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The Events Index

These are links to the announcements of these Events when they were about to happen. The recent events are at the top of the page, older ones are further down. If you wish to read how the event turned out, please go to the Reports section of this site: Reports Some - but not all - were reported on for the Historian, and/or this website.

Virtual Book Launch for Aldred Neufeldt, Author of Horse Lake Chronicles via ZOOM March 3rd, 2021

Peace Stories 2015

(2015) MHSS Sponsoring Launch of 3 New Books

M.B. Historical Commissions - 3 Grants for 2014-2015

Mennonites and Human Rights call for Papers (2014)

It Happened in Moscow (Book Launch); MCC Canada 50th Anniversary (Nov-Dec-2013)

Loeppky Siberia Tour - 2013

Seeing Poland Through Mennonite Eyes-2013

Book Launch - The Fehrs (June 2013)

2012 February March Events

Clarence Blake Friesen (1918-2012)

65th Conference of SCMB Churches

Artisan Day-2011 Photo Tour

2011 Mental Health Mental Illness

Special Event at MHSC Annual Meeting Saskatoon-2011

2010 Great Trek Silk Road Odyssey Tour

Great Trek and 100th Church Anniversaries in 2010

100th Anniversaries summer 2010

Annual General Meeting of MHSS - March 2010

Three Mid-Winter Writing Workshops (Feb/2010)

4th Reformation Fall of 2009

Artisian Day '09 Photostory

Annual General Meeting of MHSS - March 2009

November 2008

Mennonites and Money Conference - Oct-2008

August 08 - Honouring Two Leaders from the Past, and Current Volunteers

July '08 (Helmut Isaak - A July Evening of Story-telling

Annual General Meeting of MHSS - March 2008

Past Events in November and December 2007

Der Bote Farewell (Oct/2007)

Der Bote Celebration comments (Oct/2007)

August 2007 (Genealogy Workshop in Herbert)

Upcoming - August 2007 - Mennonite Genealogy Workshop - in Herbert, SK.

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