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Riefertal (River Valley) Cemetery

Name of R.M.: Corman Park No.: 344
Name of Cemetery: Riefertal Cemetery - River Valley
Name of Community: Osler-Hague
Name of Denomination: Mennonite
Condition of Cemetery: Over grown - neglected
Ownership of Cemetery: Old Colony Church
Approximate number of burials: 30
Legal Land Location: SW TP40-R3, W 3rd
Directions: Approximately 2 ½ miles northeast of the village of Blumenheim
Recorded by: A. Buhler
Date: Aug 8, 2006
Local Contact Person:
Phone No:
Comments: This village was established in 1905. With the help of Abram G. Janzen of Blumenheim who used to live adjacent to the cemetery, it was determined that approx. 30 people had been buried here. There are only 4 legible markers, that of Mr. Janzen's grandparents and his infant son and a Mr. Harder. The cemetery lies next to the South Saskatchewan River about 2 miles east of Renfrew School yard. It is not accessible by car and is over grown with high grass. It has a barb wire fence around it.

[Note: this information has now been moved to our website proper. For faster updating, and so that you may download the data easier, you may now open or download this linked PDF file with the most recent data we have for those interred in this cemetery: Riefertal-River-Valley-Cemetery.pdf]

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