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David I. Bergen

About this Author

David I. Bergen, author

David I. Bergen was born in south Saskatchewan, then in the Depression of the thirties moved along with his family to the more northern areas of the province. That is where he grew up, enjoying both life and work - of which he saw plenty.

Spiritual training was foremost in his parents' family. David enjoyed all of it; family devotions, church attendance, mixed church choir, men's choir, Sunday School, and Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS). He received Jesus as Saviour at age 10 or 11 in DVBS.

After he finished elementary school, David worked for four years with his dad on the farm, and he enjoyed farming. But then he attended what is now known as Bethany College in Hepburn, SK., and that affected the rest of his life. There he sensed God's call to ministry, and though he resisted for four years, he eventually surrendered and obeyed the call.

That obedience meant David had to go to high school, Bible college, and then university. He married Laurena Harms on July 18, 1954, and they did most of that education together. David recognizes that Laurena sacrificed herself immensely while he earned his high school diploma, a Bachelor of Theology from Mennonite Brethren Bible College in Winnipeg, and a B.A. from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. He also earned a post graduate STM degree, Master of Sacred Theology, from Lutheran Theological Seminary in Saskatoon in 1984.

40 Years of Ministry

In terms of ministry David served the Arelee Mennonite Brethren church for six years. The first three of those years, while attending university, he and his wife drove out to Arelee early on Sunday morning, stayed the whole day, and returned after the evening service. For the latter three years they lived in Arelee.

After that he served at Bethany College for 21 years. During that time he pastored the Brotherfield church for thirteen and a half years. Their following location was Brandon, Manitoba, where David pastored the Richmond Park M.B. Church for three years, and also taught at the Winkler Bible Institute for nine years. They returned to Saskatchewan, to Waldheim, where he taught one Bible course for the winter semester for five years. (He considers that equal to one year of ministry). According to his math, David I. Bergen was in ministry for 40 years.

David's Books

During the Walheim years he began writing. It was time to distill what he had learned and taught or preached, so others could see and study it too. This continued into their present retirement to a condo in Saskatoon. So far David has written over 600 meditations of 600 words each. These come from his sermons and lecture notes over those 40 years of ministry.

David has written and published two books, Bible Teaching Meditations for Christian Festival, and, Bible Teaching Meditations in Christian Apologetics. Then he began a theological series. The first volume, Bible Teaching Meditation in Christian Theology, is already published with Pandora Press. The second volume is written and coming off the press shortly. David is currently writing the third book in this series.

His published books are available through Pandora Press's Online bookshop (search by title or by author's name), and also in Saskatoon locally at McNally Robinson Bookstore on 8th Street East, and if you call David (306-477-0657) - he can sell and sign copies for you personally.

Bible Teaching Meditations for Christian Festival Bible Teaching Meditations for Christian Festival. This includes Advent/Christmas; Epiphany: Lent/Easter: Ascension: Pentecost: The Lord's Supper.
These are 600 word meditations for daily Bible reading and commentary on specific Bible texts for each topic. Appropriate Bible texts are chosen which relate to each topic and the message of each text is explored. It makes a good daily study reading as each of the church calendar events approaches.

Bible Teaching Meditations in Christian Apologetics Bible Teaching Meditations In Christian Apologetics. These meditations are written as a defense for biblical Christian faith. They show the rationality of Christianity. Biblical theism is compared to a number of secular world views. The meditations show that the Biblical Theism world view is equal to or has more adequate answers to the origin of the universe, the origin of life, and the nature of humans, to name three, in comparison to secular world views. Other issues are also addressed, like; is there a God, who is Jesus Christ, and pain and suffering, just to name three.

Bible Teaching Meditation In Christian Theology (Book # 1). Possibility of Theology: The Bible: God: The Holy Spirit: Jesus as Prophet & Priest: Jesus Titles: 1st John commentary.
[cover graphic to come soon]. The book discusses basic Bible teachings on the various subjects indicated in the sub-title and in the last two sections a biblical analysis of specific themes about Jesus in terms of His titles and a commentary on the whole letter of 1 John.

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