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MCC Stories

As you see on our index page, we put out a call for personal MCC stories of contacts with, or serving through MCC - perhaps more specifically with MCC Saskatchewan, and these stories are beginning to come in.

You are still welcome to submit yours, and if it is deemed suitable, we will be happy to present it here. Please send your stories to Claire Ewert Fisher

Your MCC Stories:

Irma Balzer story

The Beginnings of Self Help Crafts (Ten Thousand Villages) in Saskatchewan: Irma Balzer's Story, as told by her daughters, Monica Dalke and Rita MacDonald. Irma Balzer was a key figure that caused this work to flourish in this province. It has now become a separate entity, providing the dignity of crafting work to women living in poverty in many countries. These crafts are sold here in the Ten Thousand Villages stores.

Response to Hunger

Justina Peters' story about her family, and her grandfather, an honest miller in Siberia, shows how their experiences influenced their Response to Hunger after coming to live in Canada.

Mike - one of the least of these

Kris was bothered because as he was going through Mike's life after his death. Yes, Mike committed a horrendous crime as a youth, many years ago. But he was still a human being and the thought that this human lived and died alone and unloved, without friendship and companionship, disturbed Kris enough to find out more. Kris came to Pastor Ryan Siemens, who told him Mike's unique story, one of the 'least of these' that Jesus referred to in the New Testament.

Tough on Crime

Dave Feick is the Coordinator of The Micah Mission, Saskatoon, partially sponsored by MCC. This non-profit organization works with released offenders to help them adjust to a responsible life in mainstream society. They train community volunteers to work intensively with each released prisoner to ensure they will not re-offend. Dave writes about the political catch-phrase, "Tough on Crime," and whether it is as effective as Restorative Justice - the MCC and Micah Mission approach.

Magdalena Andres' story

"My name is Magdalena Andres, and my parents and I were displaced people from the Danzig-West Prussia Mennonite area that is now Poland, and lived in West Germany. . . ." Read Magdalene Andres' story about how her family was helped by MCC while in West Germany.

Relief Sale Virtual tour

If it has been a long time since you have been at the MCCS Relief Sale in Saskatoon, or if you have never attended at all, these pages gives you a chance to look around, and with some imagination, experience the Sale virtually.
Quilt Inspection Tour
Relief Sale Virtual Auction Tour
Sales Displays Tour

Recently Added: NEW! AGM Report 2020 (with photos)

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