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Deaths Notices & Obituaries

This part of this site contains download links of indexes to large collections of death notices and obituaries that have been compiled by various volunteers.

Some links will be to collections on other sites. These will be provided as a courtesy to those doing research.

As you may know, determining ahead of time whether a certain archive holds the kind of information you are seeking is a great help to your research, and a time-saver.

A quick primer for downloading:

If you left-click on on a file with a .pdf extention it will want to open the PDF reader, (most likely Acrobat Reader) in your browser window to open the file. A large file might take several minutes to open. You will need to be patient, depending on the speed of your computer's processor. If you right-click on the same file, a small menu pops up and if you click on the "Save As..." option, you can save the file to your computer, and access it even when you are not connected online.

We provide these same files in a zipped (compressed file) edition for faster downloading. A left-click will bring up your downloading window and allow you to decide where on your computer you want to save the file. Now you will need an unzip program on your computer. There is likely one there already. If not, there are many free unzip programs on the internet. (i.e. UnZipMe and some browsers like Firefox come with a downloading feature).

If you discover you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, or need an update: download it free from

Indexes to Death Notices/Obituaries

Der Bote Obituaries Death Notices Indexes 1924-2008 - Indexed by Elmer W. Neufeld.

[Note: sometimes other sites link to these files, but they do not update them when we do, so their links may give you 404 errors. Always look for the latest, updated files on this page.]

Canadian Mennonite Death Notices 1997- to- 2014 INDEX - PDF
This is a 583 KB file and contains data from 1997 to end of 2014. It has also been carefully reviewed in 2014 and corrections and additions made.
Saskatchewan Valley News Obituaries -> 2014 INDEX - pdf
This is a 957.6 KB file and contains data from 1957 (and some earlier!) through 2013.

Check here to download the files again when updated files are in place. Note the last date for the current files is December 31, 2014.

More Indexes on Other Sites
The Canadian Mennonite, Obituaries and Death Notices Index, Obituaries and Death Notices 1953-1971, Death Notices 1997-2002, Indexed by Dolores Harder

Mennonitische Rundschau Obituaries Index: 1930-2001, Indexed by Erica Suderman

Der Bote Obituaries Index: 1950-2004, Indexed by Erica Suderman.

Mennonite Brethren Herald Obituaries: 1961-2004 by Helen Fast from the database MHSS generates which is on the Alberta web site.

GAMEO is planning a large database combining the cemetery lists of all the provinces. We will, of course, work together with them.

MHSS attempts to operate its open access online sites for persons to enjoy and use. Information for the MHSS cemetery project does not necessarily include all of the graves in any given site. Those listed are generally listed by persons who have visited the sites and those listed would be of more general interest to persons searching for their Mennonite roots and ancestors.

[last updated - Jul/29/2021]

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