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Der Friedensfuerst

In many Mennonite communities and churches, Der Friedensfuerst (The Prince of Peace), has become something of a Christmas anthem. In the last issue of our Saskatchewan Mennonite Historian (2017#3), we have published an article by a writer/musician who has researched the original history of this lovely song. He pointed out that this song is now in the public domain.

This gave us the idea of offering some versions of this song for those who may be looking for the music and lyrics to Der Friedensfuerst. (Inicidentally, the u should have an umlaut over it, but since that is often hard to reproduce on a webpage and particularly in a link, we are using the 'ue' letters to replace u with an umlaut.

The best-publication that carried this anthem in the beginning was a song book called, Die Palme No-3. We provide that edition in both a darker and lighter version. Which you will prefer may depend on which one you find easier to read. Der-Friedensfuerst (the darker print). Friedensfuerst ( the lighter print).

The Osler Mennonite Church has used and adapted the Friedensfurest for many years, and gradually, with little edits now and then, devised an edition that works for them. They are offering it too, for those who might like to use it. Friedensfuerst-Osler-Mennonite-Edition

May this song continue to inspire worship and be a means of praising God to all who hear or take part in this music!

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