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Aberdeen MB Cemetery

Name of R.M.: Aberdeen No: 373
Name of Church: MB Church
Name of Cemetery: MB Cemetery
Condition of Cemetery: No longer in use
Approximate number of Burials: 77
Ownership of Cemetery: The Church
Legal Land Location: SE 29-38-02, W3rd
Direction: Cemetery is approximately 2 Kms east and 2 Kms south of Aberdeen
Recorded by: Helen Fast Date: March 9, 2003

Comments: There is a Cairn erected with names inscribed on it and a plague with this inscription: This plague is erected in loving memory of the early settlers of this district by the relatives of the Mennonite Brethren Church.

The Aberdeen Mennonite Brethren Church, located in northern Saskatchewan, was a member of the Canadian Conference of the Mennonite Brethren Churches, Rosthern District. The first settlers, consisting of seven families, came to the Aberdeen area in May of 1903. They gave their membership certificates from Russia to Jacob Wiens of Ebenfeld (Laird). At first, the Aberdeen settlers gathered in the home of G.J. Sawatzky, a deacon from Russia, for regular church services. In 1904, when more settlers came from Russia, local services were organized, Sunday school was begun, and a choir was formed under the leadership of A.G. Sawatzky. From 1904-1909, services were held in the New Steinbach School.

In 1905, Jacob Wiens (Ebenfeld) served six candidates with baptism. Gerhard Siemens from Russia visited Aberdeen in 1906 and under his direction G.J. Sawatzky began the leadership of the church. Minutes and financial records were kept, starting in 1906.

The congregation erected a church building in 1909 which was paid for by the following year.

Pastors in the church were: G.J. Sawatzky (1906-1909), John P. Siemens (1909-1921), H.G. Sawatzky (1921-1931), Ben L. Sawatzky (1932-1941), Johann Kruger (1942), H.W. Niessen (1943-1944), G.K. Sawatzky (1945-1952), and Archie Kruger (1953-1960). In the 1930s, membership in Aberdeen M.B. Church was over one-hundred, but by 1960, only eighteen members were left. The church closed and the remaining members joined the Saskatoon Mennonite Brethren churches.

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