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Abraham Giesbrecht 1846-1923

Abraham Giesbrecht - 1846 - 1923

Abraham Giesbrecht was born Feb. 28, 1846, in Russia to Jacob Giesbrecht and Elizabeth Driedger. His wife, Helena Martens, was born Aug. 29, 1848 to Johan Martens and Maria Harder. They wered married Feb. 15, 1867. To this marriage were born 13 children. His wife passed away on Jan. 9, 1890. He then married Anna Dyck (born Nov. 7 1870) on Feb. 27, 1890. She was the daughter of Johan Dyck and Helena Peters. To this second marriage seven children were born. The Giesbrechts came to Canada from Russia in the 1870s.

In 1880, Abraham Giesbrecht lived in Blumenfeld, Manitoba, and owned the following: 42 cultivated acres, 118 acres of pasture land, three work horses, one cow, seven heifers, four pigs, two wagons, one plow, one harrow, one cleaning mill, one grain mower and one grass mower.

Abraham Giesbrecht was one of the first Mennonite settlers to move from Manitoba to Saskatchewan. In June of 1895, he built a house in the village of Neuanlage. It was a 14x40-ft. house valued at $200. He patented his homestead SE14, Tp. 40, R 4, W. on Dec. 4, 1900.

In 1895, he broke 25 acres, and cropped 6 acres.

In 1896 he broke 25 acres, and cropped 50 acres.

In 1891 he broke 10 acres, and cropped 50 acres.

In 1897 he broke 15 acres, and cropped 75 acres.

In 1899 he broke 0 acres, and cropped 75 acres.

In 1899, he owned three head of cattle and two horses. He also built a stable, a granary, a shed, and dug a well, all valued at $200.

Abraham Giesbrecht served as a vorsaenger (song leader), in the Neuanlage Old Colony Church. He also was a teacher in the German private, schools. He taught in Neuanlage Village in 1898, and in later years in many of the other vlllages he lived in. From Neuanlage, his family moved to a farm near Hague. They then moved to the village of Blumenthal and then to the village of Hague. When the Old Colony Reserve opened up at Swift Current, he also moved there and then back to Osterwick Village near Warman. He finally moved back to Neuanlage where he died on Sept. 3, 1923, and is buried. There are still many descendants of these Giesbrechts in the Hague-Warman area.

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[Photo credit: Mrs. Abram Martens, Warman].

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