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Elim (now Kelstern) MB Church Cemetery

Name of R.M.: Lawtonia RM 135
Name of Cemetery: Elim MB Church Cemetery
Name of Church: Kelstern Community Church
Denomination: MB
Condition of Cemetery: Cared for
Approximate Number of Burials: 148
Ownership of Cemetery: MB Conference
Legal Land Location: NW 35 13 7 W3rd
Recorded By: Kim Ohlmann
Date: June 24, 2003
Local contact person: Wilf Rempel (306) 677 - 2547
Directions: The Elim MB church cemetery is located 1mile south and 3miles west of the Kelstern MB church.

History: In 1908, a small group of Mennonite Brethren families homesteaded south of Morse, Sk. At first the families met for worship with a group at Gnadenau. These services alternated between the homes of the Jacob Priebes, in the north and the Peter P. Penners, in the south. This group consisted of 34 baptized believers. More people moved into the area and by 1910, the membership had risen to 52.

As there was 22 miles between the two farthest families, it was decided that the two groups would only meet together twice a month. Because they could not organize another church under the name of Gnadenau, the southern group was organized under the name Elim. In 1910, they were officially accepted into the Conference of Mennonite Brethren Church.

After Elim officially became a church, and with more families moving into the area, the homes became too small for services. In May of 1910, the Queen Centre School became the meeting place for this young church.

Mr. Jacob J. Froese donated one acre of land, NW1/4 35 13 7 W3rd., to be used as the cemetery, which the church was to control completely. In 1914, before the Froese family left, a fence was put around this property. Today, it is still being used as the church cemetery.

On February 20, 1918, Mr. Frank Brown donated one acre of land on which to build a church. That same year in the summer, the church was built. The building till stands today, but not in the same location. It was moved to the small hamlet of Kelstern on November 5, 1954.

Elim MB was later changed to Kelstern Community Church and a new building was built. The first service in the new building was held March 23, 1998 and is still being used today.

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