Province of Saskatchewan, for Frederick Friesen, 1930
   -Landing Card for F. Friesen, age 11, S. S. Empress of Scotland 16 Nov. 1924 (?)
   -photocopy of naturalization Particulars
   -Map - Rural Municipality of Leroy, No. 339, 1972
   -Map - “Übersichtskarte der heutigen Wohngebiete der Deutschen in der Sowjetunion,” 1959
   -Certificate of Church Membership for Fred Friesen, Cornerstone Mennonite, Saskatoon
   -Baptismal Certificate for Freidreich J. Friesen, 1933, signed by Benjamin Ewert.
Faust, Karen - Sunday School papers [acc. # 439]
   -“Bible Lessons for Kindergarten Children” - Herald Press, 1946
   -“Herald Summer Bible School Series” - Kindergarten to Grade 8
   -Vacation Bible School certificates, issued to Karen Dyck, 1958-1965.
Wiens, Anne (Braun) - Family papers
   -The New Testament in Cheyenne, trans. By Rodolphe Petter
   -Cheyenne Grammar, Rodolphe Petter [had been typed by Anne in 1951]
   -German New Testament given to her father Jacob F. Braun by her grandmother c. 1916
German songbook from Russia
   -Zions-Lieder gesammelt und herausgegeben für Zions-Pilger, C. Füllbrandt. Odessa: L. Nitzsche, 1899.
   -Catechism printed in Berdjansk, 1879.
   -Catechism printed in Winnipeg, 1934.

Volume 3.30 Small Archival Collections
Baergen, Ernie & Irene
   - Copies of Jacob Fast letters written to children and grandchildren in Carrot River in the 1940s. English translation by Esther Patkau. Cover letter by Irene Baergen explains the central story in the letters. The original letters are with Herman Enns’ family photographs and memorabilia
   - How to Conduct Effective Meetings: A Digest of Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, 1981
Bartel, Henry
   - Notebook of songs, poetry, sermon notes(?), 1940
   - Naturalization certificate and copies of identity cards
   - Nick N. Friesen meditations, 1970s and 1980's
   - Letter signed N.N. und Justina Friesen
   - Lebensverzeignis von Peter P. Sawatzky written by "die Familie."
Driedger, Jack
   -Financial agreement with Jacob J. Boldt, 16 May 1928
   -"Die Mennoniten" by H.H. Ewert, 1933
   -"Was hast du mit deien Jahren von Sonntagen gemacht?" by Altesten Jacob Wiens;
   -"Singing in the Old Colony Mennonite Church"
   -"Lebensverzeichness" by John H.C. Driedger
   -Genealogy charts
   -Additional notes
Dyck, Helen
   - Family material, etc. related to 1920s immigration from Russia
   -2 files, includes photos
   -German Poems - H. D. Friesen - 10 poems, 1945-1953; John F. Harms, Zubereitung zur Entrückung: Preparing for the Rapture, 4th rev. and expanded ed., Hilsboro, KS: Back to the Bible, 1943.
Epp, Mary - school note books, 1936; newspaper clippings; wall motto; RJC certificate, 1950; missionary prayer card of Mary Epp with Congo Inland Mission.
Friesen, H. D. - Poetry
Friesen, Lis - “A Love Story” testimony of Aganeta Klassen (Friesen) (1905-2000)
Hamm, Cornelius (1878-1976) - sermon, 1911; family information; photograph
Lehn, Sara (Harder), trans. “Our Family: Klassen-Ens” written by Tina Lehn
Lehn, Jake - songs and music written or transcribed by Jake Lehn
Thiessen, Doris - Genealogical information on Jacob Janzen (1825-1911) and his wife Katherina (nee Klassen) (1847-1912) and other families; photos; maps of Canada
Thiessen, Jacob J. (1900-1996) - photocopy of biography
Unruh, Helena - song written on the back of 1910 Financial Statement
Fehr, Maria - letter from hospital in Swift Current

Volume 3.70 - Personal Papers
Baerg, Harry J. - The Prairie Farm
Bartel, Henry P. - Bartel family history copied from Bible, translated; Peter Block (1797-1878) and Marie Bartel (1799-1862) Genealogical chart
Cox, Chris - Interviews with Mennonites from the Hague-Osler area, 1974-77, from the Collection of Dr. Rolf W. Brednich, 3 DVDs from Canadian Museum of Civilization-Dueck, Wayne and Carry - opening of the McNally Robinson Booksellers, Saskatoon
Dyck, Barry, Thanksgiving, Village News, October 17, 2013
Neufeld, Victoria - manuscript copies of German poetry, prayers and other readings from her parents, Fred and Emily Neufeld
Penner, Peter A. (1852-1918) - diaries of his father Peter Penner (1829-1883) and his own, with translation
Peters, Esther (nee Andres) - family history, photos
Siemens, Tina (nee Neufeld) - Rosthern Bible School notebooks, 1939-1941
Toews, Theodore - DVD recording of "Magnificat" performed by Schola Contorum at Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, 1997

Volume 3.154 - Small Archival Collections
Baerg, Samuel
   - Baerg, Frank J. "A Teacher's Short Life Story during the Pioneer Years of Saskatchewan, from January 2, 1903 - June 30, 1940," Life Story of Frank J. Baerg.
   - Baerg, F. J. "Record of the Family of Johan and Anna (Duerksen) Baerg," Compiled 1962 by F. J. Baerg, 1237 Ave., C, North, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
   - The Voice of Praise No. 2: A Complete Collection of Scriptural, Gospel, Sunday-School and Praise Service Songs. Edited and compiled by Lincoln Hall, C. Austin Miles, C. Harold Lowden. New York: Hall-Mack Company, 1908.
   - Box of war memorabilia - Royal Canadian Air Force discharge certificate, 15 January 1943; Canadian Voluntary Service Medal; War Medal 1939-1945; crest of R.C.A.F. No. 7 Operational Training Unit of Debert, N.S., 1945, with chevrons.

