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Heinrich Wiebe 1881- 1968

Heirnrich Wiebe and wife - 1881-1968

Heinrich Wiebe was born Sept. 6, 1881, in Manitoba. Heinrich Wiebe and Katharine Miller. His parents came to Canada as young adults with their parents in 1875. The Wiebes homesteaded at Rosengard, Manitoba, and the Millers at Neuhorst, Man. Heinrich Wiebe moved to Saskatchewan with his parents in 1901. Their homestead bordered the village of Gruenfeld, west of Osler.

Heinrich homesteaded SE 22-4O-5-W3, but he lived with his parents in their home. He also used his father's horses and his machinery to work his land. In 1902, he broke 15 acres and cropped 0; in 1903, he broke 15 acres and cropped 15; in 1904, he broke 0 acres and cropped 30.

Heinrich Wiebe married Anna Hildebrand on Jan. 12,1908. She was born Oct. 4, 1888 to Peter Hildebrand and Katharina Wiebe. The Hildebrand and Wiebe families came to Canada in 1876 and settled in the village of Kronstal, Manitoba. When Anna Hildebrand was 8 years old her father died. Her mother then married Aaron Ens in 1897. The Aaron Ens family moved to Neuhorst, Sask. (west of Osler) in 1898; and the Hildebrand children, namely, Wilhelm, Anna, Bernard, Peter and Jacob, also came along.

The Heinrich Wiebes made their home in the village of Gruenfeld after their marriage. They lived on the south end of the village on the corner of the main village street and the grid road. There were.many Wiebes in Gruenfeld so the Heinrich Wiebes were nicknamed "AK or corner" Wiebes, to help people differentiate them from the others. Heinrich died Sept. 4, 1968.

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