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Personal Papers
Index to those now online

There are quite a number of indexes to these Collections of Personal Papers in our Archives. This index will show alphebetically the ones already on line.

Adsten, Peter (Collection)

Bartel, Maria (Collection)

Bergen, Heinz (Collection)

Boldt, Cornelius (Collection)

Bueckert-Family (Collection)

Driedger, Johann (Collection)

Dyck, Helen (Collection)

Dyck, John N. & Susie (Abrams) (Collection)

Ens, Danny - (Estate)

Epp, Dick (Collection)

Epp, G. Gerald (Collection)

Epp, Gerhard G. (Collection)

Epp, Margaret (Collection)

Epp, Reuben (Collection)

Epp, Reuben and Irmgard (Collection)

Funk, Henry H. (Collection)

Fast, Raymond G. (Collection)

Fast, Rudi and Lee (Collection)

Friesen, D. W. (Collection)

Friesen, John D. (bio)
Friesen, John D. (Collection)

Funk, Anna (Collection)

Guenter, Frank B. (Collection)

Guenter, Jacob G. (Collection)

Jantzen, Henry D. (Collection)

Janzen, John J. (Collection)

Klaassen, Walter (Collection)

Kornelsen, Helen (Collection)

Loewen, Isaac Bio

Loewen, Isaac (Collection)

Martens, Abram A.(Collection)

Neudorf, John J.(Collection)

Neudorf, Justina (Collection)

Nickel, Jake (Collection)

Nickel, John P. (Collection)

Ratzlaff, William & Salome (Collection)

Ratzlaff, Vern (Collection) [pdf]

Regier, A. J. (Collection)

Rempel, John G. (Collection)

Schroeder, Eric and Lenora (Collection)

Schultz, Peter P. (Collection)

Slater, Rosemary (Collection)

Schmidt, Ed and Wally

Siemens, Rueben (Collection)

Small Archival Collections

Wiens, Gerhard B. (Collection)

Zacharias Brothers (Collection)

Zacharias, George (Collection)

Zacharias, Margareta (Collection)

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