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Brotherfield-Waldheim Mennonite Brethren Cemetery

R.M. Laird No: 404
Approximate number of burials: 193, 116 marked, and 77 unmarked graves.
Ownership of cemetery: Mennonite Brethren Church
Legal Land Location: NW 11-42-6, W 3rd,
Directions: Half a mile south, and 5 miles west of Waldheim.
Recorded by: John P. Nickel
Date: 04 Sep 1993

Church closed in 1988; the congregation attends the Waldheim church. The church yard and church are well maintained and in excellent condition.

The Dyck families have made extensive contributions to the Mennonite Brethren church through their sons serving as elders and ministers for several generations in Russia, America and Canada. Rev. David Dyck emigrated from Russia to Kansas in the 1870's, married Helena Rempel, and entered the ministry.

As an itinerant minister (Reiseprediger), he planted new churches in Kansas, southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan. This included the Brotherfield MB., Church (where this cemetery is located).

One of his sons, David R. Dyck, was a prominent elder in the MB; Church at Borden, just west of the Brotherfield church, across the North Saskatchewan River. He also was a prosperous farmer and active in community organizations like the municipal council and telephone board. His farm is still in the Dyck family, even after five generations

[Note: For faster updating, and so that you may download the data easier, you may now open or download this linked PDF file with the most recent data we have for those interred in this cemetery: Brotherfield-Waldheim-Mennonite-Brethren-Cemetery.pdf]

UPDATE: December 16/2021. Karen Williams has provided a wonderfully updated and expanded spreadsheet of information for this cemetery. It has easily 250+ names rather than the 195 of the old one, plus a number of columns of extra information! We will leave the previous list above in case that is what you are looking for, but we do encourage you to switch to this newer and better record: Brotherfield-Cemetery-as-of-Dec-15-2021.pdf (We recommend you set your printer to printing 'landscape' rather than 'portrait' if you wish to print out these pages).

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