Enns, Luella Marie (Friesen)
   -Enns, L Marie. Preacher's Kids on the Homestead. Belleville, ON: Guardian Books, 2005. [signed by the author] - On the family of Pastor Peter B. and Susan Friesen, homesteading near Meadow Lake, SK in 1929.

Fehr, Anne (nee Krahn) [Acc. # 693]
   -Photograph of threshing crew - original mounted on cardboard, plus one copy
   -Oilskin record book in Sütterlin (Old German) script
   - Oehlschlager, J.C.,The Ready Reckoner or The Business Man’s Companion, for Buying and Selling in Dollars and Cents, Philadelphia: Schaefer & Koradi, Publishers

Friesen, Peter J. [Acc. # 869]
   -“Peter J. Friesen, Halbstadt,” 1905
   - Notebook with genealogical material and land locations - handwritten, 14 pages
   - Photo of Mike Friesen, brother to Peter, with family

Froese, Peter S.
   - Funeral DVD - July 5, 2011

Funk, Anna
   -Hardcover notebook
   -A bibliographic description of the notebook
   -A typed transcription (16 pages) and translation (15 pages) into English, both by Margaret Ewert
   -Note from Verner Friesen on the donation

Giesbrecht, Mary
   -Waldheim Golden Jubilee. 1905-1955 Saskatchewan Golden Jubilee. Rosthern, SK: Sask. Valley News, 1955.

Neufeld, Anna (1928- )
   -Christmas notebooks by her parents, Gerhard Zacharias (1885-1976) and Elisabeth Lepp (1884-1965) - dated 1896/7, with Russian printed cover
   -Paper currency from Russia, Germany and other European countries.

Letkeman, Abe and Mary
   -Geschichte von den Sieben Reichs-Grafen von Johann Rempel, Nikolaipol, Dec. 3, 1912

Lyding, Jim
   -Clippings of Saskatchewan churches - Pella Church, Dunelm Sommerfeld Church, Flowing Well Mennonite Brethren Church, Gnadenau Mennonite Church.

Paektau, Eric J.
   - Dolden, Elsie (Paetkau). "A Sociological Study of the Canadian Mennonites who Migrated from Russia During the Two Time-Periods of 1873-1884 and 1922 to 1930." Paper written for Sociology #401 Canadian Ethnic Minorities. Instructor, Frans Lamers. N.p., n.d.

Peters, Fred and Toni
   - Fast, Isaak Peter. Züge aus meinem Leben von Isaak Peter Fast, Gnadenfeld, Taurien, Süd-Russland. Mit einem Vorwort von Rev. Hermann Fast, Perdue, Sask.; einem Vorwort des Herausgebers A. J. Fast, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, und der Leichenrede von Aelt. Heinrich Dirks, Gnadenfeld. Winnipeg, MB: n.p., 1932.
   - Friesen, J. John. An Outline of Mennonite History. Newton, KS: Herald Publishing, 1944.
   - Introducing The Great Chronicle of the Hutterian Brethren. Rifton, NY: Plough Publishing House of the Woodcrest Service Committee, Inc., Hutterian Brethren, 1986. Taped in: "The Bruderhof: A Christian Community." Plough Publishing House, 1985.
   - Sammlung Deutscher Volkslieder für Deutsch-Canadier. Courier-Hausfreund Liederbuch. Regina, SK: Western Printers Ass'n, n.d.
   - Mueller, H. A. Die Sieben Tage der Weltwoche. Winnipeg, MB: Rundschau Publishing House, [1924].
   - Krahn, Cornelius. Menno Simons' Lebenswerk. Amsterdam: Wetenschappelijke Boekhandel J. Gleijsteen, 1937.
   - Van der Smissen, H. Mennostein und Mennolinde zu Fresenburg, Zur Eriunnerung an den 16. September 1922. Altona-Ottensen, Gr. Rainstrasse 30: Steffen Carstens Buchdruckerei, [1922]. Tipped in: Photo of the Mennolinde with inscription.
   - Diary of Anna Baerg, 1916-1924. Translated and edited by Gerald Peters. Winnipeg, MB: CMBC Publications, 1985. Taped in: Program of "Of Pilgrimage and Poverty: A dramatic presentation based on the book, A Diary of Anna Baerg" Forest Grove Community Church, 22 June 1988.
   - Poster "Remember, Praise, Renew, 100." Centennial Convention of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches, July 8-11, Winkler, Manitoba.
   - Detweiler, Lowell. The Hammer Rings Hope: Photos and Stories from Fifty Years of Mennonite Disaster Service. Scottdale, PA: Herald Press, 2000. With signed card by author. Annotated by Fred and Toni Peters.

Peters, Victor [Acc. # _________]
   - Who's who classified business directory, 1939 : containing the names, addresses and phone numbers of the manufacturing, business and professional interests, organizations and institutions of Saskatoon, Sask. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Saskatoon StarPhoenix, 1939; 64 pp.
   - Saskatoon. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Board of Trade, January 1912; 40 pp.
George Penner Collection (c/o Victor Peters)
   - "Saul, King of Israel," Words for Cantata written by Willis B. Perkins (text) and Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (music), performed by the Hillsboro Choral Union, 23 January 1904.
   - Photograph of Jacob A. and Anna (nee Unruh) Voth and family
   - Genealogical data for John Tobias and Anna (nee Schmor) Voth, grandparents of George Penner
   - Large box of photographs from the George Penner Estate, Hepburn; includes many portraits (mostly unidentified), and some family pictures.

Schmidt, Ed
   -"General Conference of Mennonite of North America, Formed an influence along the North Saskatchewan River."

