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On June 16, 1973 organizational meetings in Calgary and Saskatoon were held to establish the Western Canada Mennonite Historical Society; the primary focus was to begin to identify where records of Historical value to Mennonites in Saskatchewan were located and to share that information by some method of publication. These are the roots of the Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan (MHSS) which now has a materials collection archive under the Bethany Manor Fellowship Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This site has become the operational base for MHSS in its continued goals to pursue the options of saving the records of history and making them available for future reference. The digital era enables a more comprehensive list of information of sources, locations of storage and how these records may be accessed.

The goal of the information that is archived on the secondary level ( will include a digital multilevel secure component on the website that envisions the opportunity to store or list where records of historic family traditions, photographs, letters, publications, communities and cemeteries are located. Though much of the specific information archived may not be accessible to everybody, it will be available to those with appropriate keys or personal identification codes (pic) assigned to specific families. However, it is hoped that many families will choose to permit MHSS to either link to their existing website histories or will send their Family Historical stories, letters, photographs, and other artifacts of interest to be placed on this website available for all to see and read.

The global connections of identities are not unique but Mennonites gather in communities where importance is expressed in ways that have become global. Included is a page for which begins to list some of these common identities which will share some generally available information but will also provide ideas for those wishing to use this website for secure family digital historical archives.

Information submitted for archiving will be converted to compact storage formats that may be viewed or downloaded by authorized persons so that more valuable history will not be lost. Quality, respect and dignity will always remain important. Though digital storage changes continuously, non-web information should always be stored in multiple locations in case one of the sites loses its information.

It is anticipated that a substantial financial base will be needed to further develop and maintain the archival tasks being envisioned. There are several ways for financial donors to contribute to facilitate appropriate storage by dedicated volunteers and persons who are qualified to organize and maintain access. Financial resource donors will normally receive charitable donation receipts. Donations may be made directly to MHSS or by appropriate means to the Mennonite Foundation of Canada; Abundance Canada which by fall will redistribute the information to delineate more clearly how MFC; Abundance Canada works with charities and individuals. Information is at where there has been an MHSS Endowment fund established; the financial-interest generated by the endowment will be available to the Board of the Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan.

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