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Heinrich Janzen 1879-1920

Heinrich Janzen 1879 - 1920

Heinrich was born June 23, to Franz Janzen and Helena Ens. The Janzen family came to Canada on the S.S. Quebec. This ship arrived in Quebec City on July 20, 1875. They then moved to Ebenfeld, Manitoba.

In 1894, Heinrich Janzen married Katharina Wiens. She was born Sept. 12, 1877 in Manitoba to Peter Wiens and Maria Wiens. Her parents had come to Canada on the SS Sarmatian on July 6, 1877. They homesteaded at Neueberg, Manitoba.

Heinrich came to Saskatchewan in 1904 and took up a homestead approximately six miles south of the Clarksboro Ferry. His homestead was the SE2-48-4-W3, which was part of a large number of homsteads settled by his family. His father passed away and his mother married Isaac Fehr. Many of the Fehr chdren also settled in the Clarksboro district.

In 1904, Heinrich Janzen broke 9 acres and cropped 0; In 1905. he broke 21 acres and cropped 30; in 1906, he broke 10 acres and cropped 30; In 1907. he broke 5 acres and cropped 40. His livestock consisted of 3 cattle and 3 horses in 1904.

Heinrich built a 14x22 framed bouse on his homestead valued at $150. He also built a framed stable and a granary valued at $150.

For many years the Janzens lived south of the village of Gruenfeld (west of Osler) on the farm owned by Mrs. Janzen's brother, Rev. Peter Wiens. In the fall of 1915 the Janzen family moved from the farm to the village of Neuhorst. Heinrich Janzen taught in the German School at Neuhorst for one year. The next year he went to teach in the village of Schlorrendarp (west of Osler). He stayed in Schlorrendarp during the week and came back to Neuhorst on the weekends. Mr. Janzen was also a blacksmith by trade.

In 1920 Heinrich Janzen was killed in a threshing accident. They had been threshing near Turtleford when a steam engine had driven over his stomach. The accident happened on a Saturday. On Sunday the family heard about it and drove to Battleford Hospital where he had been taken on Saturday night. He lived and was conscious until Tuesday, when he died. Heinrich was buried in the Neuhorst Cemmetery.

Mrs. Janzen then married David Friesen of Blumenheim where the Janzen family moved. She was also buried in Blumenheim cementery.

Photo credit to Paul Janzen, Saskatoon, a grandson of Heinrich Janzen.

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