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Become a Member to Get the Historian

You need to become a member to get the Historian!

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Yes, we are glad to say that our publication, The Saskatchewan Mennonite Historian (fondly called the Historian for short), is becoming more popular and people are inquiring about how they may get each issue mailed to them.

The answer is that it is a benefit of being a member of our society, the Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan, (MHSS). Membership fees are crucial for the operation of our non-profit organization, so we cannot separate out the subscription to the Historian from the membership fee.

In fact, you may not be aware that our membership fee includes many other valuable benefits, for which we charge nothing beyond the
annual membership fee of $35.
(Or, $65 for two years at once,
and if you want a bargain, go for three years for $90).

One benefit included is access to the large and impressive archives in the basement of Bethany Manor, in Saskatoon, SK. A great place to do your research for family genealogy or Mennonite history in communities and in general, globally.

Another benefit is that you may subscribe by email to the E-Updates maliing list. Whenever we have special events coming up, or announcements to make, we send out an email to all on this list to keep you up to date. Only a few times a year.

Of course, the benefit prized by the most people, is the Historian which has both scholarly articles, and more informal, friendly articles about outstanding Mennonites from Saskatchewan, or cultural practices, church histories, and unique Mennonite organizations and their accomplishments. We like to include a lot of photos, because so often, they are worth another 1000 words!

Our Historian is not like a newspaper that you skim through quickly and then toss down for your dog to use for his toilet. People generally save these issues in their library of worthwhile documents.

If you would like to see past issues for sampling, click on - The Saskatchewan Mennonite Historian for issues that are three years or older than the current year.

Question: How do you become a member and get these benefits?

Answer: Print, fill out, and send in this Membership Application form

Write out a cheque for your choice of years

Put into an envelope with the application form

Write the address on the envelope as given on the Application form. Add a stamp, and drop in a mailbox.

It is done!

Another option would be to drop in on the Archives, and pay your membership in person. Staff are there on Monday and Wed. afternoons, and Wed. evening. (Check the very bottom of this webpage, or any other on this site, for the address, hours and phone number.

[last updated - Mar/17/2022]
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