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Volume 4.1.1 - Peace Mennonite Church (North Saskatoon)

-File Guide
-"History of Peace Mennonite Church (North Saskatoon), 1985-1992," by Galen A. Peters, CMBC, 1992.
-Annual Meeting Minutes, 1987-2000
-Congregational Meetings Minutes, 1986-2001
-Church bulletins, 1985-2001
-Aboriginal Peoples
-Bethany Manor
-Building plans
-Calendar, congregation
-Caring and Fellowship Committee
-Community Outreach
-CMC 1991
-Conference of Mennonites in Canada
-Congregational structure
-Coordinator of Ministries

Volume 4.1.2 - Peace Mennonite Church (North Saskatoon)
-Correspondence, 1985-1992
-Decision Making at Peace Mennonite Church
-Delgado, Brenda & Arlex
-Education - Adult
-Facilities - Location Committee
-Fellowship Committee
-Financial Reports
-Gabriel Dumont Institute & Custodial Care Home
-General Conference Mennonite Church
-Gift Discernment
-Government of Saskatchewan
-Integration GC -> MC
-Joint Caring and Fellowship and Outreach Committee
-Mayfair Mennonite Church
-MCC Saskatchewan
-Membership Lists
-Outreach Committee
-Pastor, Job Description
-Pastoral Search Committee
-Peters, Herb & Justina
-Planning Committee
- Refugee Sponsorship
-Saskatchewan Women in Mission
-Saskatoon Mennonite Care Services
-Set-up Schedule
-St. Anne Catholic School
-Summer Worship
-Sunday School Jubilee
-Swift Current Bible Institute (SCBI)
-Tri-Delgado Committee
-Worship and Education Committee
-Ysassah Williams Sponsoring Committee
-10th Anniversary Service - 17 March 1996
-copy of hymn, "Master the Tempest is Raging"
-extra copies of annual meeting minutes, etc.
-Discover the People of Faith, Book 3
- Discover the People of Faith, Book 4
-"Peace Mennonite Church North Saskatoon: Community Outreach and Service," Christina Harder, course - Mennonite Studies, 1995.
-Task Force Reports, etc.
-Worship Committee
-Calendar, 1995
-Photograph of congregation, 1999
-Photo album, 1989-1996 ?
-Research Material - General Growth Information, 1994
-small photo album
-CHM/COM/MBM Directory of Mennonite Missions, 2000-2001
-CoMoS 2001 Annual Report, "Tales of Transformation"

Volume 4.1.3 - Peace Mennonite Church (North Saskatoon)
-Bulletins, etc. 2000
-Sermon typescript - "Journey to Faith" 7 January 1996
-extra bulletins
-Our Church Guests, 1985-1996
-Our Church Guests, 1996-2001
-Covenant Member Roll
-Binder with minutes and notes from various committees, 1993-1996
    -gathered by Claire Ewert Fisher(?)
-PMC Jr. Youth, 1996
-"God Gives Good Gifts: A Worship/Education Guide for Congregations" Jubilee: God's Good News, Cycle D, Summer, written by Abe Bergen, Ken Hawkley,
Eleanor Snyder, 1998.
-"Restore to us the Joy of Salvation: Worship and Spirituality Resources for Lent/Holy/Week/Easter," 1997
-"KidsPak '97-98'"
-Binder - "Congregation Planning Budget, Worship, Education"
-"Mennonite Foundation of Canada: Stewardship Resources"
-Worship and Education
-Binder - Outreach
-Covenant Renewal - Church Membership
-Refugees - resources
-"Handbook: Spiritual Caregivers (Clergy & Laity)" Saskatoon District Health, 1995
-Monthly mailing addresses
-COM Centennial Resource - "Strangers No More"
-Bulletin cover - original
-Constitutions - Consensus Decision Making
-Congregation Chair
-Children's Items
-Misc. Peace Church Info
-Covenanting Service

Volume 4.1.4 - Peace Mennonite Church (North Saskatoon)
-Bulletins, 1985-1986, 1991, 1992, 1996

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