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Presentations from the March 8, 2008
Plautdietsch Day

As part of the Annual General Meeting weekend of the M.H.S.S. the theme was our language, Plautdietsch. Chris Cox, studying at the university in Edmonton, had prepared his research into a fine powerpoint presentation. We offer it here with his permission for those who were not able to attend.

Mennonite Plautdietsch and Language and History


Mennonite Plautdietsch and Language and History is a 'PowerPoint' slide presentation that offers an overview of Mennonite Low German (Plautdietsch) that doesn't presume familiarity with the language or its development. For the novice computer screen viewer, please note there is an oblong box in the 'tool bar' which is usually at the top of the screen being viewed. In that box the entry screen closes its text instructions with '/index.shtml'. If you replace that portion of the instruction search line with '/cox0.html' or '/cox56.html' you will be at the first or last slide; any other number between 1 and 55 in place of the first (0) and last (55) will take you to that slide. Please note that the AA button at the bottom of the viewed page switches between the text on the slide and the plain text screen.

Note that you can return to this index at any time by clicking on the star button below the slide.

The following is the slide sequence by number:

1) Mennonite Plautdietsch - Language and History

2 - 4) Introduction

5 - 12) The Prehistory of Plautdietsch (includes maps 5, 10 of language movement and related charts)

13 - 17) The History of Low German (tracing a language across the Globe from the Hanseatic league forward)

18 - 21) Mennonites and Low German - (borrowing and modifying from southern and western Europe to the Americas and east to Siberia; map 20)

22 - 29) The Emergence of Mennonite Low German (Niederpreußisch)

30 - 41) Plautdietsch in Russia (Chortitza vss Molochnaya; map 31)

42 - 45) Mennonite Low German in Russia (linguistic conversions)

46 - 49) Plautdietsch Around The Globe

50) Mennonite Low German Abroad

51) "Die Sprache des Herzens" - heart language

52) The Only Mennonite Heimat (home)

53) Language and Community

54) The Gift of Low German

55) Language is a ford through the river of time

56) The end - (this is the background slide)

Table of contents

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