Warkentin, Duff
   - Friesen, Jacob A. - notebook of correspondence and financial accounts - 1907 - 1920
   - Friesen, Eva - notebook of art work - 1910
   - Four school type scribblers, the majority of all leaves have manuscript practice writing and some drawings - Acc. # 831:
   - Notebook, lined, red paper covers, 18.5 X 25.1 cm. Saddle stapled. Inside front cover in manuscript: "Eva Friesen Hague S.D. April 1 at 1912." 16 ll.
   - Notebook, lined, front cover flags and picture of Sir John French in uniform. 16.5 X 20.6 cm. Saddle stapled. ON frong cover in manuscript: "Grammar;" "Jake Friesen 1920" over written with "J.EF 1920." 14 ll.
   - Notebook, lined, brown paper covers with crossed pens, 18.7 X 24.8 cm. Saddle stapled. Inside fron cover in manuscript: "Eva Friesen, January 19th, 1912 Hague School." Tipped in: black and white photo of a teacher? In old fashion clothing. 40 ll.
   - Notebook, lined, brown paper covers illustrated with a family of dogs with the word "DOGGIES." 18.6 X 24.8 cm. Saddle stapled, 4 ll. Four leaves cut out and missing. In manuscript on front cover: "1915" "Jake Friesen, Writing."
   - Gretna Scribbler (letter book). John A. Friesen (Dad) 1907-1920. Business, family and personal information.
   - Notebook, colored cover with cats playing in a tree. Eva 1910. History and drawings.

Wiebe, Irene and Jake
   - Schonschrift Valentine - photocopy - from Johann Bartel (1764-1813) to his bride Aganetha Quiring on their wedding day, 1794

Vol. 3.185 Small Archival Collections
Braun, Art
   - Letter from Deputy Clerk of the Court, Province of Sask. re Naturalization Certificate No. 168705, Series "A", dated July 26, 1938
   - Certificate of Naturalization – Agatha Dahl, July 18, 1938
Buhler, Jake
   - An Overview of the Mennonite Fabric of the Valley Area, A submission made to the panel members established by Federal Environment ;Assessment Review Office (FEARO) to study Eldorado’s proposal to build a uranium hexa-flouride refinery near Warman, February 20, 1980
Dyck, Katharina (Deed of Gift #680)
   - Index to Instructions for Operating Renfrew Separators Model K
   - Weihnachts und Neujahrs Wuensche, 1926, 1927, 1928 – Anna Dyck
   - 13 exercise books
   - Various historical clippings
Epp, Menno
   - “Notes to Our Russia/Ukraine Report”
Friesen, Sarah
   - Jahrbuch der Mennonitischen Lehranstalt, Gretna, Manitoba, 1957
   - Letter from P.J. Schaefer dated 3. Juni, 1957
Gliege, Selma
   -"Lebenslauf und Erlebnise" by Elisabeth Schulz (nee Unruh) (1866-1943), grandmother of Selma Gliege (nee Richert) (1921 - ) - photocopy, 204 pages
   - Record Album Collection
   - Albums by Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet, Haven of Rest Quartet, Janz Quartet, Blackwood Brothers and Beverly Shea in English.
   - Herman Voss (organ)
   - Albums by M.B. Male Chorus in German.
Guenther, Jacob L.
   - Tribute to Dad on His 90th Birthday, March 11, 2007
Hoock, Arthur
   - “Remembering the Jacob and Maria Reinke Elias Family”
Klassen, Helen
   - Die Bibel oder die ganze Heilige Schrift des Alten und Neuen Testaments, D. Martin Luthers uebersetzung, Stuttgart: Privilegierte Württembergische Bibelanstalt, 1899
Klassen, Helena (1885-1981)
Quiring, Hans (Waldemar Wendritsch)
Schroeder, Mary (Peter Henry) Estate (Deed of Gift #265)
   - In Memoriam books and cards of: Peter P. Klassen (1909-1983, Rev. Henry Peter Schroeder (1903-1884), Peter Henry Schroeder (1946-1967)
van Bergen, Gerhard family tree, pp 231-240. Includes Regiers and Friesens from Tiefengrund. (pp 235-240 in original typed copy.)

Volume 3.197 Small Archival Collection
Friesen Dyck, Helena (Banman)
   - Life story and diaries, 1966-1988, translated by Nettie (Friesen) Balzer

Morton, Agatha (nee Friesen)
   - John Julius Friesen family Certificate of Naturalization, November 4, 1937
   - Agatha Friesen baptism certificate, 1941, Rosthern, Sask.
   - Jubilaeums Bibel, Alten und Neuen Testaments, Vorwort und Nachwort by Der Verwaltungsrat der Privileg. Wuertt. Bibelanstalt, Stuttgart, Sept. 1912, Juli 1928

Nickel, David J. (missing)
   - Service of Remembrance bulletin for David J. Nikkel, (1905-1999)
   - Two black & white photos of employees of Empire Lumber and Fuel Company LDT, Saskatoon with the following note: "David Nikkel (November 13, 1905-September 9, 1999) worked for Empire Lumber and Fuel Company LDT in Saskatoon for many years, delivering coal and wood to residential homes and businesses. His driving license credential buttons are attached to the photo. .."
Nickel, Jacob J.
   - Hunnius, Monika, Bilder aus der Zeit der Bolschewikenherrschaft in Riga, Verlag von Eugen Salzer in Heilbronn, 1921
   - Article in Sask. Valley News, January 24, 2001, "History of the Rev. Jacob J. Nickel family."

