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Presentations from Past Events

(From 2007-2011)

At some of our events special guest speakers will have a fine powerpoint presentation. Sometimes these speakers are willing to let us have their presentation so that we may convert it to web pages for this website.

At times the presenters are writing a book and would rather not give away their material before their book is published. We want to respect their need for privacy. Yet in some cases they have been willing to let us put it on our website, if we will restrict it and make it password protected. This allows us to selectively let people we can trust to get to see the presentation, but the general public is held back. If you are an MHSS member and have clean motives, it is not hard to obtain access to those powerpoint presentations.

October 17, 2007;

Der Bote Farewell - by Vera Falk and Verner Friesen
Der Bote Celebration Comments by Dave Bergen from Mennonite Church, Canada.

November 9-10, 2007;

Mennonites in Poland has three presentations from November 2007;
   Lost Homeland- by Dr. Ted Regehr
   West and East Prussian Genealogical Sources - by Dr. Glenn Penner
   Mennonites in Early Modern Poland and Prussia- by Dr. Peter J. Klassen

March 7, 2008;

Mennonite Plautdietsch - Language and History - by Chris Cox

Summer, 2008:

July 2008- Isaaks' Storytelling
August 2008 - Honouring Jacob H. Epp & John G. Rempel

Fall, 2008;

November 2008 - 1880 Great Trek
The Silk Road Odyssey; The Great Trek to Central Asia - by John Sharp, Heston, Kansas. An in-depth presentation further to the DVD video by Walter Ratliff called, Through the Desert Goes Our Journey about the Mennonites who followed Claus Epp East.


Artisan Day'09 (a photo story)


March 2010 - AMG
Great Trek and 100th Church Anniversaries

January 2011;

Report on MHSC Citations & Ruth Derksen Siemens' Russian Gulag Stories

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