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Rosthern Town Cemetery

Name of R.M.: Rosthern No: 403
Name of Cemetery: Rosthern Non-Denominational Cemetery
Name of Community: Rosthern
Ownership: Rosthern community
Condition of Cemetery: Well Kept
Legal Land Location: NE 35-42-3, W3rd
Comments: The cemetery lies on the southern out skirts of the town site
Approximate number of burials: 1403 marked, and 37 unmarked
Recorded by: John Nickel
Date of Submission: May 1992
Updated by James H. Friesen - Phone 306-232-4977
Date: 2016
Rosthern Town Office Administrator: Jim Weninger
Phone: 1-306-232-4313

For faster updating, and so that you may download the data easier, you may now open or download this linked PDF file with the most recent data we have for those interred in this cemetery: Rosthern-Town-Cemetery.pdf.

Note: we have discovered that our PDF file was not listing ALL the graves in this cemetery. Somehow the PDF cuts off at 19 pages, so I have created a second PDF file covering the last 8 pages. It is Rosthern-Town-Cemetery-part2.pdf

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