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Reuben Epp

Reuben Epp (1920 - June 20, 2009) is fairly well-known in Mennonite areas of Canada, and internationally, as an author of works in Plautdietsch (Mennonite Low German). His parents were Russian Mennonites who emigrated from Russia to Canada.

MHSS has a collection of his writings and personal library in our archives, and those who which to know him better may come to study in our archives. A fond of the collection shows a list of the items in it.
Reuben Epp was known for his expertise in the Low German language, but he earned his living through his profession as a master mechanic and teacher. In January 2012, Jack Driedger brought to our attention some twenty essays that Reuben Epp had written in English. These essays illustrate his fascination with his profession as a mechanic, and demonstrate to those who don't understand the Low German, his abilities as a good writer. Each one describes an incident at his work and reveals his dry humour and his very creative mind for problem-solving.

We are able to offer you this document with the twenty essays as a PDF download: ADVENTURES OF A MECHANIC

Epp was educated as a mechanic and became an instructor at a vocational school for mechanics. Later he became the director of a vocational school in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. Epp died in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. In the far-flung global community of Russian Mennonites, Epp is one of the best known poets and story tellers working in Plautdietsch, alongside such others as Arnold Dyck and Jack Thiessen. His accomplishments include publications on the history of Plautdietsch and on its orthography.

Other books by Reuben Epp:
Biem Aunsiedle: When the settlers came; Plautdietsche Jechichte een Resse ut'e Vergangenheit (Winnipeg, Canada 1972)

Plautdietsche Schreftsteckja: Jedichta, Jeschichte, Leeda, Spelkjes (Steinbach, Manitoba 1972)

Onse Lied Vetahle [Audio Archive]: Stories our people tell; plautdietsche Jeschichte enn Riemsels (Winnipeg, Manitoba 1973)

The Story of Low German and Plautdietsch: Tracing a Language Across the Globe (Hillsboro, USA 1993) ISBN 0963849409

The Spelling of Low German & Plautdietsch: Towards An Official Plautdietsch Orthography (Hillsboro, USA 1996) ISBN 0963849417

Dit un jant opp Plautdietsch: This and That in Mennonite Low German (Hillsboro, USA 1997) ISBN 0963849425

Dit un Jant opp Plautdietsch [CD, 17 pieces by Reuben Epp, live recording, lecture on October 7, 2000 in Lage/Lippe, Germany], published by Plautdietsch-Freunde e. V. (Detmold 2006)

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