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Heinrich Wiens -1881-1945

Heinrich Wiens - 1881-1945

Heinrich Wiens was born Oct. 12, 1881, in Manitoba to Heinrich Wiens' and Agatha Fehr. The Wiens family had come to Canada from Russia the 1870's and settled in Manitoba.

Heinrich Wiens married on Aug. 10, 1901, to Sarah Peters. She was born March 27, 1883 to Franz Peters and Helena Penner. The Peters family came to Canada from Russia on the S.S. Samaratian, Their ship arrived in Quebec City on July 6, 1875.

The Heinrich Wiens family moved to the Aberdeen area in 1902. They settled in the vlllage of Olgafeld. His parents moved to the new settlement near Swift Current a few years later. Heinrich Wiens homesteaded the NW 24-39-3-W3.

In 1902, he broke 10 acres and and cropped 10; in 1903, he broke 20 acres and cropped 20; in 1904 he broke 10 acres and cropped 35.

In 1905 he owned 4 horses and 3 head of cattle.

He built a 24x12 framed house at Olgafeld in the spring of 1903 valued at $200.00. He also built a stable and dug a well worth $100.00.

The Wiens family did not live in Olgafeld very long, '!'hey moved a house' from Aberdeen to a spot near the South Saskatchewan River. A huge wind storm or what some refer to as a hurricane, came through the Saskatchewan Valley in 1910 destroyed this house. No was injured. Many others suffered similar losses and some more severe.

The Wiens family then moved into the village of Reinland. Here Mr. Wiens died on August 2, 1945, and Mrs. Wiens on May 25, 1945. They are both buried in the Reinland cemetery.

David Wiens, Warman, who is a son of the Wiens' contributed the above photograph.

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