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Artisan Day 2011 - a Photo Tour

If you enjoy good quality craftsmanship, both to do it and to see it, you would have great delight exploring the many fine displays of Mennonite craftsmanship on our Artisan Day, September 24, 2011. The displays were set up in the Fellowship Hall at Bethany Manor, under the very capable direction of Eileen Quiring.

A number of photos were taken, and you may tour the displays vicariously through the photos on this page.

The first display of needlework upon entering.

The tables were nicely spaced, and the first one I saw upon entering was this one with fine hardanger needlework, showing many hours of patient and perfect stitches by Elsie Froese, Saskatoon.

Bertha Thiessen's detailed cross-stitch pctures.

Bertha Thiessen's cross-stitched pictures also show great skill and perseverance. Some of them are enlargements of some photos - one in particular was of her granddaughter. The photo was provided to be able to compare.

quilt detail

At another table with many lovely quilts, was found this blue one with family photos incorporated into it. Also some raised circles to represent flowers. But there was more!

busy machine-quilter

The artisan quilter, Gladys Schultz (Waldheim), explained that most of her work was done on the sewing machine, and she really enjoys the piecing or arranging of colours and patterns.

The other quilter displaying worksmanship was Doreen Edigar, Saskatoon.


There were beautiful paintings on the platform by Hedie Born, Saskatoon!

paintings by A. Driedger

This cluster of paintings on the table were by Ann Driedger, Saskatoon. These were tasteful paintings of scenery and birds in oil and acrylics!

spotting another beautiful painting under the table.

Turning away, I caught a glimpse of a very beautiful painting stashed under the table.

pencil crayon art pieces by Gene Wedel

The bison herd piece is done with black pencil crayon, the one lying on the table was done in coloured pencil - both art pieces by Gene Wedel.

pottery display

This table displayed some simple yet graciously shaped pottery pieces. Later I learned that these were created by Caroline Funk, Saskatoon.

water coloured cards and calligraphy by Lois Helen Siemens

Lois Helen Siemens, Kerrobert, was at this table, ready to answer questions about her water-colour and calligraphy greeting cards. Her website is She shared with this visitor that she is a half-time pastor and enjoys using her greeting cards for pastoral care.

close up of the cards

A close up of the variety of hand-made cards that Lois creates.

scrapbooking and stamping

This display showed the work of a vigorous scrapbooker. Some tools of this skill were also on the table. Later I discovered that it was the work of Mary Harms, of Bethany Manor, Saskatoon.

wood-burned art by Irene Harms

Wood-burned art by Irene Harms, Hague, was arranged on this table. Some simple birds on the round plates, and more involved details were on the rectangular pieces.

Nettie Boehr's arcylic woodburning

Nettie and Elmer Boehr, of Warman, also had a display of woodburning art pieces with some acrylic painting.

Reuben Andres Scrimshaw carving

On one corner of Reuben Andres' display table was this scrimshaw carving of a nature scene in an antler. In the background are some bird carvings. Reuben lives at Bethany Manor, In Saskatoon.

3 chickadees, a robin, and a duck, wood carvings by --?

On the left side of the same table, was this wood-worked display of chickadees, a robin and a duck wood carvings also by Reuben.

bird carvings by Reuben Andres

More of Reuben Andres' bird carvings and paintings of birds. He is quite prolific.

3D robin in Reuben's painting

Looking up higher, there was a very life-like robin carving in that painting. It was admired by many.

full display of Reuben's arts an creative production

Stepping back, one could see the vast array of Reuben Andres' work - bird carvings, and paintings. Quite impressive.

birds and fish by a wood carver

More birds and fish by another wood-carver. All done with life-like detail.

an extra large painting by Nettie Boehr

Near the window, on a chair stood an extra large painting by Nettie Boehr.

Barbara Schmidt's diplay was staffed by her mother

Barbara Schmidt's display of crafts made from wool, angora hair, and alpaca fibres was manned by her mother, Annie Penz, who was kept busy explaining and demonstrating how to wear and use the knitted, crocheted and even felted items.

Barbara's mother modeling a unique and original woven and felted red scarf.

Here Barbara' mother, Annie, is modeling a red felted scarf-vest - a very original design.

work of another prolific bird-carver

This table was filled with the works of another prolific bird-carver, George Riekman.

George Riekman's carvings.

A step closer to see the birds that George has produced with such life-like details.

a display of blown glass

A display of blown glass in lovely flowing lines and colours by Joan and Al Hiebert of Blackstrap, SK.

a different angle on the blown glass by Joan and Al Hiebert of Blackstrap, Sk

Another angle on the blown glass by Joan and Al Hiebert.

Memrobilia from the home and estate of Dennis and Margaret Boldt

Treasured memorabilia from the home and estate of Dennis and Margaret Boldt, of Osler.

another table of fine needlework

Another table of fine hardanger needlework by Kay Epp, Saskatoon.

more woodburned art under the kitchen server window

About to leave, I spotted some more woodburned art under the kitchen serving window.

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