Miller, Grace
   - Color pictures depicting Biblical scenes
   - Homemade cards with German Gothic notes
   - Barri - German story book
   - Palmsweige #110

Vol. 3.224 Small Archival Collections
Braun, Dick
   -Three generations of blacksmiths
   -Mennonite migration comes full circle, Saskatoon Sun, March 2008
   -Dick Braun in a sesame field in colony Santa Rita, Bolivia
   -"Mennonite history sometimes written in the margins" by Rod Andrews
   -Dick Braun named Osler Citizen of the Year, Sask. Valley News, 5 January, 2000

Dick, Janice L.
   -Newspaper articles about Janice Dick's novels
   -Dirks, Ray
   -Art can make a difference
   -Art exhibit in Mexico

Dyck, Gertrude
   -Gertrude's Story
   -Gertude Dyck (Nurse/Missionary/Author), autobiography, posted by Patricia Schmidt, October 21, 2009
   -The Oasi, Al Ain Memoirs of 'Doctora Latifa' by Gertude Dyck - Oasis Hospital 50th Anniversary Edition The UAE (United Arab Emirates) Letter

Dyck, Peter J.
   -Who's who in the Peter J. Dyck family
   -Peter J. Dyck leaves legacy of service

Doell, Chad
   -Doell to live and study in Israel, August 2013

Doell, Leonard
   -Local historian receives provincial heritage award
   -Mennonite Homesteaders of the Hague-Osler Reserve
   -The Bergthaler Mennonite Church of Saskatchewan 1892-1975
   -A tribute gift from MHSS

Driedger, Jack
   -"Wisdom of age" by Darlene Polachie, Saskatoon Sun, Nov. 2007

Enns, John
   -David Johann Penner (1874-1961) family
   -Descendents of Johann Martens and Helena Harder
   -Our Enns Ancestors
   -Martens, Peter Johann - Annie Dyck
   -From Abram Enns History
   -Bergen Family Tree
   -Maria J. Bergen
   -The Coming of Settlers

Epp, Frank (1929-1986)
   -Obituary - a courageous leader

Epp, Helen
   - Dyck, Cornelius J., Twelve Becoming, Biographies of Mennonite Disciples from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century, Newton, Kansas: Faith and Life Press, c1967
   - 61 slides depicting the lives and journeys of the twelve disciples in the book Twelve Becoming with accompanying script.

Epp, George
   -Moderator of Mennonite Church Saskatchewan 20__ to 2014

Epp, William
   -The Bailey Writing Course
   -Ein Elfen und Vogelgeschichtlein, Dichtung und Bilder von M.Grengg
   - A tribute

Funk, Tony
   -Henry J. Funk: a Complicated Life

Hiebert, Sarah
   - Memorial Service, October, 1998
   - Maps: Western Soviet Union, Mennonite Colonies in South Russia, Route of the Mennonite Migration from the Vistula Delta to Chortitza (1787-1789)
   - List of "Mennonite Books on Russia and the Soviet Union"
   - Schroeder, William and A. David Schroeder, "Was sollen diese Steine bedeuten?"
   - "Doing Genealogy"
   - Text of hymns written in Gothic script.
   - Correspondence: G.J. Hiebert and others dated 1927, 1997, 1998, 2000
   - Photos of Sarah Peters with happy birthday notes from Lenore Sills
   - Tribute to Sarah by her sister, Anne H. Neufeld, Sept. 1, 2016
   - Framed photo of Waskesiu River
   - A collection of stories and poems written by Lenore Sills.
   - "Drawing on experience: Artist (Lou Chrones) discovers her painting skills later in life." article by Darlene Polachie in The Saskatoon Sun, August 5, 2007
   - The Saskatchewan Valley News, September 8, 2016 and a pages 7, 8, 17, & 18 of Aug. 22, 2001
   - Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta Newsletter, Volume XIV, No. 2, (June 2011)
   - Hiebert, John, Collecting the Reiseschuld

Isaac, Helmut
   -The Family Farm
   -Danger lurks in familiar surroundings
   Klassen, Helena ((1897-1999)
   -Grandma's Autobiography, Oct. 16, 1968

Klassen, Johanna
   -Photo of wagon & elevator; burial permits, clergyman’s records
   -Two photo albums - unlabelled black and white photographs. Note attached: "Jack Bergen, Nick Willms at Candle Lake", "Johanna Klassen, Jake Klassen, July 2008, Bethany Manor"

Klassen, J.M.
   -Reflections on an Illness

Krahn, George
   -A Tribute by Helen Fast at MHSS Heritage Night, 20 January, 1995

Loewen, Royden
   -"Historian wins binational awards" by Wilma Derksen
   -"Human rights a part of Mennonite history" by Gladys Terichow, Country Press and Sask. Valley News, Feb. 2007

Mair, Margaret
   -Diary of Franz Bergman in Russian text.
   -German diary of Franz Bergman
   -Diary of Franz Bergman (Victor G. Wiebe working copy)

Martens, Ruth
   - Rempel, Johann, Fleiss: Zur Belohnung und sittliches Betragen
   - Card: Weihnachts und Neujahrswuensche den lieben eltern dargebracht von Ihrem dankbaren Sohne Johann
   - Guest Book 1993-1998

Neufeld, John J. (1913-2008)

Regier, A. Jake
   -Correspondence from Europe regarding MCC relief
   -Plot plan of burials
   -Hochstadt Village plan 1918-1922

Remple, Wilhelm
   -Diary notes

Sawatzky, Kurt
   - Weihnachts und Neujahr Wunsch, Gerhard
   - Muehlmann, R., Deutsches Lesebuch fuer Elementarschulen und Vorbereitungsklassen, 1. Teil, Sweites Schuljahr, Riga: Verlag von C.J. Sichmann, 1907
   - Lernlust, eine Comenius Fibel
   - Linde, E., J. Jedig und J. Hoffmann, Deutches Lesebuch fuer Volksschulen in Russland, II. Teil, Prischib: Druck und Verlag von Gottlieb Schaad, 1913
   - Gesangbuch der Mennoniten, Allgemeinen Konferenz der Mennonitengemeinschaft Nordamerikas, c1942

Schmidt, Edwin T.
   -Keyes, Annie, School Days, Dear Old Golden Rule Days with Mr.Edwin T. Schmidt

