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Welcome to the Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan (MHSS) member and friends' E-Update. A bulletin of upcoming events, programs and activities, along with other information useful to everyone interested in Mennonite history, culture or religion.

We invite you to enter your email address in confidence that we do not share or pass on your address to others. It is used only for our monthly E-Updates, which shares announcements of special events sponsored by the M.H.S.S. in Saskatchewan.

You may also unsubscribe at any time without fear of embarrassment or comment. Just click the "unsubscribe" link that is at the end of every ezine issue. You will be automatically unsubscribed.

Thank you! You can watch for the monthly E-Updates, generally scheduled for the third Wednesday evening of each month. However, when we don't have enough news for an issue we feel it is better to wait until we do.

We hope you will soon feel a part of our group as you become aware, and take part whenever you can, in our special events.

This is a BIG MOVE for our list to a new service site, where subscribers are protected and guarded from spam or unsolicited emails. The key way is to require everyone to do a Double-Opt-in. That means you enter your email address here, but then you will get an email that asks you to click a link to CONFIRM that you want to be on this list.

That is to protect you from having someone do a typo on their own address and accidentally (or even for mischief) end up keying in YOUR email address.

This new platform will allow us to embed photos or posters in an email instead of giving you a link to find them online.

Don't forget! You are not on the MHSS's E-Updates mailing list until you click that link in the confirmation email.
And we thank you in advance for taking these extra steps!

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