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MHSS Launches Archives Fund-raiser - October 24, 2012

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(MHSS) Launches Archives Fund-raiser

What Can You Do?

Dateline: October 24, 2012.

All summer the MHSS has been in the process of moving into larger premises at Bethany Manor, on La Ronge Road in Saskatoon. This larger space is in the basement, directly below the Fellowship Hall, and allows our society to move from tightly cramped rooms into several times the space right beside those rooms. However, this move entails far more than first meets the eye.

These heady days of planning and moving and researching the additional items that are needed, have brought the Board to launching a fund-raiser. Since the many society members and others who will get to get to use these resources will benefit in an enormous way for many decades to come, it is only right to give everyone opportunity to participate and take part in the joint pride of ownership in this Archive facility.

You may give a gift to the Archives Fund-raiser individually, with your family, with your extended family clan, or as a memorial in honour of a beloved parents, ancestors, or outstanding person who has blessed you. Your gift will be tax-deductible.

If you are able, you may also volunteer time for some of the installation projects.

A list of 24 gifts or types of specific monetary gifts has been prepared. The MHSS Board suggests you choose a gift to give to 'your MHSS' - then make plans to bring your family or friends later, 'when the dust has settled' to show them yours, or - OUR MHSS!

24 Gifts to Give MHSS

1. One complete computer set at $1250 each. We will need 6 in the next year. Total $7500.

2. Six archive storage boxes for $50. We will need 35 sets of 6 boxes each for a total of $1750.

3. Two electrical ceiling lights for the secure archive room. Total $260

4. Lumber and panels to build a 12 foot by 12 foot secure room, $1525.

5. Labor to build secure room, $400.

6. One work station for the volunteers, $740. We will need 3 workstations for a total of $2220.

7. Four electrical ceiling lights for the volunteers' work area. Total $520

8. Thirty-six feet of moving or rolling shelves for a total of $29,920.
Note: We received a $10,000 donation with the condition that it be matched. About 7 donors have put in a total of $10,000 so we have $20,000 already. We need $9920 more. One 15 inch shelf unit is 6 feet high and 7 feet. Cost is $1240 per unit. We need 8 units for $9920.

9. One desk lamp for $40. We will need 3 in total.

10. One scanner for $600.

11. One telephone unit with extension for $125

12. One plug-in plus one electrical breaker for $65. We will need 10 plug-ins for a total of $650.

13. One digital single reflex camera, $480.

14. Repairing hallway walls in front of archives double doors, $240.

15. Painting hallway walls and ceiling, $280.

16. Building large bulletin board on hallway wall in front of archives doors, $390.

17. Building electrified showcase on second wall in front of archives double doors, $1900.

18. One set of wired motion sensor lights in front of archives doors, $140.

19. One LCD mounted projector, $1400.

20. One wheeled cart for books, $275.

21. One vacuum cleaner, $325.

22. Rent for one month, $450.

23. One rolling office chair, $325. We will need two.

24. Where needed most (undesignated).

Send donations to:
Elmer Regier,
MHSS, Room 900,
110 La Ronge Road,
Saskatoon, SK, S7K 7H8

Tell Elmer which item(s) you want to support. Elmer will mail you a tax-deductible receipt.
[Note: before you write a designation on your cheque, it would be wise to consult with the treasurer, Elmer Regier, to make sure someone has not already covered that item. Call Elmer at (306)373-0606.]

We ALL thank you heartily for your support!

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