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Margaretha (Toews) Willms

And the Meadowlark Sang

And the Meadowlark Sang - Prairie Memoirs Born Mennonite

Sub-titled: Prairie Memoirs Born Mennonite by Margaretha Willms, is published by Friesen Press in Manitoba.

Margaretha (Toews) Willms was born in 1925, in her prairie farm home near Waldheim, Saskatchewan.

Margaretha has a vivid imagination that keeps her receptive and alive and she has been an avid storyteller all of her life. She is a strong advocate of promoting memories to be passed on from generation to generation.

Blessed with many siblings, three children, three grandchildren, one great grandchild and a wonderful husband of sixty-one years, she is still enjoying life and working on her second book about more recent years in her life, with a wider scope of travel and adventure.

This book is a collection of short stories from Margaretha's childhood. The stories emphasize the values she grew up with, and the humour that became a part of her whole life, even the Great Depression. Her writing gives glimpses into Mennonite traditions and society, especially in the country schools where her husband taught in the 1950s.

The melody of the meadowlark signifies to Margaretha something of those special memories in the earlier parts of her life - and so continues to sing to her in the present and the future.

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