Schmitt Vandenberg, John Neal
   -Memorial Service, Sept. 1998

Sills, Lenore
   -Photos, notes, stories, and poems by Lenore Sills

Wiebe, Rudy
   -Articles by Anita Jantz in Canadian Mennonite, March 1999
   -Article by Richard Helm in Edmonton Journal, Feb. 2007
   -Come Back book review by Jake Buhler in Canadian Mennonite, Feb. 2015

Wiens, Arthur (1929-2014)
   - Newspaper clippings re anniversaries and greeting cards
   - Photographs:
      - Jantz Reunion, July 20, 1974
      - Mennonite Song Festival, Third Ave. United Church, Saskatoon, May 18, 1947
      - Group of 22 young men and women with Rev. J.J. Thiessen, undated. (All men in suits and ties; all women in black dresses. Perhaps a baptismal photo.)
      - b&w photo of 42 men mostly in suit and tie attire.
      - B∓W photo with note on back: "Dies ist eine Wirtschaft in Orenburg von einem gewissenDavid Klassen von Gruenfeld (Teklaekting)"
      - "A Tribute to Father" by His Children

      - Martens Zimmerly, Karen and Elsie Hannah Ruth Rempel. Many Gifts: Calling and Growing Congregational Leaders. Winnipeg, MB: Mennonite Church Canada, c2009, 35pp

Wiens John G.
   Black & White Photographs:
   - "Willcommen, Der Mennoniten in Canada, 3-7 July 1954. Gathering of a large group of men in front of a Church building. Rev. J.J. Thiessen seated with other men row. Note on back of photo reads: J.F. Braun, Box 92, Glidden, Sask. Year 1954, Dad & grandpa Braun on this - Canadian Mennonite Bible College Graduates 1950 and 1952.
   - Mennonite Song Festival, Third Avenue United Church, Saskatoon, June 12, 1949, Thams Studio

Volume 3.229 Small Archival Collections
Dyck, Peter
   - Genealogical Register of the descendants of Peter Dyck of Neuenburg, Chortitza Colony, South Russia (Ukraine), compiled and published by R.P. Kerber, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
   - Descendants of Peter Dyck 1796
   - Descendants of Franz Dyck 1823

Enns, Ed
   - Die Bibel nach der deutschen ubersetzung Dr. Martin Luthers, Halle: Canstein'schen Bibel Anstalt, 1870
   - Das Neue Testament, nach der deutschen ubersetzung Dr. Martin Luthers, Stutttgart: Privilegierte Wuerttembergische Bibelanstalt, 1909
   - Gesangbuch, Mennoniten Gemeinden Russlands, Odessa: Druck von A. Schultze Langeronstrasse, 1896
   - Choralbuch 1. Aufgabe, Halbstadt, Gouvernement Taurien, "Raduga", 1914

Epp, Diedrich Heinrich
   - Der Bote 1924-1999, Nr. 30 to 36, August - September, 1998 - 75th anniversary articles written by Lawrence Klippenstein

Epp, Rosalind
   1. Handwritten document in German fraktur script; 1 I.
   2. Photostat of a Ledger with pages of about 14x29.5 cm in size. The writing is in German Fraktur script. The original was in the possession of Susanna Enns but its current locationis unknown. The leger deals with business in Saskatchewan for approximately the years 1897-1919. The last pages contain genealogical information on Heinrich Wakentin (28 February 1869-) and Susanna Enns (1 December, 1910-) There are four copies: Copy 1: pp.1,1-26,28-29; Copy 2: pp1,1-13,15-26,28-29; Copy 3: pp.1,1-13,15-23,29; Copy 4: pp.16,18.

Guenter, Jacob
   -Family Register of the Guenters - Jacob Guenter family, born July 26, 1827

Harms, Leonard and Mary
   - 40 Years

Janzen , Frank
   - Janzen, Herb, Journey to Eternity: The Life Story of Frank Janzen, 1872-1943
   - 2004 calendar featuring photos of the Frank Janzen family
   - The Janzen Tree, 1872-1984 compiled and written by Anne Cisna and Betty Fawcett, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1984

Paetkau, David
   - Correspondence courses taught by David Paetkau at the German English Academy, Rosthern, Sask. in the late 1930s.

Peters, Leona (Nickel)
   - Rudiger, M, Der Herr ist mein Hirte
   - Sunday School Attendance Record and Reward Certificates, 1941 & 1942
   - Peace Resources
   - Selected pages from Contact: Fall 1993
   - Clippings from Mennonite Brethren Herald

Rempel Nellie
   - Maps
      - Karte der russlanddeutschen Siedlungen in Schwarzmeergebiete
      - Die deutschen Mennoniten Kolonien in Russland
      - Notebook belonging to Susanna Peters (1891-1980) containing poems and songs
   - Margaret Boyd artwork (framed) Aule säven Joa paust een Flekj, 1996. Belonged to Tina Rempel Manell, mother of Sandra Enns
   - Family Genealogy of Franz Loewen I (1831-1891) and Elizaabeth Woelk Loewen (1832-1896), compiled by Martha Loewen Wedel, Burns, Kansas, 1986
   -"200 Jahre (1766-1965) Familie Rempel" compiled by Jakob Gerhard Rempel, Beamsville, Ontario, 2 copies

Volume 3.243 Small Archival Collections
Bartel, Gerhard ( -2007)
   - Letter
   - Piece of lace and cotton cloth tied to a note that says "remembrance of my darling Robert H. Klückmann."
   - Celebrating the Life of Gerhard Bartel, March 02, 2007
   - Report (names, birth dates, death dates)
   - Lists of ancestors of Gerhard Dornelious Bartel, Konrad Bartel, Johannes Bartel
   - Auszug aus dem Tagebuch von Hans Peter Bartel bei der Uberfahrt mit der Beaverbrae von Gremen nach Canada, Dez. 7.17.45
   - Newspaper article "Herzliches Willkommen!" in Der Courier, n.d.
   - Immigrantenliste in Mennonitische Rundschau, 19. Dezember 1954
   - Family Tree Chart: "Zum Stammbaum Johannes Bartel"

