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Schoenwiese Old Colony Cemetery

Name of R.M. Laird No: 404
Name of Cemetery: Schoenwiese Village
Name of Community: Osler - Hague
Name of Church: Old Colony Church
Ownership of Cemetery: Old Colony Church
Name of Denomination: Mennonite
Condition of Cemetery: unkempt
Approximate number of Burials: over a hundred
Direction: 3.5 miles north of Neuhorst, then 1 mile east on trail.
Legal Land Location: NE 19-40-4 W 3rd West
Recorded by: Abe Buhler
Date: 16 May 2006
Comments: This cemetery was used by the Old Colony Church in the village of Schoenwiese. It is surrounded by a barb wired fence with wrought iron gate. The village no longer exists and although the cemetery is nearly full there are only 4 markers.

These four names as follows:
Jacob Penner: born 29 Jun 1862 - died 23 Apr 1935
Helena Penner: born 07 Oct 1870 - died 19 Mar 1934
Helena Kasdorf: born 1872 - died 1953
Katharina Ens: born 13 Apr 1894 - 26 May 1935

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