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Heritage Night Presentations Available in Print

Each spring at the Heritage Night, the evening before the Annual General Meeting, we honour some Mennonites from our area who have contributed richly to Mennonite life, culture and or history. Some of these presentations are printed as report booklets, also known as Occasional Papers), and copies are made available for $2.00 each. Some copies remain over afterwards. Here is your chance to get those you missed, or that you would like to read to refresh your memory. (Proceeding with the most recent at the top).

Who are the Rudnerweider?

Presented at the Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan Workshop, March 5 & 6, 2010
Gospel Mission Church, Warman, Saskatchewan, by Martha Martens, Winkler, Manitoba
Occasional Papers No. 2010 ... (text only) ...Price $4.00

The Beginning of the Rudnerweider/EMMC Churches in Saskatchewan 1937 – 2010

a digital version of the above, Who are the Rudnerwieder? now with photos, can be received by email for $5.00.

2010 Heritage Night Honoured the EMMC Church and Two Leaders

Ältester John D. Friesen (1920 - 2004) - by Johanna van Kuik
Rev. Abram M. Neudorf (1901 - 1966) - by Henry W. Neudorf.
Occasional Papers No. 2010-1 ...21 pgs. .... price $2.00.

2009 Heritage Night Honoured the Bergthal Church and Two Leaders

Ältester John D. Redekopp - by Lindsay Martens
Ältester Abram J. Buhler (1903 - 1982) - by Abram Buhler.
Occasional Papers No. 2009-1... 25 pgs.... price $2.00

2006 Heritage Night Honoured the Osler Mission Chapel,
and the Migration to Mexico

Osler Mission Chapel (1974 - 1994). The Converge of Old Colony Mennonites with Evangelical Protestantism in 20th Century Canadian Society - by Bruce Guenther. pbk. 37 pgs. ... price $2.00

The 1920 Migration of Old Colony Mennonites from Hague-Osler Area to Mexico - by Bill Janzen, pbk, 21 pgs. ... price $2.00

2002 Heritage Night Presentation

A Mennonite - Christian View of Suffering
The Case of World War II Mennonites - by Harry Loewen pbk. 22 pgs. ...price $2.00

Recently Added: NEW! AGM Report 2020 (with photos)

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