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Benjamin Goertzen 1873-1929

Benjamin Goertzen 1873-1929

Benjamin Goertzen was born Nov. 22, 1873 to Gerhard Goertzen and Helena Reddekopp. The Goertzens came to Canada on the S.S. Peruvian. This ship arrived in Quebec City on July 13, 1875. They then took up a homestead in southern Manitoba, living in the village of Chortitz.

He married Justina Teichroeb on July 13, 1893. She was born Nov. 16, 1876, the daughter of Jacob Teichroeb and Justina Peters.

In 1899, they moved to Saskatchewan and took up a homestead on SE 14, Tp 40, R 5, W 3 (west ofOsler).

In 1900, he broke 27 acres and cropped 0; in 1901 he broke 33 acres and cropped 27; in 1902, he broke 0 acres and cropped 60; in 1903, he broke 14 acres and cropped 60.

In 1903, he owned 6 horses, 10 head of cattle and 5 hogs. He lived in Gruenfeld village and built the following buildings: a 22x24' framed house valued- at $150; a framed granary valued at $50; and a stable 26x44' framed, valued at $150.

In 1916, Benjamin Goertzen was elected as vorsteher (overseer) of the Old Colony Church. He served in this position until he migrated to Durango, Mexico, in 1927. While living in Mexico, Benjamin died of Mexican Fever at the age of 59. He died August 19, 1929, and was buried in the Gruenthal Cemetery.

His wife returned to Gruenfeld, Sask., with their family. She served the community as one who prepared bodies for funerals. She lived in Gruenfeld until her death on April 7,1957.

A grandson of Benjamin Goertzen has published a history of the Goertzen family. This book, by Peter Goertzen, is available in local bookstores.

- Photo credit to Jacob E. Friesen, Hague.

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