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The First Online Book Launch!
March 3, 2021 at 7:00 pm.

Your Invitation: A Virtual Book Launch
for Aldred Neufeldt, Author
of Horse Lake Chronicles via ZOOM March 3rd

(The meeting room will be open ten minutes before 7 pm for early arrivals).

Aldred Neufeldt - Book Launch for Horse Lake Chronicles - March 3, 2021 via zoom

Aldred Neufeldt lives in Toronto, but grew up in the small Mennnonite village/community of Horse Lake, in northern Sask in the 1940s.

A Time When;
- the devastating effects of the Great Depression were sill felt
- a childhood filled with wonder and discovery nurtured by parents who were resourceful, energetic and expressed Christian faith & community values through more deeds than words.
- He lived in a log house built by his father
- Aldred ran along deer trails, walked to school on Carlton Trail,
- attended a one-room country school, and
- learned to appreciate the personalities in his extended family

Aldred Neufeldt tells these stories with a keen eye and humorous details in Horse Lake Chronicles. He invites us to reflect on our origins and pathways to adulthood. Aldred will introduce his book and offer readings from specific chapters/episodes and answer questions after his presentation on ZOOM. (Our first ever Virtual Meeting Online!)

Join by ZOOM ~ Wed. March 3, 2021 7 pm CST

Here is the link to Join in the Zoom Book Launch Now!

(The meeting room will be open ten minutes before 7 pm for early arrivals.

Note: A poster has been prepared and you may download it from our website and make copies if you are allowed post it somewhere. POSTER Link for Book Launch

No Annual Meeting in-person; But Annual Reports Books
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