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Wymark (Jacob Krahn Land) Cemetery

Name of R.M: Swift Current No: 137-010
Name of Cemetery:
Name of Community:
Name of Denomination:
Condition of Cemetery:
Ownership of Cemetery:
Approximate number of burials: 3
Legal Land Location: SW 12-13-13, W 3rd
Recorded by:
Date: August 2009
Local Contact Person:
Phone No:
Comments: The first burial was in 1907 and the last in 1916.

Ens, Maria      28 Oct 1899 31 Dec 1907
Ens, David      02 Sep 1905 07 Jan 1908
Ens, Abram     09 Jun 1894 09 Jul 1916

[Note: this information has now been moved to our website proper. In this case the 3 burials are listed above - no separate sheet is provided]

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