Bartel, Lil
Color photos:
   - Frieda Kerber, nee Koslowsky, Helen Friesen, nee Pauls, and Kay Lehn in Holland, June 17, 1970
   - May 1991 "Taken when Dick and Ann Remple were visiting me in M___ Park.
   - Guenter Kerber, Frieda Koslowski, Cornie Friesen's mother, Lehn, Helen Pauls, Kay & ? Lehn
   - 28 August, 1989 - Tina Pauls, Victor Heinrichs, Helen Klassen, Mariechen Arendt, Aaron Klassen, Bernie Pauls, Richard Arendt in Alma Ata, Kasakstan
   - 1992 - Die Eiche Lena und ? Dyck beside large oak in Chortitza.
   - 11 Juni, 1990 - Helen (Pauls) Friesen and Frieda (Koslowski) Kerber in Holland
   - 1988 - Cousins at the Pauls reunion. David Rempel and Helen Pauls Friesen
   - C.W.F., Frieda
   - July 1, 1984 - Jake & Anni Friesen, Vineland Sta.
   - Aug. 25, 2007 - Paul & Anna Kleinschmidt, Leonard & Mary Friesen, Anna's eltern, Jake & Anne Friesen, grosseltern
   - Aug. 1988 - Aunt Mary's High School, Chortitza. (Rear view of the Maedchenschule) Signed Liz & Ted
   - Aug. 1988 - Elizabeth Rempel (Dick Rempel's sister) and Ted Klassen (youngest son of sister, Mary) in front of the "Grosse Eiche" in Chortitza.
Black & White photos:
   - Dortschule in Rosental, Ukraine
   - Cornelz. Lehnner auf ihre Gold. Hochz in einern Klub. Signed Heinrich n Justine Dyck
   - Jugenbild aus dem Rosental: Sara Froese, Mariechen Rempel, Margarete Friesen, Justina Janzen, Neta Froese, Lena Penner, and Tina Friesen
   - Postcard from Russia, Dec. 11, 1980
   - Color card from Russian showing a room in an art gallery.
   - Letters written by David G. Rempel to Cornie, Helen, and Anita Friesen in 1969, 1970. 1976, 1980, 1981, and 1990
   - Article with heading "Part of Rosental-Chortitza centre" including a poem about Roses in Rosendale.

Volume 4580 Small Archives - Jacob Wiens family records, ca. 1824-1903
   - The Lehn Family Register, 1679-1975

Born Thiessen, Katherina, Dr.
   - Dr. Katherina Born Thiessen: A Woman Who Made a Difference by Shirley Bergen

Driedger, Otto & Florence
   - Otto H. Driedger Curriculum Vitae
   - Florence Gay Driedger Curriculum Vitae
   - Summary of Ukraine Social Work Education and Development Activities and Reports of some of these activities, 1989-1998
   - Summary Report of Driedger's Ukraine Involvement, July 31, 2001
   - Ottawa Conference to review Canadian Assistance to Ukraine, October 11, 2007, Component of MCC Report by Jan Janzen
   - Otto Driedger work/family life, church and professional related activities, and other highlights or events, 1954 to 2011
   - Our Boarders 1954-2011
   - The National Archival Development Program (NADP), Project Time Guidelines by Cheryl Avery, U of S Archives, and Jeff O'Brien, City of Saskatoon Archives, 12 November, 2008

Ens, Carl & Genevieve
   - They used to call it "Softball"
   - Genevieve's Reflections
   - Obituary for Dr. Carl Ens (1920-1998) Sask. Valley News, November 2, 1998

Epp, Larry & Denise
   Funeral bulletins:
   - Kathrine Reimer (1919-2011)
   - Herbert Karlenzig (1917-2011)
   - Chris Sanders (1929-2012)
   - Ditrich "Dick" Reimer (1923-2013)
   - Kenneth Edward Reimer (1936-1017)
Memorial service for Dick Reimer, March 3, 2013 at Ocean View Funeral Home, Burnaby.
Articles published in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix in 2015 about the death of Todd Ewen, a former NHL enforcer.

Fehr, Jean
   - Saskatoon City Hospital Graduating Class, 1948

Friesen, Rev. Isaac P.
   - Pure Waters and Other Gospel Narratives. Liverpool: British Gospel Book Association
   - Friesen, I. P. Im dienste des Meisters, Konstanz in Baden: Buch und Kunstverlag Carl Hirsch A.G.
   - Friesen, I. P. Im dienste des Meisters, II. Band. Konstanz in Baden: Christliche Velagsanstalt

Froese, Wilmer
   - "Faith helps dairy couple farm," The Western Producer, October, 2001

Janzen, John & Nettie
   - "Celebrating 25 years in the ministry"
   - Sask. Valley News article, Jan. 20, 1993

Klassen, Isaac and Anna
   - Spruchheft für alle Sonntage der Jahre 1940 und 1941, der Algemeinen Konferenz der Mennoniten in Canada
   - Zweimal zweiundfünfzig biblische Geshcichten für schulen und familien. Stuttgart, Calwer Vereinsbuchhandlung, 1923

