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Family Histories

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Family Histories Index

We have prepared this area of the website for family histories. If you have already built a website with your family history on it, you can send us the link and we will provide a link to your site and family history.

If your family history is not on a web site, but it is written up on a computer, you can contact Ruth, our web-master, about putting a digital version up on our MHSS site. (Naturally, the MHSS Board supervises/controls what appears on the site). Use our Reach Us Form.

Publishing your family history this way allows others to read it and perhaps contact you if they think they could be related to you.

We would like to encourage everyone to get their family history written up, perhaps by a relative, if you are not able to do it yourself.

You can reach Ruth through the contact page on the web site, or by calling 306-956-7785.

Family Histories Here on the MHSS Site

We have two stories from Penner families to show you what we have in mind. One is a one-page narrative of the Nestor Machno gang (called Mochna gang in this account) in the villages of the Ukraine, as told by Peter Suderman, an eye-witness, who was 17 at the time.

The second is a 20 page translation of a hand-written diary, the original in the old Gothic Script. The autobiography and diary is by Peter Penner, as translated by his granddaughter Mary Agnes (Penner) Gossen, October, 1969.

Stories by Albertine Speiser - and reading from her grandmother's diaries of the 1880 Mennonite Great Trek from the Ukraine to Turkestan.

The Homesteader by His Honor the Justice Robert Harold McClelland, who was the lawyer in the Herbert, Saskatchewan area for many years.

History of Judge Robert Harold McCllelland - This well-known, lawyer and judge from the south Saskatchewan areas of Herbert and Swift Current, to Regina and beyond wrote a very interesting and articulate history of his family and the Herbert area. When he died before it was quite finished, his daughter completed it.

Family Histories on Other Websites

Cliff Wall's Remembering Our Heritage is a book of over 575 pages, which he has placed on a website to read. This contains several family histories tied together. One that has been especially brought to our attention because of the tie in to Saskatchewan, is the Johann Neufeld family of Waldheim, Saskatchewan. Their family history is covered in pages 29 through 76 in Wall's book.

You can check out the other families in their book by clicking on "Contents" on the top of their website pages.

Time Line (aid in research)

Another thing useful when studying family histories is a time-line to indicate in what era of common history the family ancestors lived. Feel free to print out this this timeline to get perspective.

(To left-click on the link opens the file in your PDF reader, such as Acrobat Reader. To right-click allows you to save it to your computer for reading off-line. If you are new to PDF documents, which are to read-only, you must have a PDF reader program to see them, however most Windows computers already have the Acrobat Reader in their suite of programs. If not, you can download and install it quickly enough and for free from Acrobat).

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