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Searching for Certain Used Books

There are certain used books that we have been asked for, and which we do not have. Most of them are out of print as well. But if you would happen to have any of these books and be willing to give them up, we have buyers waiting for them.

Here is our long list of Used English Books (by Titles);
and sorted by Authors' names now available for sale.

Also, our list of Used German Books (by Authors);
and sorted by Title for sale are ready.

Plus, a short list of Used Plautdietsch Books as well.

We now have a list of Rare Books in both English and German. They are not for sale, but you may come to the Archives to view and study them. Here is a 26 page list: RARE MHSS BOOKS April 28, 2019.pdf. We have added a page that describes Family Records found in Rare old Bibles, and how you may access them.

Sometimes our Archives finds it has duplicates and extra copies of certain books. You can use the above lists to check over and order any of these books with our book order form. (There are presently nearly 200 titles on the list). Perhaps we have the very book you have been searching for so earnestly.

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