Krahn, Rob & Ellen
   - Snap Shot Album, brown leather cover, 21 cm x 13 cm, with drawing of a Native Indian face with feather headdress, string tie. Photograph mounted on black pages , labelled Anna Dyck (Mrs. Eric Wiens); at Experimental Farm, Rosthern; Bill Janz; RJC wiener roast 1923-34; Hilda Schmidt; Academy boys; School girls boarding at ? Mrs. Hamm and Marie Hooge; Going Saskatoon picking; Stobbe's, immigrants at C.W. Regiers; Mrs. A. Hamm, Mrs. J. Hamm; Bernice birthday; Bruno Nickel, Susie Abram, Marie Friesen; Hired men & Walter hauling lumber; Anna & Arthur Neufelds; Mary & John G___?; many missing photos.
   - Studio photograph of Selma Funk taken at Western Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Man.
   - Photograph: "The late Mr. & Mrs. Abram Funk, one of the first settlers in the Tiefengrund district, and their daughter Margaret, Mrs. Eric Regier, who reside in Waldheim."
   - Photo of Mr. & Mrs. Abram Funk taken when they were a young couple.
Year Book, Normal School, 1927-28. Property of Agnes Regier, Room "H"
Bahnmann Dyck Regier, Katharina (Wiens), Our Heritage, Katharina Regier's Black Book, 39pp

Kroker, Jakob P.
   - Letter from Perley C. Keyes, Secretary, Department of the Interior, Ottawa, dated 26th November, 1903, addressed to Jakob P. Kroker, Rosthern, Saskatchewan regarding his certificate of naturalization.
   - Certificate of Naturalization issued to Jacob P. Kroker at the Prince Albert Court on the second day of November, 1900, signed by the Judge of the Supreme Court of the North-West Territories.
   - Dominion Lands Interim Homestead Receipt, No 3636, dated 22 May, 1899 certifying that Jakob P. Kroker paid the ten dollar fee for Homestead Entry, SE Quarter Section 20, Township 42, Range 4, West of 3 Meridian.

Lenshyn, John
   - "One man's pilgrimage to a Saskatchewan pastorate" by Osiah Horst

Penner, Katharina (Schroeder)
   - Photocopy of Katharina Schroeder's Catechism, 1937 (German)

Russel, Judith Niessen
   - The Von Niessen Family by Tina Niessen Kruger, published in the Aberdeen Community Book.
   - Passport for a mother and child (Katharina Niessen) dated Dec. 1923 in Russian and French languages.
   - Passport for a man (Frank William Niessen) dated Dec. 1923 in Russian and French languages
   - Agreement for Sale of Land between The Saskatchewan Farm Loan Board and Henry F. Niessen, Aberdeen, Sask. dated January 3, 1944
   - Certificate of Naturalization for Frank Wilhelm Niessen, October 22, 1932
   - Certificate of Canadian Citizenship for Henry Frank Niessen
   - The Canadian Bill of Rights
   - Canadian Pacific Steamships Affidavit of Support and Employment for Frank and Katharina Niessen and family, signed by Henry W. Niessen, brother of Frank W. Niessen.
   - Obituary of Franz E. Niessen printed in Zionsbote, 2 Januar, 1957
   - Marten's Warman Funeral Home statement of death for Henry Niessen, 29th November, 2006 (Born July 26, 1911)
   - Marten's Warman Funeral Home statement of death for Leona Niessen, 13th January, 2010 (Born July 3, 1921)
   - Birth Certificate of Lonie Buhlin, July 3, 1921, dated 27th September, 1940
   - Life story of Frank W. Niessen, 28 May 1879 - 9 December 1956
   - Obituary for Mrs. Katharina Niessen, March 22, 1879 - April 1, 1969
   - Marriage Certificate for Henry F. Niessen and Lonie Buhlin, October 1, 1940
   - Photos:
   - Anniversary photo of Henry & Lonie Niessen with daughters, Kathy, Judith, & Connie
   - Henry Niessen's grandmother's sister, Tante Enns
   - Katharine Wiebe Niessen
   - Frank & Katharina Niessen with baby Anna and Frank
   - Katharina & Frank Niessen and daughter, Lydia, 1935-40 in Aberdeen
   - Katharina's sister, Lizzie Wiebe
   - Frank Niessen (1879-1956), 2 photos at different ages
   - Frank Niessen's students in Russia
   - Henry & Leona Niessen, 65th anniversary, 2005
   - Phillip and Margaret (nee Harder) Buhlin and daughters Irene and Josephine, about 1940
   - Lydia Harder and Gerhard Hooge
   - Hildebrandts
   - Abram Hubert
   - Epiphany celebration, Russian Orthodox
   - Other photos with notes in Russian

Schmidt, Irvin, Rev.
   - "I. Schmidt celebrates 25 years of service"
   - Vera and Irvin Schmidt "Celebrate33 years of service," SVN Nov. 23, 1989
   - Rev. Irvin Schmidt obituary
   - Tribute to Rev. Irvin Schmidt by Art Wiens at 1995 COMOS conference

Siemens, Ruben
   - "Ruben Siemens served churches in three provinces" by Jake Nickel

Toews, Kornelius Gerhard
   - Obituary & Tribute from Class of 1943

Unger, Ben & Frieda
   - German Bible containing family register. Very worn, torn, loose pages.

Warkentin, C.J., Rev.
   - Tribute to C.J. Warkentin by Art Wiens, 1995 COMOS Conference.

Wiebe, Agatha
   - Notebooks with songs written with numbers and text in Gothic German. These booklets were assembled by ;Peter Klassen who emigrated from Russia in the 1920s with other Mennonites and settled in Superb, Saskatchewan.
   - Janzen, J.H. Choralbuch. Melodien zum neuen Gesangbuch. Waterloo, Ontario, 1930.
   - Klassen, J.B. Polyhymnia. Winnipeg, Manitoba: J.B. Klassen, 1933

Wiebe, Peter J.
   - Gesangbuch - embossed hard cover and inscribed with "Peter J. Wiebe, Springfield, 1912." Gesangbuch, eine sammlung geistlicher Lieder zur Allgemeinen Erbauung und zum Lobe Gottes. Elkhart, Indiana: der Mennonitischen Verlagshandlung, 1907

