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Langham Community Cemetery

Name of R.M.: Corman Park 344
Name of Cemetery: Langham Community Cemetery
Name of Community: Langham
Condition of Cemetery: Well cared for
Approximate number of burials: 218 (now over 600)
Ownership of Cemetery: Community
Legal Land Location: NW 21-39-7, W 3rd, ½ mile north, and ½ mile east of Langham.
Recorded by: Carol Bradley - Administrative Assistant
Date: July 7, 2006
In the last few years, the information for the Langham Community Cemetery (Langham Cemetery) has been computerized. The Cemetery has even been radared by GPS and over 72 unknown burials were found.

This information was compiled in WORD format for the local History Committee which is creating a history book for Langham's 100th birthday. At this time, I only have a list of all the people buried and haven't had time to put in their date of birth or date of death. (Carol Bradley?)

Any other questions you may have about the Langham Cemetery may be directed to the Town of Langham which has now assumed responsibility of the Cemetery.

Town of Langham
Box 289 Langham, SK. S0K 2L0
Ph: 306-283-4842 Fax:306-283-4772

[Note: For faster updating, and so that you may download the data easier, you may now open or download this linked PDF file with the most recent data we have for those interred in this cemetery: Langham-Community-Cemetery.pdf]

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