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10 Private Burial Sites

This is a list of 10 Private Burial Sites found in Saskatchewan. We provide this information, in the hopes that someone can provide more information.

1. Family plot at Blumenheim NW 29-40-3 W 3rd. Going east along Blumenheim's main street and crossing Hague grid road are 2 unmarked graves of Children. Mrs. Abram Janzen recalled seeing the mounds when she was still a young girl. She remembered (Deaf) Jacob Peters living adjacent to the site but didn't remember the family name of the children.

2. According to Abram Janzen, there are a few burial plots on the north side of the south access road to Neuanlage. Apparently a few deaths (Children) had occurred during the settling of the village and later the main cemetery was established at the north end of the village. Again the names of the first burials are not known. Any information would be valued.

3. Single plot, just east of the village of Gruenfeld, 2 miles north on NW1/4 of 22-40-5 w 3rd Jacob Guenther remembers that Mr. Herman Unger birth? - 1908 was buried there. Across the road from the Guenter Cemetery.

4. A private grave site on Edna Peter's land, south ½ of SW 13-40-5 W 3rd. It is located in a small bluff 2 miles north of Neuhorst and ½ mile west on north side of Gruenfeld road. Edna's mother remembers that it is the grave of Benjamin Goertzen infant son. There is an iron rod frame on the grave.

5. Son & Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Unruh buried there on the homestead in the early 1900s. Location is SE 14-41-3 W 3rd beside he range road # 785.

6. Isaac S. Klassen born 24 April 1890- died 17 Nov 1919 Location SE 32-41-3 W 3rd, NE corner in the bush. From Hague north to Lesser Road then turn west across tracks and immediately turn north about 1 1/2 miles. A monument of marble in the shape of a 5 inch post marks Isaac's grave. A few other unidentified graves lie adjacent but are all over grown with trees and brush.

7. NW 16-41-3 W 3rd 1/2 mile north of Hague, 1//2 mile east and 1/2 mile north is the homestead of the Peters family. It is believed their 2 children were buried here before they moved to Mexico. Later a Hartz family lived there and buried their two children.

8. SW 10- 40- W 3rd, four children of Mr. & Mrs. Peter Wiens. This is south of Gruenfeld.

9. SE 18 -     W3rd, Children of Mr. and Mrs. John Sawatzky are buried north of Neuhorst on the way to the Gruenfeld road. There are a large number of grain bins on the east side of the road and the site would be approximately ¼ mile east.

10. William Klassen, 29 Jan 1928 to 30Jun 2003 (brother to David, Maria and Katharine Klassen), is in an above ground crypt 2 miles north of Edenburg on the left side of the road in a clump of trees.

[Note: For faster updating, and so that you may download the data easier, Sorry, we do not, at this point, have charts for these burial plots.

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