Volume 3.262 Small Archival Collections
Bergen, Heinz
   - The Love Letters of Hein and Manja. Translated by Christina Amazonas, Ruth Heinrichs, Heinz Bergen, 1998, 40pp
   - Plett, Delbert F., Editor. Old Colony Mennonites in Canada, 1875 to 2000. Steinbach, MB: Crossway Publications Inc., c2001, 188pp
   - Guenther, F.D. Meine Erlebnisse in Mexiko und Canada, 99pp

Driedger, Jacob
   - Writings - Blumenfeld, 18 Februar 1901 and 28th Mai 1902

Dyck, J. J.
   - J.J. Dyck family reunion, July 2003

Dck, Paul
   - Notes on the life of Paul Dyck (1913-1990?) by his twin brother, Ruben Dyck

Epp, Anne
   - Neues christliches Vergissmeinnight. Bremen: Verlag des Traetathauses Scriptures for each day of the year. Helena Wiens name and 1880 noted on first page.
-    Born, Isaak. Heimatklänge. Eine Sammlung auserwählter geistlicher, lieblicher Lieder. Neu-Halbstadt: Druck von P. Neufeld, 1901, 700 Lieder
   - Neufeld, K.H. "Singet dem Herrn." Winkler, Man.: Gerh. J. Reimer, 1932 Belonged to Elisabeth J.Wiens, Herschel, Sask.
   - Gesangbuch der Mennoniten. Allgemeinen Konferenz der Mennonitengemeinschaft Nordamerikas, c1942, 550 hymns

Fehr, Jacob M.
   - Article about "Be A Dreamer"

Friesen, Abraham (1849-1901)
   - Sermons - W. Prussia and Saskatchewan

Friesen, Henry W.
   - COMOS honors Henry W. Friesen (Sask. Valley News, March 3, 1993)

Friesen, Jacob E.
   - Lutz, Otto. A Mother Braving a Wilderness. Edited by Thomas Gerwing, illustrations by Greg Schulte. Muenster, Sask.: St. Peter's Colony Jubilee Steering Committee, 1977

Goossen, Walfried
   - "Across the sea to a better life" The Hamilton Spectator, August 20, 1998

Harder, Jacob
   - Jacob Harder - A Man of Faith

Janzen, Henry & Tina
   - Chronik der Familie Henry M und Tina Janzen

Lepp, Waldo
   - Glaubenstimme für die Gemeiden des Herrn, Dritte Auflage, Hamburg: J.G. OnckenNachfolger, 1897, 712pp

Loewen, Mary (Hein)
   - Hein, Jacob, Editor. Heins of Neuhorst. 85pp
      - Letter from Jake Hein, while teaching at South Makwa, Sask., to his brother, Peter Hein, Mary Hein Loewen's father.
      - The Tracks I Left Behind Me by Jacob Hein
      - Obituary of Dr. W. I. Wilkin of Warman (1890-1966)

Plenert, Heinrich Wilhelm ((1809-1867)
   - Descendants of H.W. Plenert with extracts from the Frisian Mennonite church records of Kronsweide, Chortitza Colony, Russia.

Samson, Agnes
   - Document in Russian language dated U____ 5, 1924. Other dates in document: Mair 13, 1908, cenm___10, 1920. Five signatures.
   - U.S.R.R. Volkskom. fur Autklaerung Chortitzer Deutsch Paedtechnikum "Bescheinigung" A list of the courses being offered at this school or college. Signed by H. Epp and G. Dyck.
   - B&W photo of teachers and students German German-English Academy, Rosthern, 1927-28. R. Pratchett, Photographer, Rosthern, Sask.
   - Photo of "Chortiza Centralschul Hof." Rudy Penner signature on back.
   - Photo of "Chortitzer Lehrerseminar - Fruehling 1926. Names of seven Lehrer on back and the name R.P. Penner, 722 7th Ave. N.
   - Photo of a large group of men, women and children in front of a building, dated 1926
   - Der Bote clipping, 25. Januar 1972 of the "Chortitzaer Zentralschueler 1895."
   - Music book with notes and text. 36 song titles. No title, poor condition.
   - Paetkau, D., compiler. Liederalbum fuer gemischte Choere, 2. Folge, 2. Band: Festgesaenge, 95pp
   - Die ehemaligen Schueler der Chortitzer Zentralschule in Canada, 1944

Schmidt, Viola
   - Thirty-five postcards addressed to Matilda (Tilly) Jantz of Drake, Saskatchewan. Many are from her sister, Marie. The others are from various relatives and friends.

Wendritsch, Waldemar (geb. Hans Quiring)
   - Die Lebensgeschichte von Waldemar Wendritsch, Die Mennonitische Rundschau, (2001)

Wiebe, Franz
   - Note re baptism 30 June, 1927

Wiebe Heinrich and Anna (Loetkeman) Wiebe
   - From South Russia to Canada, The Saskatchewan Valley News, March 19, 1997

Wiens, Hertha
   - Letters from Julius Kliewer to Relatives, 1826, 1933, 1946
   - Letters from Wanda Kliewer Dyck and Lena Kliewer to Tante Neta, 1946-47
   - Correspondence re Julius J. Kliewer, 1946
   - Letter from Cornelius Kliewer, Germany, to Neta Kliewer, 1947
   - Correspondence between Neta J. Kliewer and the Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization and Mennonite Central Committee, 1946, 1947
   - Letters from Helene Dueck, Uruguay, 1953 and Hans u Lenchen, Filadelfia, 1965
   - Letters from Tante Marie Kliewer in Siberia to Neta Kliewer, 1965-1974
   - Letters from Mariechen, wife of Julius Kliewer, 1946-48, 1973-79
   - Letters from Lena Derksen (aunt to Sara Kliewer Wiens) to Neta Kliewer, 1961-63, 1974-79, 1981, 82, 85
   - Letter from Agnes in Toronto, December, 1975
   - Letters from Mariechen Dück to Neta and Lena, 1971-1979
   - Letters from Joh. Janzen, 1980-81
   - Letters from Anna u Jakob
   - Letters from Anna Warkentin

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